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Untitled 2

I stare intently at her naked flesh
Marveling at the beauty in each flaw
The warmth of her skin
Stokes the flames of my passion
My desire to touch her, taste her, envelop her
Gently running my nails from her neck to navel
Lingering on her breasts, circling them
Messaging each of her succulent nipples
Caressing her hips, ass, and thighs
Kissing her face and neck
Driving my tongue into her mouth
Her gasp of breath when I finally pull away
I move down to her chest
Squeezing and clawing, biting and sucking
The luscious taste of her breasts
Harder, faster; her breathing keeps tempo with my lust
Then slowly moving down her body
Kissing and enjoying each imperfection
Her heart just starts to settle
I finally reach my next destination
Sucking her clit, licking her pussy
My nails digging into her ass
She lets out a moan, a groan, a shudder
Tasting her Amrita, nibbling her inner thigh
But I just can't stay there
The rest of her body calls to me
Begging for my lips, tongue and teeth
I must answer the call, I must consume her
I can not be satiated until I have ravaged every inch

End of Story