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my naughty wife

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My Naughty Wife

When my wife and I met John a couple of years ago at a party held by a friend of ours, it dawned on us pretty early on that he had a foot fetish. He could hardly take his eyes off of my wife's feet. I couldn't blame him for it, though, as my wife's feet are in great shape and they are always well predicured.

I have a foot fetish myself, so I recognize the look. So does my wife. The thing is, John was only 27 years old at the time, and my wife and I were 41 and 46 respectively, so there is quite an age difference.

My wife had a little bit more to drink than usual, so she was really relaxed and open to pretty much anything. She's flirtatious anyway, but on this particular evening, she was more than flirtatious. She was outright naughty. Frankly, I was loving it because it reminded me how she and I used to be together. It's one of the reasons that I married her in the first place. During our early times together, she would indulged me by allowing me to bring people over to our place to "surprise" her. I would blindfold her, tie her up in bed, and then "surprise" her with someone whom she had never met before. I usually found these guys in the personals sections of newspapers, but then later on while surfing the Internet.

However, the last few years before that party, the quality of people I met were really disappointing. It's hard to explain, but too many of the guys were just too selfish about pleasing themselves instead of concentrating on pleasing my wife. It took the whole fun out it, and after a while we simply stopped the naughty kinkiness that we had enjoyed together.

At some point during the party, my wife and I separated and mingled with others. Like a puppy, this young man pretty much followed my wife around, but I could tell that she was fine with it. At one point she even whispered to me, "Do you mind if I bring him home?"Of course I answered back, "Sure." I had no idea if she was serious, because she would often tease me and say things like that to me. Later on, though, I found my wife out on the sundeck lying down in a chaise lounge as this young man massaged her feet. By then it was almost midnight and only a few people were on the sundeck, basically just chatting and looking out at the stars. It was a dark night, so unless you were really looking, it would have been difficult to see that John was playing with my wife's feet. They were kind of hidden away around a corner behind a small storage room. At this point he had slipped each of her strapless leather sandals off of her feet and was giving her a very slow, deep foot massage.

I tried to get a closer look without being seen, but my wife suddenly looked up and caught a glimpse of me as she looked out of the corner of her eyes. At first she just smiled, for she knew how turned on I was by the sight of this young man massaging her sexy feet. But then she called out, "John is sooo good at this."

I stepped into the scene and gave my approval with a nod of my head. John looked a little nervous, and I wanted him to know that what he was doing was alright.

I was going to say something, but John beat me to it by blurting out, "Your wife has incredible feet."

Thanks," I replied back. "She certainly does." In the old days I would have made an arrangement with the guy for a "surprise" event, for him to come over, but I knew not to do that. Even when we got a little kinky together every once in a while, the scenarios were always on my wife's terms, which was perfectly fine by me.

To my surprise, my wife announced to me, "John wants me to show him how I give footjobs."

Turning to John, she continued, "Isn't that right, John?"

John stammered, "Uhh, well, uh ..."

"No don't be shy, John." My wife said to ease his nervousness. "I told you how my husband likes to watch."

Turning to me, she seductively cooed, "Isn't that right, honey? Wouldn't you like to see John get a footjob from me?"

I almost stammered myself. It had been some time since my wife and I did anything like this. But I kept my composure and answered, "I'm up for it."

I could say that the booze helped to loosen my wife up, but by then I could tell that she was pretty sober. I could also tell from the gleam in her eyes that she was also pretty horny.

"So what do you say, John?" She asked him. "Were you being serious about coming over to play with my feet? Now's your chance." "Hell yes" he said I didn't know the details of anything that my wife and John had discussed during the night, but I was sure that she wasn't inviting him over for just a footjob. In fact, I was pretty sure that she had other plans too.

We only lived a few minutes away. John followed us in his car. During the ride home, my wife more or less told me about the conversation that she had with John that evening. He definitely had a foot fetish, and as she explained it, "When I told him how you liked to watch me with others, he got hard as a rock."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. He's just like you were back at that age. Remember?"

We didn't get to talk a lot about it because we were home within a few minutes. My wife rushed indoors and said, "I want to take a quick shower. Just keep him busy for a little while. When I'm ready, I'll let you know." Then, as an afterthought she added, "John told me that he might be a little nervous if you were in the room with us watching. Would you mind making him at ease?Or maybe stay out for a bit until he gets more comfortable?

"Not at all," I replied. "just let me know if you need anything, okay?" I asked.

"I'm sure I'll be fine. He seems really nice. I feel pretty safe with him, but if I need anything, I'll be sure to let you know."

"Okay, I'll be out in the living room. Just call out if it's not going well," I told her. I knew that I could sneak into the hallway in such a way that neither John, nor my wife could see me peeking inside of the bedroom. I figured I'd use the full-size wall mirror to get a good view without John really seeing me. And I figured that my wife would be all set, though at the time I wasn't sure what had maybe been arranged between John and my wife, if anything.

John was still a little nervous when I invited him inside, but he calmed down quickly when he realized that I was just as excited as he was about the evening. He asked me if I had any limits about the evening, and I just told him, "Whatever my wife is comfortable with is fine with me."

Not knowing whether or not I was going to be in the room with them, he told me, "I haven't really had anyone watch me, so I'm pretty nervous about having you in the room with us."

"Oh," I explained, "don't worry about it. She told me that you'd be nervous about me watching, so I'm just going to stay in the living room until you guys are comfortable."

"Really?" He asked. "Are you sure that you're okay with that?"

"Sure. It's kind of a fantasy of mine to think that someone is playing with my wife.

I'm ready if you are," she said from the bedroom.

"Have fun," I told John.

To my surprise, John said, "Listen, I don't mind if you come into the bedroom with me, just to see what I'm doing.

"Cool," I whispered. "I'd like that."

When we walked into the room, even my heart skipped a beat, and I know that John's heart must have been beating a mile a minute. You would think that by now I would be used to seeing my wife ready to have some fun, but seeing her on the bed as she was, instantly reminded me once again at just how sexy she really is. She had on a sexy black teddy with silky black thigh highs on,man she looked good. My wife softly said in a teasing voice, "Hello, John."

"Hi," John answered back. "Wow! You're incredibly sexy."

"Thank you," she answered back.

"Mind if I take off my clothes?" He asked.

"No, that's fine," she assured him. "Get as comfortable as you'd like."John quickly took off all of his clothes. Knowing how he felt about me watching, I was a little surprised that he'd do that with me in the room. It almost seemed as if he had already forgotten that I was in the room with him. I took off my clothes, too. By now John was at the foot of the bed. He was holding my wife's ankles together and sucking on each one of her toes thru her nylons.On this night my wife was wearing a candy-apple red toenail polish that she had just put on the previous day for the party. Her toenails, as usual, were perfectly pedicured. As John slid his tongue down along each of my wife's beautifully high arches, he followed every wrinkly crevice of her exceptionally soft feet, clear down to each of her soft, round heels.

My wife was thoroughly getting into the pleasure of having John expertly kissing and sucking her toes and entirely tonguing each of her feet. I noticed that both of her nipples were standing erect, clearly showing me how turned on she was.

Every once in a while John would tickle the soles of my wife's feet as he held her ankles down with one of his free hands. My wife is the kind of person who is very ticklish sometimes, and then not ticklish at other times. My wife's feet were clearly very ticklish on this night, for she would scream out with short bursts of laughter and beg him to stop.Listen hear mister she said .I thought you wanted a footjob? She spun him around so that he layed across the foot of the bed and began carressing his body with her feet. Johns cock grew in size and got harder as she teased him. She now had her feets attention focused on his cock ,stroking it and rubbing it with so much passion I was rock hard from the sight.

This went on for some time. Then she reached up and slid her nylons off.John was still moaning in extacy as she took one of her stockings and used it to tie his cock up like she does with mine at times. She then stroked him slowly with the other nylon for a couple minutes and with that passion in her eye she went down on his cock with her mouth making that sexy sucking slurping sounds she does. WOW. I'm so excited. His cock now glistening with her saliva as she went back to working it with her feet.I was still hard as a rock and very excited by what I was seeing, especially since my wife appeared to really be getting off on the experience so far.Then John spoke up and said I'd love to watch you suck your husband while your doing my footjob.

Suddenly I could hear my wife say, "Wow, you're really kinky, aren't you?"By now I was standing up and heading towards my wife. The smile on my wife's face told me that she was enjoying this experience. I wasn't about to ruin it.

"I guess that you can say that I'm kinky," he coyly answered back. With a darker, but still playful tone in his voice, he continued by saying, "I'm going to lick your pussy good and then I'm going to fuck you and make you cum when your done with this footjob."My wife was really into the scene of it all now. In a teasing, soft voice, she mockingly protested, "But what will my husband say?

Elaborating a little bit with white lies, John explained, "I talked to your husband while you were taking your shower and he said he wanted to watch me fuck you good and hard."

Still in a very playful mood, my wife said, "I guess that I can't stop you because it was my idea to bring you home and I am feeling like a naughty girl" "That's right," John said. "You're a very naughty girl."

"What are you planning to do to me?" She asked rhetorically.

"You'll see," he playfully answered. As he grabber her feet off his cock and spread her legs as he dove to her wet pussy.

"No, no, don't," she protested. Then with a little laugh she added, "Don't .... don't stop."

After about twenty minutes of licking her pussy, which caused her to have multiple orgasms, he now was going fuck her good. I sat back on the edge of the bed and watched as he rolled her over and began to hump her from behind like a dog in heat. It wasn't long before they both were moaning and ready to cum . John pulled out of my wifes pussy and grabbed her by the ankles placed her feet together, and began fucking my wife's soles. She scrunched her toes, pointing them up against his balls, and she squeezed her soles together against his cock as he continued fucking her feet. It didn't take long at all for John's orgasm to explode all over my wife's toes and soles, and all up along the back of her legs, clear up to her ass and the small of her back. He collasped on the bed for a few minutes until he recovered. Then setting up he said I guess I should get going and let your hubby have his turn now."In a minute," she said. "First I want to get you off with a handjob."

"But I just came big-time all over your feet and toes, not to mention your legs and your back."

"Ah, that's what I felt," she coyly answered back, knowing full well what had happened,. "Are you sure that you don't want to cum again," she asked.

John was surely all cummed-out by now, but he knew it would feel good to have my wife play with his cock and balls, so he happily gave in and answered, "Sure, if you think you can get me to cum again."Oh don't you worry about that she said.

Again as John laid on his back, my wife wrapped her feet around his cock, giving him a footjob while sucking on his cock and jerking him off, too. Within a minute or two, he tensed up and shot another load, landing cum all over my wife's feet. My wife glanced over to me and said "are you horny yet".With a huge smile on my face I said "I sure am"Well get your but over here and we'll see what we can do about that.

I was so excited from the whole experience it didn't take long before I blew a huge load in her wet pussy.

All of us sat on the bed for a while, until John and I started talking about how much fun this was and how sexy my wife is. And she spoke up and said don't think you boys are done yet ,we are going to play until the sun comes up.

Since that first time, John's been over a few times to more or less repeat the experience.

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