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A Quick Hot Story

I saw my friend was online so i sent him a note asking if he was going to be hanging around the house this morning. He replied he was, so I told him i would come over. We more precisely I have sucked him many times. He really wants to be fucked and we are working towards that. He has a smaller sized cock that i love to suck off. When I got there, the gate was open so I walked in and found him inside watching cable TV, the playboy channel. we chatted some, then I went back out and locked the gate. When I got back in he had his shorts off and I could see his cock had grown some. I took off my clothes all the while looking at his cock, I was hungry to feel it grow in my hot wanton mouth. I knelt in front of him and greedily took his cock into my mouth, he moaned and spread his legs for better access. I enjoyed making him hard. while I sucked him, I played with his butt. He loves that, I lubed up one finger and slide it in, all he could do is say Oh Oh...
when I found his prostate he groaned even more...I kept it up and then he cliamxed sweet it is

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