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My Little Pony ~Adult~

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Twilight opened the door.

"How can I help y...? she stopped. There in front of her stood Trixie. She did not notice her blood, scars, or mud covered her skinny body.

"Trixie, what are you doing here??

Trixie breathed.

"I... I need your help.? She then fell forward and went unconscious.

Twilight jumped a bit as she fell, thinking she would attack.

"Hey Twilight what was...? Spike came over to hear the bump and went wide-eyed when he saw Trixie lying on the floor.

"What is she doing here?? almost loudly, not even caring for the scars and her body.

Twilight shook her head.

"I don't know Spike.? She then looked at her now fully and gasped, as did Spike. Her body was horrible! She looked horrible. Twilight could not even begin to start on what was wrong with her.

"Spike! Got get Fluttershy and Rarity! She needs help!?

"What?? he asked if she was crazy for saving this mare. "Why??

"Just do it!? she yelled. She slowly used her horn to levitate her body. Spike passed under, somewhat wanting to do something horrible to her but quickly passed her and ran out to catch Rarity and Fluttershy.

Twilight carried the unconscious mare to her bed. She then slowly laid her down.

She looked at the once blue mare that had become her enemy not too long ago. She did not have any hate or anger for her but she was sure that Trixie did hate her. However, if she did, why come here?

She then saw her body was completely ravaged and messy. Her once beautiful sky blue mane, covered in blood and mud. Scratches, cuts, bruises and from what she could tell severe lack of food and somewhat eternal harm.

She quickly jumped off her floor, landed without any harm, and quickly searched for a book for healing spells.

"Healing... Healing spells.? She muttered to herself. "Where was it??

She continued to look, desperately trying to find it. She tried looking for it under 'H'. However, there was nothing there!

"Spike!? she said to herself loudly. "Where did you put it?? She may have not liked Trixie but she cannot hate her or not even dislike her. She was just someone who needed to learn her lesson. But this was no lesson, this was punishment!

As she continued to look, Spike quickly opened the door with Rarity and Fluttershy in tow.

Twilight turned to them.

"Good you two are here.?

"Is it true?? asked Rarity, seemingly intrigued by the news of Trixie's return. "Is she here??

Twilight nodded and pointed her head to her bed.

Rarity looked to see a blue mare on her bed.

"Why is she here?? Twilight continued to look for the book.

"She is hurt, we need to help her!?

Rarity blinked and somewhat looked confusingly at her.

"So why should we help that disgraceful mare, darling?? she asked a bit harshly. "She is wounded, so what pony cares??

"I do!? she half yelled, somewhat getting a surprised reaction from everyone. She looked around for the book. "Spike! Where did you put the book for healing spells??

Spike thought about what she said for a moment before quickly running up the wobbly latter and pulled a blue book from its shelf.


Twilight used her horn to levitate the book out of his hand, causing him to lose balance and fell. He yelled and fell face first on the floor. Twilight did not acknowledge it, which really did not surprise Spike. However, her going crazy to find a book on healing just to help Trixie was a surprise.

"Why are you trying to help her?? asked Spike, somewhat brushing himself off.

Twilight remained quite as she flipped the pages.

"Twilight?? asked Spike.

She ignored him.


"What!? she yelled, getting a surprised reaction from him and Rarity while Fluttershy shrunk a bit back from the loud voice.

"Can you not see the state she is in? She is really in need of help! Can you forget who you're trying to help out, and just help me?? Her voice was loud and it somewhat scarred everyone.

However, they listened to her voice. They then followed her up the stairs and everyone gasped at how badly she was. They all regretted what they said previously and even though she was not an animal, it did break tears to Fluttershy. She quickly walked over to her side.

Twilight continued to search the book in until she found the page.

"Got it! A quick spell to heal the wounds from the outside and in.? She threw the book to the side and looked to the others. "I need you to hold her down. It is going to be more painful for her since everything will mend itself together. Rarity, use your magic to help ease the pain and Fluttershy and Spike, hold her down.?

Everyone did so, without question. Slowly Twilight used her horn and began working Trixie's body. The first effects got an instant reaction and her body shrieked, as did she in her unconscious state. Rarity, only knew very little of healing magic but only easing it. Fluttershy and Spike did their best to hold her down, despite it bringing tears to Fluttershy and Spike causing him to flinch than ever.

Slowly the effects were working, slowly. The wounds began slowly almost repairing itself back together. However, that did not stop from Trixie's body from jolt or shake from pain, her moans of pain let everyone know it was working and she wasn't dead.

The wounds would not completely heal but they would leave scars or bruising. When Twilight was done, she panted heavily.

"Wow,? she said, breathing heavily. "That was hard.?

"Don't strain yourself out, dear.? Warned Rarity. "That looked hard and even I'm not the strong but holding her down was hard enough.?

Twilight let a final breath before inhaling.

"Almost done, just checking for any broken bones or any internal breathing.?

"Wouldn't it have been better if we just took her to the doctor?? asked Spike.

Twilight gave him a small glare. "You think anyone will want to try to save her after what she did here last time? Besides...? she paused looking over her. "She asked me to help her before she passed out. I am guessing that no one else did.?

It was silence and all the only sound was the heavy breathing of Trixie. Her wounds were scared and the only thing that left was check her inside and give her a bath... when she wakes.

So, the four stayed. Rarity and Spike were somewhat talking to each other about the situation. Fluttershy was rubbing some ointments that Sparkle had that eased the pain and somewhat disinfected the scars. The ointment penetrated the skin, moistened, and soothed the layer within.

It was cream that Zecora not long ago. It did wonders when it also came to sore bones or bruising. Twilight used a spell that checked for any broken bones or eternal bleeding. So far, nothing, just bruised bones that should heal a couple of days.

For now thought, they would have to wait for her to awake. It has been nearly five hours since she woke. Rarity needed to go and said she would tell the spa twins that they were expected when she wakes.

Fluttershy would have stayed longer but Angel came hoping on to the door, rambling about a fight between animals and their territory.

"I'm sorry I have to go.? She said.

Twilight gave her a smile.

"It's fine Fluttershy, but thank you for your help. I'm really glad that you cared to help.? She somewhat looked at Spike at the corner of her eye. Spike saw it and crossed his arms with a 'hump'.

Fluttershy left with Angel on her back, flying and getting there faster. Once the door closed, Twilight sighed. She then walked up the stairs to check on her. Spike reluctantly walked behind her.

They stared down at her. Now she was covered in mud and dried blood. Spike somewhat glared at her. He did not like her for so many reasons.

One, she came up to town a while back and tried to impress everyone with her magic. Somewhat of she did, was good but she showed off just to impress a few ponies. Next, she claims that she defeated an Ursa, defending Hoofington. When the idiots who worshipped her brought a real one, she cowered and hid.

Twilight defeated it, well sent it back home. All Trixie did was gloat that she won and would return. Now here she was half-dead on Twilight's bed.

Another thing he extremely did not like about her was that she was in dried mud and was staining the blankets. It was his turn to wash the blankets. She could have found a place to dry off or even shake herself off before coming here and nearly dying!

Twilight had a different view. She was worried and for good reason. Though Trixie may have done wrong in the past, she still is a pony and she still deserves a chance. Maybe she went a bit overboard with her stunt back then but maybe the time away has taught her something.

Though from her earlier looks, she looked like she had been forced into something. She could only find outside abuse and all but what about her mind. What had she suffered since the last they met?

Around two o'clock, when the sun was on the corner of the sky, Trixie awoke. Her eyes slowly opened, but then she shut them, as the bright light of the sun was directly on her face. She adjusted by turning her head and facing away. With her vision a bit cleared, she found herself on a comfortable bed.

Probably the most comfortable bed she been in months. She then saw that she was inside of a library. She heard voices and slowly picked up her head to see... Twilight Sparkle and her little pet dragon... Spoke? No, Spikey? Spike?

Yeah that was it! She saw them talking to each other facing away from eating some sandwiches. Her stomach rumbled at the sight of the food. She rubbed it gently before going a bit wide eyed.

Her body completely healed! Well, besides the blood stains, mud and scars, she felt almost no pain! She was a bit sore, but the pain she had endured, it was a mild bruising. She saw scars, run all over her body, her once beautiful body. Yesterday, she looked like a rugged mare that just barely came out of horrible fight with a team of ferocious championship hoof-fighters.

Now she looked like she just been in a hospital for months and was completely healed. But how? She then looked down at Twilight Sparkle. There was no way she could have done this? This magic took years to do and unless her magic had become stronger since the last they met, she saved Trixie's life.

Tears slowly welled up on her eyes. Despite having to try to humiliate her, ruin her friends and even wanting to get her back in a revenge scheme, she still healed her. Her, a pony who know what really remembered or cared for anymore.

Her thoughts are interrupted when she heard Twilight's voice.

"Trixie... you're awake!? She sounded almost pleased that she was.

She walked up the steps, followed by her pet. A warm smile was on Twilight, something Trixie thought she never see in her lifetime.

"Glad you're, I was hoping you would wake up sometime soon.? Spike snorted. She was hoping for her to wake up soon and she cared about it? Oh to Celestia! She did care. She tried to hold back emotions but, from her beatings, to her scaring to finally... in her now pitiful life, someone cared.

She began crying and covered her face with her dirty hooves. This somewhat startled both Twilight and Spike. Spiked sighed.

"Oh geese, I'll go get a towel or something.? He quickly left. Twilight somewhat feeling a bit sad for her slowly, got onto her bed and brought a hoof to Trixie's head.

"There, there. You are save now. You don't need to be upset.?

Trixie stopped and slowly removed her hooves and her eyes met Twilight's eyes. Even if she was female, she was the most beautiful thing Trixie has ever seen. Her violet eyes perfectly matched her body; her caring hoof was brushing her shoulder and rubbing her.

With a sudden reach, she grabbed Twilight by the waist and began crying on her. She let her tears fall like a river and it felt so good to do it.

Twilight was surprise by this reaction. Nevertheless, she slowly wrapped an arm around the wailing Trixie. She did not care that she in dirt or that it was something that no one has ever done on her... purposely. She brushed her mane as she cried, not even telling her to stop.

Trixie wailed her body next to Twilights and the feeling of safeness was all the Trixie needed. The warmth coming from the filly and the feeling of soft hooves on her made her feel so grateful. She prayed that this was not a dream and that she was safe. Safe, secure and for the first in a long while... cared for.

She cried like this for ten minutes. Spike got tired of listening to her so he turned on the TV, rudely and Twilight just began calming her down.

When she stopped, Trixie slowly lifted her red eyes and flushed cheeks. They are flushed from all the crying but also because of embarrassment. She never showed anyone her emotions, especially to a stranger pony. However, Twilight was no stranger; she was a pony who cared.

She sniffled as Twilight spoke in a calm voice.

"You feel better now??

Trixie looked and her nodded.

"Y-Yes.? She paused. "T-thank y... you.?

Twilight smiled.

"No problem Trixie, but I would like to ask. What happened to you??

Memories flashed into her head and she suddenly grew more tears. Twilight was scared she was going to cry again, somewhat already embarrassed about the whole situation, especially since her inner legs were wet form her tears.

"You don't have to tell me!? she somewhat quickly. "If they are too painful, you don't have to.?

Trixie stopped and rubbed her eyes. It got irritated and she rubbed harder. She stopped when she felt a hoof stop her.

"Here let me help you.? She felt Twilight reach for the blanket and rubbed off some of the dirt. When her vision cleared, she saw Twilight brighter then eve.

"T-thank you.? She said in her soft voice.

"Don't mention it. Though I know you don't want to talk about it, can I at least ask... why you came here??

Trixie's cheeks flushed again and she somewhat looked away.

"You are the only one I know....? The rest she mumbled away, just like Fluttershy the first time they met.

"What was that??

"You're the only one I know... who might help me.?

This surprised twilight. Surely, Trixie was well made for, with all of her magic shows and all. Then, she remembered the incident with the Ursa and destroying her cart.

How long did she not have a show... or in this case... a home? Trixie was known as the Great and Powerful Trixie. However, did that whole incident awhile back ruin her or something? By the looks of her body and all, she guessed that was very true.

"What... why are you in this condition? I thought you were a big star??

Trixie did her best to glare, which was much less intimidating then when Fluttershy tried.

Twilight saw this and somewhat sheepishly smile.

"Yeah I am sorry about that.?

Trixie's small glare dropped. She apologized for this yet Trixie tried to do everything to show her up in front of thousands. Despite everything, she still saved her.

Trixie sighed.

"It's not your fault, it's mine.? A scoff was heard from Spike, who just continued to watch TV. Twilight gave a somewhat glare at him before turning to Trixie.

"Again, I am sorry though. If I did cause you to lose everything because of that incident, I truly am sorry.?

Trixie felt like a huge weight or something came off her. Twilight still apologized, even when Trixie admitted it was her fault. All the months, plotting to get revenge against the one who ruined her life and toke everything from her, which was clearly Trixie's fault, Twilight apologized. With a lump in her throat, she spoke softly.

"Thank you though. It was my fault but thank you. It was my fault that I ended up in this situation and it is my fault that I tried to ruin you.?

"Well then... I forgive you.? She said with a smile. Forgiveness. Something that she never in her whole life would hear from one of the most powerful magic users in Ponyville, possibly in this side of Equestria.

She wanted to break down in tears but did her best to hold it in. She inhaled deeply and gave her the best smile she could. Twilight returned the smile before looking at her.

"Now, what say we get you cleaned up, hmm??

Trixie looked down at herself and indeed, she did need a cleanup. Dried blood, mud and wreak of weeks without almost bathing made Trixie feel really bad that she was on top of Twilight's beds and staining it.

"Come on, I'll take you to the Spa to get you fixed.?

Trixie smiled but then a large rumble echoed the library. It was loud enough that Spike heard and fell to the side laughing hard. Trixie flushed deeply and looked away.

Twilight gave a small chuckled.

"Why don't we get you something to eat first??

When a nice, warm meal of daisy sandwiches, whole apples and a slightly cold but still nice apple pie lay on bed before Trixie, she dove in with ravines hunger. Despite being so hungry, she managed to keep herself clean, cleaner when Spike pigs out. She didn't even leave crumps. It was the best meal she had in weeks! Better yet, in months. She was so grateful and so happy in a long while.

Twilight watched her eat with much content. Even Spike was a little impressed that she quickly went for seconds. He could not blame her for being so hungry. After all, if your bones are seen from your stomach, then you know they have not eaten in a long while.

When she was done, she felt full, satisfied and was feeling a lot better.

Twilight smiled at her satisfaction.

"Hope you enjoyed it.?

Trixie nodded eagerly.

"Yes the best I had in months!?

Twilight and Spike looked at each other. Months? Had she not been under proper care for all this time? But then again, she in covered mud, blood and a whole mess of scars that would make any pony on the verge of death.

"Trixie...? started Twilight. " Have you been homeless for... the last couple of months??

Trixie lowered her head but nodded.

"My trailer was destroyed when the Ursa stomped on it. I've been trying to find a place to live.?

A soft sigh came from her, indicating she did not want to remember the past. They both realized this and dropped the subject. Twilight looked out the window to see the sun was almost touching the mountains.

"Oh, we must get to the spa. The Twins are expecting us!? Trixie looked up at her.


Twilight nodded.

"I asked if Rarity could organize the Spa to be ready for us when you awoke Come on, let's go!?

It took a bit longer to get there then usual. Trixie's legs were still a little sore from all the bruising and scars. She limped a bit just walking down the stairs.

Twilight figured this and decided to teleport them there. The magic was instantly and so was Trixie, though it caused it to become dizzy. Twilight quickly leaned on her to support her.

Once Trixie had gained her footing, two mares immediately greeted her.

"Welcome to the Day Spa!? Trixie saw two twin mares, identical yet different colored. One was a light blue mane with pink hair, while the other was pink mane with light blue hair. Twilight smiled.

"Hello Aloe, Lotus, Rarity had requested a session and a big wash up.?

They both nodded before looking at Trixie and gasping. At first, Trixie thought they were going to say something bad about her but instead it went another way.

"Oh my,? said Aloe. "What a terrible mess!?

"What happened to you?? asked Lotus. "Where you in a mud fight??

Trixie gave a sheepish smile but shook her head. Twilight knew she did not want to say anything so she quickly intervened.

"We were out in the Sweet Apple Acres and she got messy with a few pigs and some of them were begun getting antsy.?

Trixie turned to her before facing the twins and nodding to the lie.

Spa twins smiled.

"Well we can fix you up in no time!? said one.

"And have you back on your hooves!? said the other.

They were both lead away two mares, to be cared for. Moreover, indeed they were.

First, a nice hot bath that Trixie almost died in for being so good. This helped wash away all the dirt, dried blood and helped ease some of the wounds. Many ingredients were added to the spa to help her gain back some nutrients in her mane. Ten minutes in and out, and Trixie had a nice clean coat.

Next were filing their hooves. Since Trixie had not taken care of herself well, they were really dry and cracked. Not a problem for the twins. Since this was about Trixie, Twilight just stayed in the spa.

Next, fixing and trimming her. A lot of it had grown and some of it was falling off. Fortunately, the Twins worked her well into her. They filed her horn, giving the chipped part a smooth edge and a beautiful gleam. Last was a nice massage.

That is where a tan stallion came in, Quake. As soon as he worked on Trixie, Trixie felt her muscles become much, much, much relaxed. He worked her over like a five stare stallion at an expensive resort.

To her, this was a five star spa and so far, she felt like she was being treated like a queen! Her body felt so wonderful and after so long, she felt so relaxed.

When Twilight was done in her Spa, she met with a new and improved Trixie. The blue mare looked stunningly beautiful. Her scars were all but visible. Her horn was neatly trimmed and smoothed out. Her mane had a nice beautiful coat on that shined and her body seemed a bit more in shape.

"Wow, Trixie!? said an astonished Twilight. "You look fantastic!?

Trixie blushed heavily, having not been called something nice in a long while, especially by a mare.

"Thanks Twilight. I do feel so much better now.?

"Good to hear.? They both left, thanking the twins for much of their help. As they exited out, Trixie commented on them.

"I... I am surprised that they didn't know me.?

Twilight gave her questionable look.

"What do you mean??

Trixie lowered her head.

"Well, I did cause uproar with many ponies here and after that whole... incident with the Ursa Minor, nobody would won't me back.?

Twilight did not smile but she did pat her back.

"Trixie, what you did back then was a mistake. Sure some may not forgive what you have done but nobody will hate you know if you learned your lesson on not being a show off or bragging about your greatness.?

Trixie sighed.

"I guess your right... though I don't see you bragging about yours.?

Twilight chuckled.

"I may be good with my magic but I don't want everyone to know or at least think I am.?

Trixie stopped and turned to Twilight.

"Why not??

Twilight shrugged.

"I don't want to be popular or be famous as many. I just want to continue my studies on magic, so when I really need it like in that Ursa attack or many other times, I know when and how to use it. Same as you should too.?

Trixie thought about. It was true. She could have used her magic when she really needed like the Ursa attack but instead of doing simple tricks, she should be practicing to do much better magic then others.

They walked around town, Twilight showing her around and talking to her about everything on magic. Soon, Trixie not only would come to think of Twilight as a great teacher on her wrongs, but also on how to use magic the right way and be a friend, rather than an enemy.

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