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Our First 3some

it all started oddley enough with his ex wife and I becouming friends and doing all the shopping and reading together friends do, but one day she ask him to come sit with the kids for a weekend and he made a joke about paying us with her body. she hesitated and about a day later called me and said tell him ok.Being a bit nervious at first about this i ask if her and I couls try some things alone befor all 3 of us did anything and being the kind loving bf he is said yes so I approched her about it and she said she felt odd about being with him knowing he was happy with me and all,but we did hit it off and we had alot of fun exploring her new bi side,then the night came for the 3some and befor long I was licking her and he had his big cock in her mouth(I admit it was odd but realy hot)she sucked him till he was good and hard then he slipped around back and did me doggie style for about 10 min taking a break he let us play as he watched it all,befor long it was my turn to be licked and suck him then he did her doggie style for a bit, but when it was time for him to cum well lets just say both me and his ex wanted it, so I layed on top of her our wet pussys together and he slipped his hard throbbing cock between us and let us both feel all his hot cum, then it was time to clean up naturaly we licked him clean then eachother but to say that was the end omg no,that night he got to fill us both with cum and we both loved licling eachother so it was an all night wet bed fest, since then well lets just say both me and her are very happy with him even though she is still single and he is mine I love sharing him with her and knowing she loves it. pluss i still get her to myself whenever i want her

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