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Good Wife University 5 7

The eight nude women followed Tina down the hallway to a
classroom that looked like it could serve any middle school.
There were eight desks with separate chairs facing a chalk board.
To one side sat eight computer terminals and on the other were
textbooks and supplies on the shelves by the windows that
extended to the ceiling in the fashion of older schools where the
primary lighting was natural.

Clarice passed out tests and pencils, her only instruction, "Be
honest in all of your answers." The women opened the test
booklets and began immediately, fearing whatever punishment Miz
Tina might inflict if they daudled.

All of them started answering the questions in test I.

Rate the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5. One
being that you totally disagree and five that you totally
agree with the statement. Answer quickly, giving your first
impression without analyzing the question. Be honest.

I like my body. 1 2 3 4 5
I am too fat.
My buttocks are too large.
My lips are sensuous.
I become aroused easily.
I am in good physical condition.
I love sex.
I love anal sex.
I love cunnilingus.
I love fellatio.
My body is perfect.
My nipples are sensitive.
Tattoos are sexy.
I want to try anal sex.
I want to try sex with a dog or other animal.

Kim's teaching degree put her at both an advantage and a
disadvantage. She recognized the technique from college courses
on testing. The answers would show attitudes and provide a
psychological profile of the testee. She thought about how she
might slant her answers to her advantage, then decided that
honesty was the best policy. A good test would catch her if she
tried to manipulate the results and she had little doubt that
this test was expertly prepared.

The next test was fill-in-the-blanks style. It began with
innocent questions, them moved on to ask many of the same
questions that were asked in their introductions at breakfast.

My favorite color is _____________________.
If I could change one thing about my body, it would be my
The last four books I read were ____________ by ________,
_______________ by ____ ...

and later,

My last orgasm was on ___(date)___ at __(approx time)___
while I __________________________________.
My favorite bra is ___(color)___ ___(fabric)___

Clarice declared a break, telling them that they were permitted
to use the toilet rather than standing in the shower to pee "so
long as you abide by the rules of our beloved GWU. So go on. You
have fifteen minutes. You can grab a cup of coffee or a soda
from the pantry if you want. You can even talk among yourselves
or to anyone, for that matter, as long as you're courteous."

The sophomores were still cleaning up, having eaten after
everyone else had finished. They showed Laura where to find cups
and the coffee machine. The younger women chose colas on ice
from the ice maker in the corner of the kitchen. They were all
back in the classroom with time to spare, fearing punishment if
they went beyond the fifteen minutes and lacking watches or
clocks to tell how much time they had left. The next test was a
true-false test.

I like sex.
I like oral sex.
I like giving head.
I swallow cum.
I fantasize often.
I like anal sex.
I like a finger in my anus when receiving oral sex.
I ...

The last test was essay. 'Typical,' Kim thought to herself as
she read through the assignments.

Describe your favorite sexual fantasy in complete detail.
Include the setting, the clothing, music (if applicable),
etc. Scan _My Secret Garden_ by Nancy Friday for examples
of the detail required. If your favorite fantasy does not
fill all three pages, single spaced, then add details of
more sexual fantasies that you enjoy.

Describe in detail all of the reasons why you married your
husband. Include your feelings at the time that you married
and contrast them with your feelings now. If not yet
married, describe...

After reading all of the questions, Kim thought for a moment
before she began to describe her fantasy, a romantic story
straight out of a pulp novel.

The testing continued all morning with breaks when more than a
couple of the women showed restlessness. Kim looked around and
noted that she was the only one already working on the essay
questions even though she was exhausted from no sleep.

"Time's up, future good wives," Clarice announced. "Time for
lunch. Finishing the tests is your homework for tonight. You can
drop your test folders off in your rooms before you go to the
dining room."

"And you may go independently as long as you walk in proper
position for freshmen during hell week," Tina told them sternly.
"I noted quite a few violations of the rules and I'm keeping
track of the demerits."

Kim wanted to laugh out loud. How could they possibly carry
drinks back to the classroom with their hands behind their necks?
But it didn't matter. This was hell week. So she picked up her
cup and carried it back to the kitchen before assuming the
position, holding the folder under her thumbs at the back of her
neck until she reached her room.

"Figured it out, did you?" Tina asked from the sofa when Kim
dropped off the folder in the room where she was first placed.

"Yes, Miz Tina," she answered.

"Think you can hack it?"

"Yes, Miz Tina."

"Put that in the infirmary," she ordered, sticking the folder
back under Kim's thumbs.

"Yes, Miz Tina."


Although Clarice used the term lunch, the noon meal was the big
meal of the day, starting with a fresh garden salad and followed
by delicious braised chicken breasts with wild rice and peas
fresh from a local garden, delectable home baked yeast rolls
fresh from the oven, and ending with strawberry shortcake with
whipped cream. The morning cooks did the serving while the
morning servers cooked.

Once again, they were free to talk during their meal and they
were given an hour and a half so that they could enjoy it. They
did enjoy it, both the freedom to talk and the delicious meal.

After the satisfying dinner and conversation, Tina again
commanded them to silence and the humiliating position that no
longer bothered them. She led them to the stairway and told them
to go to room 214, staying back to catch Kim when she stumbled on
the stairs.

Room 214 was bare except for eight wide tables covered with white
sheets. A young girl who couldn't be over twenty was standing in
the front of the room behind an old wooden desk. The girl wore
only white pumps, a white choker, and a broad smile. She had
high-set perkie tits topped with erect little nipples. Her
completely bare pubes made her look much younger than her actual
age of 22. Tina pointed with the riding crop to where each of
the women should stand and then ordered, "At ease."

All eight women dropped their arms. Each of them did something
to loosen up, some shrugging their shoulders, others stretching.

"Ladies, I'm Miz Lucy, your sex tester. This afternoon, we're
going to learn something about your sexual abilities. Go ahead
and remove the covers from your tables."

They each lifted the sheet from their table. Most gasped when
they saw the table covered with rubber dildos varying in size
from pencil thin to the size of a man's forearm. Most were
roughly shaped like an erect human penis but a few were smooth.
One was a good replica of a finger with a nail bed molded into
the top and the biggest one had a balled up fist at the end. The
second largest, a fifteen inch long thing the diameter of a
baseball bat, had replicated extended fingers formed into a cone
at its end.

"Now I want everyone to select from your collection the biggest
cock you are reasonable sure you can insert into your vagina
without discomfort. Good. Hold it up where I can see."

Lucy looked around, smiling at all the blushes. It was obvious
that everyone had chosen a much smaller dildo than would fit
comfortably. "I see. Well, I'll be your instructor for your
Penile Penetration class and I say you all picked too small. Let
me demonstrate."

Lucy stepped around her desk, pulling her chair behind her and
leaving in front. Then she picked up the second largest rubber
prick from Wendy's table, saying, "I don't think you need this
one," and used the tube of lubricant there to generously coat the
object before stepping onto the chair and then her desk top.

Then she bent forward to display her bottom to the assembly and
spoke. "The female body is wonderfully adaptable and we have
twelve weeks to help you adapt yours," she announced. Then she
made most in the room gasp when she placed the giant dildo not at
her pussy but her anus and pressed forward. She pumped the thing
in short strokes for about a minute, then called, "Sarge, can you
help me? My hands are too greasy."

"Anything for you, Miz Lucy," Tina sang out in her usual voice, a
loud, commanding yell. Tina put her hand on the base of the
thing and pressed forward. Lucy goaned out a "Yes!" as the thing
slid in eight or nine inches. "Ta da!" Lucy smiled, turning
around with the thing embedded in her butt. Then she sat down on
it as if it were a stool glued to her bottom.

"I'll need a little help for the next one," Lucy informed Sarge.
"I'm a little tight today."

"You, you, and you," Tina snapped out, pointing the riding crop
at Maria, Jennifer, and Wendy. "Ok, you two. Don't get any
grease on your fingers now. You," she barked at Katy. "Grease
up that big one real good. If you hurt my girl Lucy, I'l stripe
your ass. More. Get it really dripping, especially the head."

"Now, pinkies up to be polite, put your fingers together and put
them into that lovely vaginal opening," Tina ordered. "Fingers
side by side. Go slow. Easy, put them together to go in and then
spread 'em. That's it."

The three youngest women in the room blushed crimson at what they
were doing. This was the first female they had touched sexually
unless they counted the shower that morning. That was completely
forgotten as twelve fingers easily spread open the girl's body.

"Now Moby Dick," Tina grinned. "Fuck her, my little virgin dyke.
Put that whale of a dildo in and fuck, fuck, fuck."

Although none of them noticed, it was the first time that Tina
had used profanity since they were awakened that morning. Her
drill instructor training taught that profanity was inappropriate
and should be reserved for when it was needed such as in the heat
of combat.

Wendy was terrified just holding the monster rubber thing and
needed more prodding from Tina before she was willing to place
the fist-shaped rubber at Lucy's entrance and press it forward.

"Let go, _NOW_," Tina ordered, and Jennifer and Maria gladly
released the stretchy flesh to hug against the giant rubber
shaft. "Now fuck your professor, virgin dyke," Tina ordered
Wendy. "Fuck her good."

"Yeah," Lucy panted out, leaning back on the desk until she was
supine with her legs high in the air and rocking herself onto the
thing. "I want to get off," she confirmed, using her still oily
fingers to circle her clit. "Fuck me, dyke. Fuck me!"

Wendy was sure that the thing was going to kill Lucy. She could
see the bulge from the thing push out Lucy's trim belly as she
stroked more and more of the monster into the woman until almost
a foot and a half were inside. "That's enough," Lucy panted,
"Now in and out. Yeah. Oh, yes!" A few more strokes with her
fingers and the rubber monster Wendy manipulated and Lucy
exploded. Then she sighed and relaxed totally.

Wendy didn't need to be told to remove the thing. When she was
no longer holding it, it slid right out on its own with some help
from Lucy's muscles. "And that has absolutely nothing to do with
what you're going to learn here," Lucy laughed, contentedly
laying on her side facing the group. "Well, actually, it does.
You're going to learn control. Let me show you a few more

Lucy pulled a two foot long double-ended dildo from her desk
drawer while still sitting on top of the desk. The rubber was
molded to realistically mimmic two unsually large cocks back-to-
back. "I can do this, too," she smiled, tilting her head back
and instantly swallowing eighteen inches of the shaft. Then she
spread her hands and everyone watched the six inches of dildo
sticking out of her mouth pump up and down as if there were a man
inside her body fucking outward. Then she used the muscles in
her throat to expel the thing completely, catching just the end
between her teeth as she sat up to face the group.

"In case you haven't guessed, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist,"
Lucy laughed. She hopped back to her feet and circulated the
room to collect a dildo from each desk. Then she returned to her
desk and laid back, still facing her students. "Does anyone
think I'm ruined by the monster cocks? That I'm so stretched
that I could never please a man?"

No one answered although several had exactly that thought. "Well,
I'll prove I have the muscles to do it." With that, she plunged
a dildo into her well lubricated puss, leaned back on her
elbows, and, using her well developed muscle control and
strength, she launched to dildo into the air, almost landing it
on the closest desk.

"Your elevation and windage are a bit off," Tina snickered.
"Loading," Tina announced, plugging Lucy's pussy once more. "Fire
two." The pair launched the remaining seven dildos, nearly
hitting Kaitlyn and Wendy caught one before it hit her desk.

"Enough fun for now," Lucy laughed, noting that her class was
having difficulty keeping straight faces. "Let's go to the gym."
Everyone followed her down the hall to the gymnasium. Actually,
they went to a low-ceilinged exercise area to the side of the
main gym. There was a four-on-four basketball game between two
groups of seniors in progress on the main floor.

"Now for my final demonstrations and your first test," Lucy said,
turning to face the freshmen who were lined up by Tina. Lucy
picked up a molded metal object about a foot long with a large
ball an inch and a half in diameter on one end. It tapered
slightly to the next ball, barely over an inch around, and then
down to a ball a bit less than an inch in diameter. The end was
a rounded ball no bigger than a finger tip with a ring welded to

"This is one type of Kegel exerciser," Lucy told them. "Does
anybody know what it's for?" When she was met with silence, she
informed the group, "You can erase demerits with merits for
exemplary class participation."

"It's to exercise internal muscles, Miz Lucy," Darlene offered.

"Right. Have you ever used one like this?"

"No, mam. Miz Lucy."

"So what kind of Kegel exercises did you do?"

Darlene was blushing crimson, embarrassed to answer but afraid
not to. "I used my fingers," she said so softly that few could
hear because of the noisy basketball game going on so close to

"That's an excellent exercise," Lucy said loudly. "And it
doesn't require any special equipment. Just put your finger or
fingers inside your pussy and squeeze down on them. So how do
you suppose this is used?" she asked then.

"You put it in your puss', big end first, and then let it out one
knob at a time," Darlene replied, both proud that she knew the
answer and embarrassed for the same reason.

"Very good," Lucy smiled. "So everybody get one and let's see
how you do. We keep them in the steam room because they're not
very comfortable when they're cold. I prefer the plain polished
metal ones but a lot of people like the latex coated ones. You
can try both over the next few days. Now, the steam room is..."

Chery blushes spread through the group as they realized what
they were going to do as they each picked a device off of a rack
on the wall of the steam room. Back in the exercise area on the
rubber mats, Lucy had them all insert the bar up to the second
largest ball.

Wendy felt surprised at the feeling of an object penetrating her
for the very first time. She was a true virgin. She had visited
her gynecologist a few weeks before coming to GWU to have her
hymen surgically removed. Not very traditional, she knew, but
less painful than having it torn during her first intercourse.
She had been warned that penetration would be required during the
course so she wanted to be prepared.

But she wasn't prepared for the feelings. It felt, well, good,
she decided. Full. Right. She felt no physical discomfort, just
acute embarrassment at doing anything with her private parts
which, for twenty one years, she had touched only with toilet
paper or a wash cloth. But it was nice, feeling a little
stretching like an internal massage. Unfortunately, as soon as
she took her hand off the object, it slid out and thudded onto
the rubber mat. So did most of them, especially when Lucy
ordered them to squat. She wanted it back inside her and Lucy
instructed them all to try again.

Darlene was proud of herself and her control. Her OB doctor
taught her Kegel exercises to help her prepare for and recover
from childbirth. Although she didn't exercise her PC muscles
daily like she knew she should, she did them often enough to have
are more strength and much better control than any of the other
women in her group.

"That's great, Darlene," Lucy congratulated her. "I can see that
you'll be getting some special privileges and might be excused
from some of my classes. Now let's see how you do with this."

End of Story

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