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I have tried hard everyday and in every way I could think of to warn new members of the dangers on this site. I have shared tons of real experiences from other ladies on this site which are included in all of my fourteen warnings posted on sex stories. In detail I have recited what to expect at parties and group sex gatherings and on how men are charged 100.00 dollars to attend but women get in free. Why is that ladies? Think about it for a minute; you get in free ( the lure) while men pay a fee (the predator). There are ways to stay safe and in control so you, dear lady or ladies, can find what you are truly wanting to experience verses something else that wasn't on the menu.

The problem I'm having ladies is simple, even if a profile says they're new members, that may not be the truth, they can be lifetime members that have been here for years, who only renewed their profile previously and closed out their older profile to look as if they are new members on this site to lure in the Innocent true new members. That way they can lure you in to their sick demented, sexual painful pleasures which they want to experience and not what you were planning on at all. So, please dear lady or ladies, be very careful on this site of deception, total BS, lies and mega fakers that reside here.

Do a search on this below in sex stories, it says it all.

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend Parties and Events.

Lady or ladies, I'm sorry I do not feel appreciated for what I am trying to do by exposing the dirty little secret of this site. I only want you to understand it better so everyone can find what they are truly wanting to experience verses being r*ped at some event on this site.

To me it seems women would rather find out the hard way rather than heed any warning; they just whine like a loose fan belt on a worn out engine pulley about what happened to them and how they were badly treated by the sex addicts they had encounters with etc.

It seems no matter what I write you don't believe it can or will happen to you or maybe you think it's all BS until it really happens. Lately, all I get for my caring about other peoples lives because of the true man I am and what I stand for in this life is this;

Harassment by the very ones who want to cause chaos and more problems in your life. I'm out numbered 1000 to one and there's too much against me for trying to help others. Also, my safety means everything to me at this point, so I must leave.

So I say again ladies be careful and stay safe if you decide to choose your encounters here.

Sex to me is an extremely beautiful, pleasurable and fun experience on so many different levels because I'm into intimate desires when practicing Tantric loving technique's. Because I'm a highly intelligent individual that takes Tantric to a whole different level of pure ecstasy for women to experience verses the same old sappy encounters they normally experienced so far in life I believe in quality encounters over quantity. I'm focused and an achiever who enjoys pleasing a lady with my many talents. I'm also a sensitive, loving and caring Scorpio.

Tantra and Love - YouTube

The Fountain Music Video - proster

Sorry to say since joining in July of '11, I have not yet found a lady of sustenance and quality on this site. Therefore, I have decided to move on to another site which I have found to be more enjoyable by far! Thus, I am now leaving this sad, demented sex site where only people with bad attitudes reside. Fun sex to me ladies, isn't Pain!


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