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Lone Ranger Ii

The Lone Ranger was ridng the prairie one day & met an Indian on a really nice horse followed by a dog and a sheep.
The Ranger says, "Hey, Indian, that's areal nice horse you got. Can I talk to him?"
The Indian says, "Horse no talk!"
The ranger says, "I'll try....Hey horse, hw's it going? Does the Indian treat you good?"
The horse says, "Yea he treats me good!"
The Indian is dumbfounded.
The Ranger says, "that's a nice dog you got, can I talk to him?"
The indian says, "Dog no talk!'
The Ranger says, "Let me try...Hey, dog, How's it going. Is the Indian good to you?"
The dog says, "Yea, he treats me good. He's a good guy."
The Indian is flabbergasted.
The ranger says, "That;s anice sheep you got. Can I talk to him?"
The Indian says, "SHEEP LIAR!"

End of Story