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All You Need To Know To Be Safe On This Site

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Holding Out For A Hero Bonnie Tyler - chizmos

Since joining this site, I thought it would be fun and exciting; but after learning what some of the female members profiles say on this site, I have become aware of the dangers that can happen at certain parties. I had to take on the mission and pass along some knowledge I have learned through my readings. I feel that I would be no better then the persons promoting the environment of danger if I did not write this, so you would be better informed of the potential danger. I've read so many bad experiences that some females experienced when attending anything more then a one on one and participating in a multiple person party . Since I have seen that there is nothing more then pain on this site my goal is to pass the lesson of "Use Your Common Sense" ask yourself what dangers I am potentially walking into?

Hello "New Members" I have read many females members profiles on this site and I have learned so much in such a short amount of time by reading what they personally have experienced at parties. How the fantasies they were looking to fulfill would be live out and experienced. Many of these nice ladies profiles are no longer on site which leaves me to believe they have left this swing site. Aside from reading these profiles I have come to learn much more from having conversations on personal experiences and some of what I have learned from these individuals are outlined below.

I have heard from some women and young ladies on this site who have said That when an invitation is extended in attending these parties they are given certain guidelines that must be adhered to in order to make it through the doors, such as you are to meet up with someone who would escort you there, then when arriving the doors are locked and you are stuck till morning or to whenever the doors are scheduled to be unlocked. They are told only the person that they met could take them to the party. Several ladies went onto say after drinking and eating food offered to them they felt strange.They said it put them into a daze where others could do to them whatever they wanted and they had no control in choices of participating or not. Some say they were video filmed as well as photographed. What I have learned from some is that you are made to feel as if you are the most desired woman there which allows them to control and manipulate your true desires and instead of your fantasy becoming a reality you fulfill there's while yours can become a living nightmare.

Many claimed after being used and abused by so many multiple size cocks and had there vagina's stretched out, the men then moved onto someone else that had a tighter vagina then there's. I have also heard from many ladies that the videos, photographs as there overall participation was later used against them in making them more willing and submissive in getting them to engage again.So what these woman have essentially got out of the whole "Party Experience" is pain, humiliation, torture not to mention now the threat of your reputation being destroyed, in order to get you to continue to participate. So explain to me where is the fulfilling fantasy that you had wanted to experience in all that?.

If you still choose to participate in these "Parties" be in control, make sure you outline safety measures such as, if I consider to come I always bring my body guard. If the so called host of said party refuses your safety measures then that should say it all, don't you think? Always stay in full control, Don't compromise your safety ladies and your sweet fantasies on others that have and use there silver deviled tongues to lure you in and just to put your life in harms way for there own sexual pleasures that don't bring pleasure to you, but only shame, pain, and humiliation.

Safety first ladies and then the fun!! Stay in control 100% because you are a "Special Person" and you matter too. Ladies whatever they try to talk you into and you have never experienced it nor really know what there truly talking about? Go to porn sites and look it up yourself and watch video's of it. To make up your own mind about it before believing in something that could take a real turn for the worst in compromising your safety and yourself!!! Ladies this isn't your typical sex site, there's everything here and it's "Extremely Hardcore".

This is a response letter from a new member, but many letters I do receive from others they sound pretty much the same.

UniqueOne, my worst experiences, sadly, have been with single men at parties. They think swing party = free whore party.

I left a party with such visible bruises from fighting off guys who wouldn't take "no" for an answer that my 10yr asked what happened to me when I picked her up the next day. Now, I'm extremely careful, making sure there are people I know at parties and if there are too many single guys on the list, I cancel my rsvp.

My Response Back to inform her of what she experienced and why?

Good Morning (Screen Name), Did you know the persons hosting all these parties are charging the men anywhere from forty dollars and up, to come to these parties to have sex with women. The females that are invited to these parties get in for free. This is why men don't respond to the word "No" and think no really means yes because they paid these entry fees and were told by the host that they could fuck any woman who shows up at these parties and can do whatever they please sexually.The host I'm sure is telling you it's going to be so much fun etc, etc, telling you everything you want to hear so you will say yes and show up at this party. In other words, the host is pimping out you and other ladies at these parties. If you had to fight them off (Screen Name) the host did not help protect you because she's making a ton money off your body, pain and mental anguish. You therefore are left to live through the memory of this for the rest of your life. Think of the other ladies that weren't able to fight them off. Those men just took them against their will, making their fun experiences turn into a nightmare on elm street instead. When I entered this site, there were no warnings except for don't hand out your email address and not about the dangers that reside on this site. It really makes you think about other sex sites you may have joined before which had lots of warnings. I personally feel that the ratings on this site are all trumped up BS to get others to think it's a better sex site than others they have been on, when in fact it's not. I have heard numerous horrible stories from women in general that experience groups, couples and/or parties where others would hold down another so someone else could have their way with them against their will. This is why my profile reads the way it does; because I care about all others over myself. Obviously, this site won't for unseen reasons post appropriate warnings, then I (Myself) will do their job that they are not doing for members joining this site. Check out this ladies profile SimplyT - S.L.S. Party Host and look at the man standing next to her (it appears that he is a well known Porn filmmaker) Why is he on this site? Unless she deleted the picture because I put that information in my profile; what I say is true. What I talk about in my profile is true never any BS, everything there is honest and truthful information from other women's experiences, without the BS fiction.

The only reason I am not including these ladies screen names to you is to protect these ladies and to protect there privacy so no one will hassle these ladies that shared this information with me.

Please take care new members your safety means everything to Unique One.

Google this song video ladies.

Kutless - Winds Of Change With Lyrics - yesterday94

(The Host Of) A House Party Club - In the valley.

Below Ladies Is The Actual Party "AD" As It Appears On A True Profile On This Site.

Multiple Hands On Massage Party The 4th Friday every month we host our Multiple Hands On Massage Party.

We all meet at the house around 9PM Friday night, we spend a little time talking and getting to know each other.

At this time, we'll close the gate and nobody else will be allowed in as not to disrupt the flow of the evening. So, it's very important you're there by 10 or shortly there after, if you're going to be later than that, please call ahead of time so I know to listen for the gate.

Not for the shy or timid. Join us for an evening of touch and experience sexual pampering through sensual massage and open yourself up to new sensory experiences you may have never known before.

The way this works is we break off into groups of 5 or 6. One person gets on the massage table while the others massage them for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then the next person gets on the table and we continue to rotate through the group until all have had their massage.

It's really an amazing feeling to have all these hands on your body at once. After everybody has had their turn you can hop up on the table for 2nds or ?

Couples $60 Single Men $100 Single Women are free

What She Really Is Saying Ladies In My Interpretation Is?

(The Host) putting on this party is charging the men money to attend.

(The Host) puts this party together for these numerous horny men to come to her party then the party proceeds to the multiple massages as stated, upon getting you comfortable then you will be engaged in activities with multiple party- ranging from one on one to a multiple varieties of participation.The hostess promotes the sexual activities, whereby a woman is offered to many other attendees for massaging but it quickly can escalate to a gang-bang and the host offers no real protection.

(The Host) Upon the arrival of all said attendants will then proceed to ensure all doors are locked up and guaranteeing no one can leave until the next coming morning. While being kept against your will, the danger and chances of you being beat up while trying to fend off the unwanted advances by many men which could then escalate to the next level and could result in you being force ably made to partcipate in a nonstop fucking session with many multiple men, some with huge size cocks that could then result in you having a stretched out vagina and unable to feel sexual stimulation with a normal size man.

Ladies ask yourself is this the site experience your looking for on this swing site?

Leaving you ripped and torn and bleeding badly.

Having to go to the emergency room to be operated on and stitched up.

Do these people pay the bill? Doubtful.

These people have no remorse on how you were treated and lied and hurt caused to you by there lack of intervention in protecting you.They continue on there way leaving you with the reliving of the nightmare.

Again Ladies Ask Yourself Is This, "The Experience You Would Like To Remember"?

It Only Takes One Mistake Ladies - Being Smart is using your common sense and staying safe. Being Sorry is being left with a damaged vagina.

(The Host) You are simply a profit to said host being treated as nothing more then as if you are a prostitute, but you get none of the benefits, you are left with nothing more then a scary nightmare of the horrible experience to live with because you trusted ( the Host at her words)

Where Is The Fun This Swing Site Promotes Ladies?

I see nothing but deep pain, hurt, sorrow, and humiliation in addition to the many damaged vagina's women now have which causes their anger!!

Ladies if you still choose to attend any party after the knowledge I have shared with you, "PLEASE" adhere to my warnings and always safety first.

I was informed that a new member (Screen Name) went to this party and was hospitalized for the great ?FUN? she was promised. She did not experience the great "FUN" which (The Host) had stated would be forthcoming in attending said party.

She believed as many as you all probably do that if things were to get out of hand she would have control and that her saying ?NO? would be respected. It is hard to explain the psychology, but having a female host a party can give a false sense of security, etc.

Ladies I express this site perfectly with the words in this song.

Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams lyrics - Alen2634

Prove to me ladies that what I have always believed to be true, That women are smart and intelligent, and not lacking of common sense, by taking precautions if you chose to attend these parties. It seems from what I have read many forget to think logically and proceed to think with there pussy. As it most likely is the newcomers who are naive to possible dangers , they forget to use common sense. They are easily manipulated and find themselves putting their trust into the wrong individuals and believing their words. Do not allow someone to make decisions for you,be smart be safe.

I at times wonder if there is a contest of sorts between men at theses parties, as to how many of them it would take to fuck a woman till she is left with a stretched out, torn or ripped out vagina. Do they get a thrill sense of being a man by luring a number of women into these parties? Listen to the song Huge Vagina - saultrain to see what I believe and foresee what someone may be left with when attending parties.

I have also learned there are certain cliques on this site that combine several individuals into many interlinking groups If you do get into such a group there are rules you must follow. One rule I learned is you are not allowed to fuck anyone you personally would like to experience. The group of people in that circle decide whom you may or may not experience. That means ladies they connect you up with all the sex addicts that are on the site. If your looking to have some vagina trauma don't worry you won't be disappointed your circle will provide a variety of sized cocks in helping make your vagina as dead as the dead sea and as grand as the canyon.

Ladies if it is your turn on in letting men fuck you in a manner that wears out your body and vagina in one month or less, I am not here to judge you if that's what stimulates you sexually. I am here for the woman who are new and wanting to live out some fantasy, so that they may be knowledgeable in what could transpire when attending parties.

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