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What Could I Say - Part II

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What Could I Say - Part II (I am writing what happened next due to some can I say no?)

I was pretty blown away (literally too) by what had happened with Lauren and Bill. I never expected that I would allow a guy to blow me much less really touch me. What was more amazing is that it didn't bother me at all, it felt natural.

I got an email from Lauren the next morning telling me how incredible our 'lunch' was and was wondering if I would come by again today at lunch. She didn't want to wait another week and since I came a few times that it would last longer. Little did she know I already jerked off about three times since our lunch.

I got to the house and rang the bell. No one answered. I saw Lauren peak her head over the fence and said so come around back. I walked through the fence and caught a glimpse of her rounding the corner of the house....naked. OMG... I contained myself and followed. I walked onto the deck and she was in the hottub. I looked around and not a single house could be seen through the arbs that surrounded the place. I asked where hubby was and she said he was getting some drinks for us. She told me that since we only have an hour that I should just strip and get in the tub...of course, why not?

I slide into the tub and she just starts telling me how hot she thinks I am, how she loves this part and that part and how I walk and talk and smile.....she was really gushing over me and then turned to Bill who I hadn't noticed yet and asked him if he agrees. He said that is the only reason I am here. He said it was cool to have a bud that didn't mind being touched and was respectful to his wife. He put the drinks on the edge and crawled in.

Lauren immediately got between us and grabbed out cocks and started rubbing. She turned around to face us and kept stroking us. She had her eyes closed and was licking her lips and i saw her ass moving inthe water.......she was riding a jet! She opened her mouth and I could tell she was starting to cum from the jet shooting water on her clit. She then stood up and said 'now im ready!!!'. Then she crawled up onto the edge and pushed her pussy into my face, i started eating her and fell into a nice pace on her clit when I felt what i knew was coming....Bill's lips started to slide down my cock. This time I knew it was coming and just let him enjoy it. I felt Lauren start to shake again and she let me know she came hard from my tougne fucking. Then she stood up and squatted over my head and told me to eat her ass while she watched Bill work my cock. Honestly it didnt take much more than that to get my cock into the start of the orgasm. Lauren told Bill to get every drop. He pulled his lips back to just the tip and grasped my balls with one hand and started jerking with the other. I felt my cum start to boil and shoot, i could tell it was quite a load from the facial expression and he listed to Lauren and not a single drop was spilled, he kept sucking me until i was limp.

Lauren told him to sit on the high seat where I was and to pick up eating her asshole where I left off, then she told me to eat her pussy at the same time. The thought was great until i realized i would have to straddle on top of him like he did to me the day before. Ok, I thought....i can do this. I got over him and was tougne fucking her again and she was loving it, i know she came at least once more but my mind was wondering. I realized that as i was eating her I was humping up against Bill's cock with my cock and that was why they were both going nuts. I got decided that I have to try this.....i had to have my first was alot like mine, shaved balls, nice shape, cut, not wierd looking at all, just a bit smaller. So I took my tougne out her cunt and slide back into the water and got between his legs. Lauren was watching and said if i do it she will make it worth my while. I ran my hands up with thighs and touched his balls and cock at the same time....I started to stroke him.....then I did it....I put his cock in my mouth. Not too bad i thought, doesnt taste funny, just hard and soft at the same time. So i started to do what Lauren does with ours cocks, I kept bobbing and stroking and licking. I was really enjoying it and could tell from my own experience that he was getting harder and that he was going to cum soon....which i was happy he told us becasue Lauren told me not to swallow it that she want to suck it out of my mouth. That was relief to me. So I started bobbing really fast on him and he grunted and I slipped my lips to the tip of this cock and start jerking his cum into my mouth. Lauren jumped into the water and pushed me back and hugged me and rolled me on top of her and stuck her tougne in my mouth and scooped out all his come and swallowed it and then started kissing me like she kisses Bill. This was wierd to me and Bill came up beside me and started to rub our asses and just watching us.

I was hard as a rock now and Lauren grabbed my cock and slid it into her pussy. She told me to lift her to the edge of the tub and fuck her as hard and as fast as I could. I just bit my lower lip and nodded. After about 15 minutes of constant pounding and at least two more orgasms from her, she said she wanted to lay on the deck and have me fuck her mouth, she wanted to taste my cum problem, i cum faster from BJ's anyway and i was tired too. She propped her head up with some pillows and i started to stroke her mouth with my cock. Bill started fucked her behind me and i could feel him grabbing at my ass and pressing my asshole with his thumb. Then i felt him come behind me and start rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks in rythem with me fucking his wifes mouth. Lauren pussy juices where lubing his cock and he humped between my cheeks. All of a sudden he grabs his cock and starts rubbing my asshole with it and I feel his hot cum between my cheeks which send me over the edge and i just start shooting globs of jit into Laurens mouth and she is not letting once drop get wasted.

I just stopped moving and was so spent. I fell beckwards into Bill and Lauren grabbed my cock and started stroking it again. My cock was so senistive now i had to deny her and say i was done for the day....they both laughed and we all dried off after Lauren and Bill removed the cum from between my ass cheeks. I put on my clothes and Lauren cam up to me and kissed my deeply and told me that I had changed their lives and they don't want me doing this with anyone else, they wanted me just for them and they said they have no desire to do this with anyone else. I told them I promise. Lauren walked me out and whipered in my ear that she'll call me tomorrow, Bill has to go back to work.

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