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WOW!! What I have learned and experienced being on this site!!

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I joined this sex site to hopefully find someone like me smart and intelligent with which to have great encounters. I desire to spend time with those who have learned how be mature instead of acting out childishly with snobbish, insulting attitudes. I often read women's profiles where they blurt out words which are dreamed-up fiction and bs. Quickly, I find out the real truth when I ask a few questions and eventually they come away looking like some kind of fool or idiot to me. One should always read site rules first before asking me stupid questions and saying bs to me in dirty, snobbish, attitudes. Why jump the gun and assume I am short-sighted when in the end you come away looking foolish because all those question have answers in the site rules. So does this mean the women on this site aren't very bright or just can"t be bothered with reading the site rules...

I guess the large majority of women on this site are not the brightest bulbs because seventy five percent of the mailings I receive are from women that can't complete a sentence or misspell many of the words in their messages; this certainly makes for some interesting reading since I rarely can figure out what the f*#! are you talking about. Hell, the women don't have it bad on this site but the men definitely do! It"s like being a mind reader sometimes! All the women that reside on this site expose their behavior problems and many I have noticed are fakers, liars and bs'ers; with tons of deception within their so called profiles. It's truly a wonder anyone can find someone of quality to enjoy an encounter with on this site. All these women venting out their frustrations of what someone else on this site did to them, etc. and what others on this site have not done to project a "conducive encounter". Complaints that anything written to them only once is not sufficient to foster a continued conversation? It is self evident that most women on this site have poor communication skills and lack common courtesy and just plain good manners. Ladies does this sound intelligent to a complete stranger who was only sending you a greeting? Gee...get a grip on your emotional compass! I guess writing skills have gone along the wayside as so many other skill sets adults use to have pride about.

Maybe you ladies need to be a little bit more honest when writing your profiles for others to read so they may understand you better instead of finding out later you're a Jekyll and Hyde personality and a sexual encounter with you would be no better then being in a twisted nightmare on elm street with Freddy Krueger! This is not my idea of a quality encounter with a mature woman.

I only wish to have a super, awesome, fun filled adventure with a very special women who knows what she likes and only plays with certain size cocks of certain lengths. She definitely only wants to experience the right encounter. I'm not looking for gullible women who have let others talk them into experiencing huge, freakish monster size cocks or multiple GB which left them with a worn out pussy. If you are left with this situation; no longer a tight, firm pussy just a rotting, decaying, smelly, gaping hole then pass me by. I wish to share my encounters with a woman who has pride in her appearance and keeps herself clean and values a quality encounter. I'm no longer wanting to experience women that are truly lousy in the sack. My description: no more going on a deep sea fishing expedition and visiting your under water cavern of wide open places...

"Where's The Walls"????

Satisfaction-Rolling Stones - xxampaxx

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Big Vagina - Clarinerd86

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