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Love To Fish

An attractive young couple decided to go to a wilderness resort for their honeymoon. When they arrived they saw a middle aged man on the dock fishing and looking rather glum. They spent the next few days making love, drinking wine, water skiing and just generaly having a great time. But one thing that bothered them was every single day the older fellow was on the dock fishing and looking sad. Towards the end of their vacation they were in the lounge having a drink and decided to go introduce themselves and buy him a beer. They told him they were on their honeymoon and to their surprise he said he was also. The young fellow asked him why he wasn't in his room making love to his new bride, to which he replied " I can't, she has gonnorrhea". Not easily deterred the younger man asked him if he thought about going in the back door. The older man said "I can't....she has diarrhea". The young guy persisted and asked why didn't his wife at least blow him? The older man responded " can't...she has pyorrhea". By now the young lady was getting frustrated and blurted out "why did you even marry such a broken down bitch"?
Finaly the old guy smiled and said " Well, she also has worms.....AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TO FISH"

End of Story