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Hurts So Good

we start this off with a little bit of fun play that turns into a horrible yet fantastic time in one. Starting the night off with a little experimental fun my wife brings her friend colby over for a little role play. Colby is a hot red head with the ass of a goddess so i suggest the role of horse and cowgirl. this goes on for awhile until my wife brings the lube into play. as they lube my asshole i start getting excited and become extremely aroused. So now it my turn to ride the bull, having stuck a 9 in dildo deeply in the depths of my anus i feel like something all of a sudden cramped up my leg, as i jump up i forget that hardwood and socks dont mix, long story short. after several thousand dollars and one long vistit to the doctor they were finally able to remove the dildo that had become lodged in my rectum from slipping on the hard wood.

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