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Stolen Moment

A stolen moment from SLS member EBSFGNCU

Walking to your room, my mind starts to race. Do I get a moment alone?

Your sexy smile, your graceful walk entices me to follow.

With a simple request of putting something on for me, you close the door.

I lunge for you as if your lips were the last morsel of food of a starving man.

Wrapping my arm around you, pressing you to lips find what they yearn for....a gentle taste.

My gentle taste turns to burning desire as I press our bodies against the wall.

Pictures fall and we do not care for moments as these won't be interrupted.

My breath is stolen, my body quivers as the desire for more consumes my every pore.

My knees grow weak as I hold you tighter against me....hoping the wall will mold our bodies into one.

My eyes gaze upon your face as my lips touch yours. I see your lust filled eyes staring back at me.

The desire for more is spilling from the pool of your green eyes.

With a catch of our breath, we stop...........

We can't.......not now........but soon.....

I can't wait!

End of Story