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I have lived now in Bangkok for 2 years and although I have a girlfriend I have secretly enjoyed the odd one night stand and sexy massage. However,life got a little bit more complicated when I decided to try a male masseuer, the reasons today why I decided to go I am not sure, but If I was completely honest It was because I wanted to because I knew I would love it. The idea of feeling nervous and excited about being led to a room by a man was to much of a temptation. The male masseuer I had chosen was named Tan and he was certainly handsome with a kind face who I sensed understood my situation, I think he guessed this was my first time. I am 34 years of age, quite tall but that day I felt like a 16 year old. Anyway we entered the private room and Tan helped me to remove my clothes and then led me to the shower cubicle, he removed his garment and joined me in the shower where he showered and soaped me taking special care with my penis and anus which he soaped a few times to make sure eveything was clean. Tan had a good body and I was pleased to see he was aroused at touching me, I don't think I was fully aroused at this stage which was probably due to how nervous I felt. He joked with me a little in the shower and he then helped to towel dry me and then asked me to lie on the bed on my front while he began prepare to rub oil over my body and begin the massage. Even at this stage I knew there was only one outcome and that was that some kind of sex would be taking place, what I didnt know was what we would be doing together. The massage itself was incredible, his hands were so expertised, I soon began to feel relaxed and aroused. He first of all massaged my legs for awhile and then started moving up my legs until he was at my buttocks which he gently circled with his long gentle fingers, it was at this stage I heard myself moan which gave Tan the green light to go further. He continued with my buttocks but ever so often he softly touched my anus with his fingers, first of all it was occasionally then a bit more and then after awhile I could feel his fingers slowly entering me. I loved the feeling of his finger touching inside me, I sighed and opened my legs so he knew it was ok to continue. His fingers moved in and out quite easily with the oil and I soon find my position on all fours unaware of the noises I was making, I was completely lost in a lustful feeling. He then began kissing my buttocks and then one of many moments I nearly climaxed immediatly, I could feel his tongue lick around my anus and then tan's tongue went deep inside,which caused me to groan quite a few times, he too was now making sexual noises. I looked down at my erect penis to see so much precum dripping off, it looked like I had already climaxed. We stayed in this position for what seemed like quite a while, Tan seemed to enjoy the feeling his tongue could do to my twitching body, occasionly he would lick around my scrotum but my anus seemed to be what we both took the most pleasure from. I held the back of his head while his tongue flicked my G spot. Tan then turned me over and took my penis into his mouth and began licking the precum of the tip of my penis, tasting me, I knew I was ready to explode in his mouth and I desperatly tried to control myself so the moment would last longer. I was almost grateful he stopped so I could delay this wonderful feeling. He then started kissing my chest leading up to my nipples and then to my face, where we started kissing, at first it was slow kissing and then he held me harder and used his tongue which minutes earlier had been deep inside me. He stopped for a moment and whispered that he wanted to come inside me. I pretended I was unsure but I think I wanted him inside me more than he did. He began lubricating me more with oil and he opened up a condom but he didnt put it on, he whispered in my ear that we go bareback for a minute and then he would put on, I hesitently agreed which was I know was stupid but I just wanted to feel his cock inside me for a minute skin to skin. I could see him shape his body and then I felt my legs go over his shoulders, one either side of his head. I then felt his penis slide into me, there was a dull pain as I clenched my teeth, I could feel his erection against what seemed to be a wall inside me, I was ready to say stop because of the pain when I felt it slide further inside me more comfortable this time. I gasped with pleasure. He slowly began to slide his cock in and out of me for a few minutes, I could see his face full of pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, whispering how good it felt, i too was in some kind of ectasy but I knew he would have to put a condom on, I said condom and he nodded. He took his penis out which was a strange feeling and within a minute he was back inside me pumping harder. I held his waist to put more force into it, he kissed and licked my feet as he fucked me and then he climaxed inside the condom inside me. He let out a big sigh and gently flopped onto me. We stayed in that position for awhile and He then lowered his body to my still erect penis and began sucking the precum off, within seconds I climaxed in his mouth which was licked and sucked not a drop going anywhere apart from down his throat. By the time we had got ourselves together we were both happy to chat and have a shower and then go our seperate ways for that day. That was the last time I went to that massage parlour but not the last time I saw Tan, I could not settle for just one sex session, there has been more and will be more (I hope).

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