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Sexy Ups Driver

To start it was a hot an steamy day agean in Tennessee,been that way for over a week.I just got off work an was getting ready to take a shower,I live in the country with my closes neighbor about a 1/2 mile down the road.so my doors an windows are all open to let a breeze blow thru.after my shower I walked out of the bath room naked an drying my hair just as I stepped into the living room I sensed someone there,I looked up an standing in the doorway was the UPS driver she was about 5" tall red hair an sexy as hell,I could feel myself getting hard. she looks at me an said I have a package for an I see you got one for me too,she opened up the door an stepped into the room went to her knees an proceeded to suck my hard dick till I exploded in her mouth..she stood up kissed me on the cheek an said best lunch I ever had an walked out the door,I heard her drive down the driveway,Im still wondering did that really happen..

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