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It was a quiet Saturday in October, with no plans, the weather was a bit cool, nice for Southwest Florida. My phone beeped, I have a text, I see your number and my heart beats faster. I look at it and it says, shower and pick out something I would like to see you. I will text you in an hour. My heart beats faster.. I go shower and my mind is racing.. I shave my legs and am mindfull that I don?t miss any spots. I begin to wash my body, as I slide my hand up my legs, my pussy starts to tingle..i take the washcloth and wash over my pussy? thinking of you and what might you be planning.. my phone is on the counter and it beeps.. I open the shower door to see what it is, another text from you.. confused.. it hasn?t been an hour, I look and it says, don?t even think about masterbating. My mouth feel open, how did he know? I text back. How did you know? You respond, I know you well. I write. I promise. I get back in the shower.. and by now my pussy is really tingling.. I know I want to, release some of this sexual tension, but know I will do as I am told.. I finish my shower.. and put on lotion and go to my closet to pick something out.. I have a short black skirt with a black t shirt that has roses across the chest.. some little sparkley design on it and my black heels.. I dry my hair and finish in the bathroom and begin to get dressed? you text again?I open it, it says.. no panties today.. I think, well I hope I am not going to be out in public bending over.. I finish getting dressed and you text me back.. meet me at Cracker Barrel.. at exit 165 text me when you are 30 minutes away. I grab my purse and leave. As I get in the car, you text me.. go back inside and get the cd that you had me make. I do and you tell me when I get on 75, start it, I think OMG this is going to be a LONG ride. As I get on 75, I put the cd in and I hear my voice, reading the stories I have written you, my pussy tingles with the details. You text me about 15 minutes later.. and say, are you wet? If so press 1.. I hit 1111111111 and text back? you call me and say, you didn?t do as you were told, and you will be punished for disobeying me. I try to explain that I am very wet, and you hang up the phone. I think, uh oh, what will happen? I am listening to the explicite details of a story and thinking.. and trying to figure out what kind of punishment? The thought of I excites me as well as makes me figit with nervousness?I just don?t know what to expect, this is our first time meeting again. I am hopeful that after seeing me again that you still want me. That you are excited by me and that I can please you. I want to please you and want to learn from you what pleases you. The phone rings and you ask me where I am, I tell you that I am about 40 minutes out and you say there is a change in plan. You ask, do you have GPS, I said yes. You give me an address and tell me you will see me there? I put the address in and it takes me off 75 and East a bit.. its looks like there is nothing around?I continue to drive and finally it says I am at my destination.. Its an industrial park that kind of looks like its vacant? as I pull in you phone.. ask if I am there.. I say yes.. you say.. to pull toward the back and get out of the car and wait. I am standing in front of my car and you pull up.. Now the nervousness in my stomach sets in.. I smile at you? you get out of your car and come stand in front of me.. you smile and say, its been a long time and its good to see you again. I say, yes it has and its nice to see you again.. you are standing about 5 feet from me and say, come here to me, I walk over to you? and you look at me.. tell me to turn around.. and say, very nice.. I smile, you say? I have brought you something? stand there.. you go to the back of your car, and open it and reach in and pull out a bag.. and hand it to me..i look at you and you say? go ahead open it.. I do.. and I look back at you.. confused? I reach in and there is a neatly folded towel.. I take it out.. and look at you again.. and you smile and at that moment, reach over and grab the back of my hair and pull me close, and say.. drop it on the ground? I drop it. At that moment you turn my head with your hand and take my mouth?kissing me.. sliding your tongue into my mouth? I moan into your mouth?. You reach down and move the front of my skirt up and tell me to spread my legs open.. I do.. you feel me and say.. your wet? very nice? now? let me see what that mouth feels like on my cock.. and push me down to my knees?you tell me.. unzip my shorts.. I do.. and look up at you.. and my eyes are filled with lust? I take your cock out and feel your hand on the back of my head, grabbing my hair and pulling me to you? as I open my mouth.. you tell me.. lick it..kiss it.. I do? you know I want to suck it.. but you won?t let me yet? when you decide its time, you tell me to suck it.. I open my mouth and you shove your hard cock into my mouth and into my throat? in one movement.. mmmmm .. you tell me this is what you?re training for.. to suck my cock, the way I want it sucked.. and with that you pull my head into you and hold it there with your cock in my throat? moaning.. mmmm? then you begin to let me suck you.. and you lean back against your car? and watch me.. I love to hear you moan as I know I am doing what you want? as I continue.. you tell me you are going to feed me your cum and I am to take it all.. swallow it and then lick your cock clean? as I am sucking you start to take the control .. and start to shove your hard cock in and out of my mouth at your pace.. wanting to have it your way, at your speed.. I hear you moan louder.. and then you cum.. mmmm filling my mouth and throat with your cum? when you are done you let go of my head? and I lick your cock clean.. then you tell me I may stand.. and you reach down with your hand and help me up.. and you look in my eyes and say? very good.. that was very good.. I smile and know this is right for me?.

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