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Linda In Law 2

since the divorce linda and I hadn't seen each other. she wrote me two weeks ago telling me she was sorry for not writing sooner. she wanted. to come out and talk and showed me picture of her. she still was as I remembered. she showed up giving me a hug moaning like she always did saying sorry. I let go asked her to follow so she did. as soon as I got to the room I played back on the bed she sat next to me and I started loosening my short. she said what was going on as I said to pull it out . she did and looked at it while deciding what to do after about several minutes of caressing it she started licking then before I knew it she was giving me the best BJ ever. as she continued I asked if she liked cum. she ignored and continued. as soon as I was getting close. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth. I held her heard still for a few second as I unloaded in her mouth. she let out a loud moan showing she really wanted. it. I then started removing her clothes as I laid her down and licked her as I rammed my fingers in her. she screamed so loud as she sprayed out her long awaiting orgasm. we then fucked all day.

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