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Take Me

Ahead lay a blue blue sky, no limit has our journey together.

My heart waits for your gentle hand to lock its fingers in mine.

No hesitation, no weakness, no lost moments any more.

With my open heart, I look to you, my love, to do but one simple thing.

Take me. Take me. Take me.


The world I know has no change, my single chord plays no tunes.

You are light. You are sound. You are action. You are fresh air.

You are the symphony that beckons my total rapture.

I succumb to your sweet chorus, ascending to our paradise.

Take me. Take me. Take me.


My body is desolate without your touch, no other can sate my passion.

Lips always thirsting to be slowly and softly contented by your love.

Your soul joined in an eternal helix with mine, our earthly forms become one.

Touching me as only you can, I cede all that I am to you.

Take me. Take me. Take me.

(c) Petra Croyl. An original work. 2011

End of Story