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The Story Of Ls O An Iambic English Swing

The Story of L's O

A maid called "L"
across the "C";
With "A" does live
in fair Sur "E".
I hope they own
a dog named "D";
That would help rhyme
my poetry.

At first, 'A's lass
was a tad shy,
O' doing IT
with any ol' guy.
And "A" did fret
never to view;
her well boned by
a friend, or two.

But "L" changed ways,
she grew quite bold;
With two strange men,
the story's told --
She humped them hard
n' Rocked n' Rolled.
And all of this
did "A" behold.

By stratagem
"L" taped this feat;
To show to "A"
for a nice treat.
That some guy and
a friend would meet;
To suck her toes
and shag her seat.

Yet still in "L"
a fire does burn;
For more exploits
they both do yearn.
And as Stag longs
for wood 'n fern;
I just can't wait --
'til it's my turn.

End of Story