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Why Did Sls Take Down Your Comment? Because Enough...

I certainly don’t want to see any women hurt thru contacts they make on this site. In fact any time anywhere. From the women I’ve meet or tried to meet they are plenty savvy and in control. If they are not lead them to me and I’ll show them what its like to be with a man who puts their welfare, safety and pleasure 1st. now as far as the ones who want to be mistreated and I’ve seen them at clubs, I don’t think there’s much you can do. I was at TJs and saw a beautiful young woman being, to my standards quite mistreated and taken advantage of. I almost stepped in when a regular I knew reached out and stopped me saying this is what she wants I’ve seen her before. Who ever you are you’ve been blasting off in almost a carbon copy for at least the last year. I applaud SLS if they remove your posts. Again…enough’s enough!

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