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My 1st Time

Well I was in about 16.Met a cute older girl,at the local mall.I started hitting on her n told her that I'd never, n wanted her 2 b my 1st.We went 2 a park, n she got on her knees n gave the most wonderfull BJ, She hummed n hummed n her tounge piercing was unbeliveable.She swllowed n we walked deeper in2 the woods..., n she droped 2 her knees agagin, this time just got me hard enough 2 start riding her. At first she bent over doggie style like then adjusted herself 2 touch her toes!
It was rather longer than da 1st b.j., but the night was still young.And she had other plans 4 me....
We walked back 2 the car n drove 2 a isolated pee patch , n we wonderfully made out untill I was ready 2 give it a try in the backseat.It was nice , 4 a caddie .Wellp I had just blown my load when a tap ,tap, tap, on the window.
It was mr police officer.We were told 2 go home , so we got out n drove onward 2 our next destanation.The beach.
It was a bit longer of a drive n she insisted I drive, I was realy hervous , cuz I'd never drivin b4. ant this car was huge.anyhoo , We made it safely 2 the park , with one more BJ 4 the road....
End up at the beach n gather driftwood n asks me 2 start it , as she had left a few things back in the car.as the fire was ablaze she made her way back with a blanket , some wine , n some other toys of fancy.A collar n leash that she wore, had a few battery operated toys , n I did my best 2 keep up, but oh my goodness, this woman showed me how 2 do many differant ways 2 b pleased, but mostly showed me many ways 2 please her.
Well it was wonderfully drunken debatchery 4 a great end 2 a wonderfull night.
the sun riseing we put out r fire , cleaned up our mess n drove 2 a little dive . A ho;e in the wall , greasy spoon joint called Beth's.
We only saw each other twice , and it was sure a fun an exciting story 2 share.
and she was probally 21ish.....

End of Story