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Strange Fantasies 3-5

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Lois stared at him for a few seconds before saying, "Okay, I'll messenger you some new lingerie tomorrow."

"That would be a bad idea, ma'am. Not only will April and I be spending the weekend together, but I am expecting a friend over sometime tomorrow.

I'm not sure when."

"Okay. Normally, I'd hold off for another week, but at the rate you're growing, you'll probably be needing a D cup before too long. Will it be just you and April on Sunday?"

"Unless I get a surprise visitor, yes."

"Okay, I'll make sure that the delivery person has Apricot's activation code as well as yours. The Sunday delivery will mean a little extra charge, but it can't be avoided. Will there be anything else?"

"Yes, ma'am." Lisa gave Lois her best "come hither" look. "I'd like to play a little."

Lois grinned. "After playing with the sales rep today? Aren't you the little slut?"

"Well, I didn't receive any penetration from him, and I have discovered a taste for it."

Lois moved behind him. "Relax, you don't need to sell me on the idea."

She started rubbing his arms and shoulders. "You're sexy enough that I could do this everyday with you." Lisa pushed his rear back and rubbed it against Lois's crotch. He felt her dick grow inside her panties. Lois reached under his skirt and pulled down the underwear he was wearing.

"These seem a bit large on you," she commented.

"They're the sales rep's. He seemed to get an inordinate amount of pleasure from being confined to my smaller panties, so I left him in them."

Lois reached under her own skirt and pulled her panties from around her dick. "Yes, he would. He probably won't get any work done for the rest of the day, but that's no big deal."

Lisa felt Lois press her dick into his ass. He moaned and pressed back onto her. He started to pump his hips as Lois reached around and fondled his breasts through the rubber corset. They continued going like this until Lois sprayed not once, but twice, whereupon Lisa finally orgasmed herself.

As Lois pulled out, she said, "You know, if I wasn't married, I might be tempted to try to marry you."

Lisa bent down and pulled up the underwear. "I'd like to meet your mate some day."

Lois smiled lasciviously. "Maybe one day."

Lee's fourth dream was Lisa and April having sex that evening. There were no differences between reality and the dream in terms of what happened, but once more April seemed even younger than her normal self.

Lee had a fifth dream which was like the last ones of all the previous nights, with a few differences. This time, when he undressed, April (as a 17 year old) was right there watching. He didn't masturbate in the shower, and when he stepped out, April was right there again. He got dressed in a nightie while April used the shower. And when April came out, she got into a nightie she had brought along in an overnight bag, and they cuddled up together and fell asleep.

When Lee got up that morning, he realized that his dreams were more than simple fantasies about being (or becoming) a woman. Lisa was living a parallel life alongside his own. Every day, Lisa would live a day similar to his life. Getting up and going to bed was always different, which it would've been if Lisa really existed. And anytime there was something sexual in his life, Lisa had a similar experience. But there were also experiences Lisa was having that he was not, most notably with his seniors at Drasberg's.

Not that he would've minded a sexual relationship with any of them, they were all sexy people. But he wondered about the extra add-ons he seemed to be tacking on. Why give Lois a dick, particularly one so much larger than his own? And when he was with the VP, why not give her a dick instead of having her use a dildo? Or have himself fuck the VP rather than the other way around? And why give the head sales rep a plastic fetish? Lee had never been interested in plastics, and, in fact, found the feeling of plastic clothing something of a turn-off. (He had once dated a girl with a plastic fetish and she insisted on him wearing plastic underwear similar to what the rep had while they were making love. On the plus side the slight turn off gave him a little extra endurance in the sack.)

While he was thinking about it, April stirred in her slumber. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up into his eyes and smiled. They kissed, and April reached down and took his dick in hand and stroked it. Lee quickly reciprocated by sliding his hand under her nightie into her cunt.

While they were playing with each other the phone rang. Lee picked the receiver up and asked, "Hello?"

"Hey, bitch," Wyatt said. "Ready for some fun?"

"Wait a second." Lee put his hand over the speaker. To April he said, "Last chance to either ask me to break it off or back out. I'll do it if you want me to."

April considered it for a few seconds before saying, "No, invite him on over."

"Okay." Lee removed his hand and said, "I'm ready, but you know how you said I could invite a friend in on the fun? Well, I've got a girlfriend here who'd like to get involved."

"Sounds like fun. Is she cute?"

Lee said, "She's very cute," both for Wyatt's and April's benefit.

"Okay, I'll be over at noon." Without even waiting for Lee to respond, Wyatt hung up.

Lee set the receiver on the base and kissed April. They got up, got dressed, and had breakfast, and spent the morning watching T.V. and making out (mostly making out), until shortly before noon when they when they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Lee got up and opened the door. It was Wyatt and he stepped inside, pulled Lee to him and kissed Lee deeply.

"Hey, babe. I came early because I couldn't keep my hands off of you for another minute than I had to."

"Thanks. Wyatt, I'd like to introduce you to my girlfriend, April. April, meet my boyfriend, Wyatt."

Wyatt gave April a leering grin and said to Lee, "A little teenybopper girlfriend? You are a little sexpot, aren't you?"

Lee said, "She's older than she looks."

Wyatt, clearly not believing, said, "Suuuure." Strangely enough, April didn't comment on what he was saying.

"So how do you want to start?" asked Lee.

Wyatt responded, "I want to see you two naked and playing with each other before I get involved." April and Lee quickly got undressed and started kissing. Wyatt sat back and watched, encouraging them with the occasional, "Yea, baby," or "That's so sexy," or other such crass statements.

Lee didn't care much as he kissed April and fondled her breast. April moaned, wrapped her hands around Lee's ass, and ground her hips into his.

When they separated from their kiss, April slowly went to her knees before him, kissing her way down his body (getting that same strange pleasure surge when she went over his chest) till she was right in front of his cock. Wyatt said, "Yeah, that's it, take his cock in your mouth," but it was unnecessary. April leaned forward and sucked Lee's cock into her mouth. His cock, already a little hard, quickly stiffened under her care.

She continued to suck on him until Lee started pumping into her mouth. It was only a few seconds more before Lee felt Wyatt's hand on his back.

Wyatt told him, "Lean forward and hold still." Lee smiled and did as he was told. He felt Wyatt's dick at his ass and relaxed himself as Wyatt pressed in. After Wyatt was about half-way in he reached around and grabbed Lee's chest. As he played with Lee's nipples, he pumped in and out of Lee's ass, quickly turning Lee into a thrashing mass of flesh. After just a few seconds Lee came into April's mouth, and April stopped sucking, but Wyatt continued to fuck, soon getting Lee hard again. But before Lee could cum again, Wyatt let loose his own load into Lee.

Wyatt pulled out and sat down on the couch. "Now," he said, "I want to see my bitch fuck his teenybopper girlfriend." Lee smiled and went to his knees in front of April, who was still on her knees. They embraced and ground their bodies together sensually. April went to her back and pulled Lee on top of her. His dick went to her cunt without needing guidance, almost as if it had a mind of its own. April wrapped her arms around him and crushed their bodies together. Lee once again felt a surge of pleasure from his chest as he moved atop April. After a few minutes moving, they experienced an orgasm together.

After they disentangled, Lee looked over and saw that Wyatt was rock hard again, his dick sticking up out of the fly in his pants. "Let's go to the bedroom," Wyatt said to them.

They all went together into the bedroom. Once there, Wyatt finally got out of his clothes. "Lee, get up on the bed on your back. April, I want his dick in your mouth as I take you from behind."

Lee quickly got into position at the head of the bed, his neck resting on the headboard. April got on the bed between his legs and quickly swallowed his dick. Wyatt got up behind her and roughly shoved his dick into her cunt. The three moved together until Wyatt sprayed into April's cunt. He then just pulled out and said, "69 each other. Start by sucking each other's tits then move on to cunt and dick."

April got off of Lee and waited for him to turn around. Lee put his legs on the headboard to provide more space for April between his head and the end of the bed. April got above him, her left breast hanging over his mouth. She slowly lowered herself until Lee could suck her nipple into his mouth. After he did, Wyatt said to April, "Now suck on him."

April looked down at Lee's nipple and shrugged. She leaned down and took it into her mouth. She didn't think it would do much (she had never met a man whose nipples were an erotic pleasure point) but was surprised when Lee moaned and arched his back into her. She nibbled lightly and Lee wriggled under her just as if he had a real pair of tits.

After just a couple of minutes, Wyatt said, "Now move down and suck each other's clitties." April was a little disappointed, but she let go of Lee's nipple and slid down his body, pulling her own breast from his skilled mouth. She stopped with her mouth over his cock and her cunt over his mouth. She lowered herself down and felt Lee's mouth on her cunt. She took Lee's hard dick into her mouth and started giving him a blow job.

After the two sucked on each other for a while, April felt Wyatt's weight on the bed behind her. He placed his hand on her butt, stilling her movement. He put his dick to her ass and shoved in. He was definitely too rough, but April decided to grin and bear it. He started moving in her and after just a little while was cumming into her ass. After he pulled out, April and Lee continued to suck each other until they came together. After they were finished, they collapsed together.

They cuddled and kissed, eventually looking over to see Wyatt getting dressed. "Leaving so soon?" Lee asked.

"You two are wearing me out. As it is, it's gonna take me all week just to recover before next Saturday. See you next weekend."

After Wyatt left, April said, "You were right, Lee. That was fun. I think as long as we always return to each other, a non-exclusive relationship is fine with me."

Lee smiled and kissed her. They got up and Lee got dressed. April suggested that he just remain naked, but Lee told her that he had never been able to just sit around in the nude. They spent the rest of the day together, just socializing. They showered together that night, April having fun playing with the recently revealed erogenous zone, Lee's nipples

That night, Lee dreamed more about him as Lisa. Once again, Lisa experienced a day like he had. Lisa got up, got dressed, and made out with April (who once again looked maybe seventeen) all morning. Then Lisa went through the same sex scene with Wyatt and April that he had, except every time Wyatt referred to him, it was always in the feminine, her breasts instead of his chest, and so on. Then Lisa had the shower scene with April (in which April's playing with his breasts made much more sense than playing with his chest). Then he went to sleep.

The next day, he and April spent the day watching football. She turned out to be as much of a fan as he was, and not just because she liked watching cute guys in tight outfits. She could actually quote stats with the best of them.

But that night, when he had his Lisa dreams, there was one that had nothing to do with his day. The first was the same as the other firsts, he got up and got dressed. But in the second, he (as Lisa) was at the door, and a woman in a delivery uniform the same as the one worn by the man in the first "Lisa" dream he had was coming inside. "Call your friend," she told him.

He called to April, and she walked in from the kitchen where she had been getting a snack. The delivery woman said, "Little Apricot, time to play."

Suddenly April's face took on a much more open and childish look, making her look even more youthful than normal. April giggled like the teenybopper Wyatt had accused her of being the day before. "What games are we playing today?" she asked.

"First, I make my delivery, then we can get down to our games." She went out to her truck and brought back in a large box like one of those that the man in the first dream had brought in. She brought it into Lisa's bedroom.

Lisa quickly stripped off his blouse and bra, breathing a sigh of relief as his tits were freed from the tight bra.

The delivery woman opened the box for him, saying, "There are a collection of C cups and D cups, and considering how fast you're growing a few double D's were included, just in case. But if you find yourself needing the double D's, tell Lois as soon as possible, and new bras and assorted lingerie will be messengered to you."

Lisa reached into the box and pulled out a bra. He wrapped it around his torso and snapped it in place. With his breasts now firmly secured, he turned back to the girls and said, "How do I look?"

The delivery woman just grinned lasciviously, but April giggled and said, "You're very pretty, Lisa."

"Thanks, Apricot." Lisa and April (or as she seemed to be called in the dream, Apricot) embraced and kissed.

The delivery woman started unbuttoning her shirt. "Wait for me, girls."

Apricot giggled and started getting undressed herself. Lisa got out of his skirt, shoes, and slip, eventually standing there in nothing but bra, panties, and stockings, Apricot and the delivery woman standing before him in the nude.

Apricot and the woman came over to him and each took one of his breasts in hand and started to rub them sensuously. Lisa moaned and Apricot took the opportunity to plaster their mouths together. He felt a hand on his butt, stroking it through his silky panties. His own hands found the tits of the women he was with and he rubbed them as he had discovered he liked having his breasts stroked. He felt another hand slide into his panties and find his dick. It was only a few seconds before he was thrashing under their soft touch.

The delivery woman said, "Let's get on the bed." The three of them went hand in hand and they walked over to the bed. Lisa lay on her back, and the delivery woman pulled his panties down and gently sucked his dick into her mouth. Apricot climbed up and straddled his head. She lowered herself and was quickly rewarded with Lisa's tongue in her cunt.

Lisa continued to suck on Apricot while getting sucked by the woman. He then felt the delivery woman pull off of him, straddle his hips, and skewer herself on his dick. Apricot and the woman leaned forward and kissed while moving atop him. Lisa moved his hands up Apricot's body until they found the delivery woman's and her tits mashed together. He slid his hands between their tits and somehow managed to play with the nipples of both girls at the same time. Lisa felt two sets of hands on his tits, as the women playfully tried to outdo each other in their play with him.

The delivery woman came first, screaming like a banshee when she came.

After she settled down, she leaned over and took one of Apricot's breasts into her mouth, displacing Lisa's hand. It was only a little bit longer before Apricot came, which seemed to act like the green light for Lisa's orgasm and he sprayed his load into the delivery woman.

They then got off and quickly got dressed. Then they unpacked all of Lisa's new lingerie and packed his old lingerie into the box. The delivery woman then took the box and left.

Lee's last Lisa dream was the same as the night before. He and April showered together, then went to bed together.

The next day, Lee got a pleasant surprise while working. He was working on one of his assignments, when he was called into Lois's office. He stepped in and Lois said, "Come on in, Lee. Have a seat."

As he sat down, Lee asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"On the contrary. Your work has been exceptional, and the people who notice such things have noticed. They're going to be hiring a bunch of new people, including a bunch of new secretaries, so they've created a new position, Assistant to the Executive Secretary. And since Drasberg has a policy of hiring from within, they checked the records to see if anyone had all the requirements and the job performance to actually get the job and they found you."

"Me? I'm getting a promotion?"


"What does my new job entail?"

"Basically, you'll be doing what I do. You'll answer questions, make sure everybody's doing their job, make sure work loads are properly divided so one person isn't doing a lot more than anyone else, and, where necessary, you'll pitch in and lend a hand. The job includes a 60% pay raise."

"60%? Isn't that an awful lot?"

"As of next week, you're management, Lee. But speaking of next week, there is another thing. Next week, you will not come back to work on Monday, but on Tuesday. And, from now on, your work schedule will go from Tuesday through Saturday. Is that going to be a problem?"

"For the pay I'm getting, I'd be willing to work six days a week."

With a smile on her face, Lois said, "Shhhh, don't let anyone hear you say that. They might take you up on it."

Lois and Lee grinned. "Thanks."

"No problem. You deserve it." Lee stood and they shook hands. They went back into the main work area and Lois announced Lee's new promotion. There were hardy congratulations all around, and about fifteen minutes where no work was done before everybody got back to work.

That night, Lee expected a third dream between Lisa and him in the office, but instead it was just the two with him getting up and getting dressed (along with April) and the second with him showering and going to bed.

The rest of the week was fairly normal. He went to work each morning, came home, went to sleep, and had his usual two dreams of being Lisa.

On Saturday, Wyatt came over and they had sex together. They sucked each other off, and Wyatt fucked Lee a bunch of times. The only thing they didn't do, had never done, in fact, was have Lee fuck Wyatt. It was at the end of the day when Wyatt said he'd call next week that there was a bit of a problem. Wyatt angrily told him, "The only day I have to come over here and fuck you regular is Saturday."

"What about that first Monday?"

"That was a special occasion. Do you have to take this new job?"

Lee almost told him no, and that he would turn down the position, but stopped short. He barely realized that there was no way he could turn down the job this late in the process, even if he wanted to. And even though some part of him wanted to in order to keep Wyatt happy, a greater part refused to give up his new job. There was a brief conflict in his head until an idea came to him. "Couldn't you just come here after I get off work? I get off at 5 sharp. I'm home by 5:30 everyday."

Wyatt considered it. "I suppose so. I'll call next week at 5:30. Be here."

Lee readily agreed. That night, he had his Lisa dreams. Except this time, after he had sex with Wyatt and told him about his new job, Lisa wanted to quit, and it was the inner compulsion that forced her not to, instead of the other way around.

Lee enjoyed the rest of his three day weekend, with nothing unusual happening, either in his life or his dreams. The one thing he did notice was that Lisa had already grown into a D cup bra, but considering Lisa's growth in past dreams, that wasn't unusual.

That Tuesday, when he came into work, he was given a new office as well as a new workload, supervising a mostly new batch of secretaries. He expected some troubles, but Lois was there the first day to help him get through them.

His week passed without anything more strange than his now usual dreams.

Every day Lisa got up and got dressed, and had a shower, played with himself in the shower, and went to bed in his nightie. Also, anytime he had sex with April, that night he had a dream with him as Lisa and April as her teenybopper self having sex together. He also noticed that just as Lisa was getting more buxom, April's alter ego, Apricot, was getting younger. By the end of his first week as management, Apricot looked to be only fifteen years old.

That Friday, after Lois had given him a quick review of his first week as management, April came up and said, "Hey, Lee, I was thinking, since it's Superbowl weekend, how about we make a weekend of it?"

"Sounds good, but I still have to work tomorrow. And Wyatt will be coming over tomorrow after I get off work. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Wyatt may have been a bit domineering, but he was still a fun fuck."

The day went normally, and after work, Lee and April stopped by the store to pick up a bunch of snacks. They went back to his place, put things away, had a quick fuck and went to sleep.

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