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My Wife

This story begins when i was 18. well i was dating a 14 year old girl named T .she didnt have her licence yet so she had her mom drop her off at my place. T was ging me a blowjob like she has everyday for the last three months when i looked up and there was here mom. jumping up out of fear i screamed but T pulled me back down and kept going .i told her it was her mom and she said i know. this got me going cumming immediatly. then her mom came over and T left the room.laying there naked cum dripping from my cock i still havent figued out what was going on. her momm came over and sat down grabbing my cock and said no wonder she want to marry you. she said you do know she is still a virgin dont you? i said yes. well her mom says she dont want to lose you,and she noticed you looking at other girl, and worried she would lose you to someone else if she didnt fuck you. so i told her i would take care of that for her. i asked how? she said shut up and learn. she leaned over sucking me to my full hardness jumping up i noticed she had no panies under the long skirt she was wearing she staddeled me put my rock hard cock in her hot moist pussy fucking me like ive never been before.after 20 minutes i was about to cum and she knew it so she jumped off and sucked me dry, afterwards saying sure cant let dad find out can we?after getting dressed she told me if ever thought i would stray from her T to call her. in four years her mom and i did this everyweek until the day i proposed to T that night i made love to T for the very first time. we had our first kid9 months later and got married six months after that with her being pregnant with our second

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