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Wake up call!

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This is a story of something that happen along time ago. Sure the names are different but the story is true. I was a very young teen when this took place. I meet this person, we'll call alex. Alex was a friend of a friend of mine. We started hanging out as kids do at that age. We lived about 3 blocks from each other and was together just about every day.About 9 months into our friedship he asked if I wanted to spend the night,I said sure and went home to get my backpack to put some clothes and other stuff in.

Its was a friday night,so his mom let us stay up late .she had to work all weekend so she said goodnight to us and told Us not to stay up to late. It was around 2 in the morning when we decited to head to his room to go to sleep. We walked into his room but this time it was different. Alex usually kept his room pretty clean,cleaner than mine by far. But it was spotless And he had a set of satin sheets. I ask,where did these come from? He replied my mom got some new ones and she said I could have these.

I liked the way they felt. We stripped down into our underwear and got into bed. We stayed up talkin and laughing for about an hour. By then we were both tired and fell asleep.

Early the next morning I woke up. Alex was still asleep. I pulled down the covers knowing I felt his hand,when I looked Down I saw it inside my underwear. He was holding my balls in his hand. Not knowing if he done on purpose or Not I gently pulled it out. But me seeing his hand holding me made me aroused,but I was scared he would wake and see me with an erection.

I got up and went into the bathroom,confused by what was goin through my head. I waited in there until my hard-on went down.

Soon alex woke up and came out into the living room where I was watch tv. He asked if I wanted something to eat.

We ate while play a video game. We play thoughout the day. That night his mom asked if I was staying the night Again? I replied,I haveta ask my dad. I rode hm and he said ok. I packed some new clothes and rode my Bike back to his house. His mom ordered us a pizza and we done about the same thing as we done the night before.

I woke in the middle of the morning. I could feel alex rubbing my butt with his hand. I could feel him moving closer and closer,until I felt His body against mine. I felt him press his hips foward to where his cock was pressed against my butt.

I could feel his cock gettig hard,a few minutes later he moved his hand from the side of my hip to the front of me. Then I felt him slide His hand down onto my cock. I was trying hard not to get arroused,but the more he rubbed me the harder I got,until finally I reached a full erection. I couldn't believe what was happening. My bestfriend has his hard cock pressed up against my ass And his hand is wrapped around my rock hard cock. he cleared his throat and a few minutes later I could Tell he fell asleep. Being stange to me but felling good at the same time,I left things like they were and fwll back asleep Myself. That morning I awoke to felling something happening between my legs. It was alex, he was lying between my legs . I opened my eyes to see my best friend sucking my cock. I was a virgin,I just had my 1st wet dream about a month before. But I felt his hand stroking my cock. I was getting harder and harder,then all the sudden I felt...warm. Looking down I saw that my cock was now in his mouth. Oh my god,my cock had never felt that good before!

I could feel the warmth of his mouth and the softness of his tonge. He took my cock and would lick it up and down then suck on the tip before sliding it back into his mouth.He must've ytasted my pre cum because he started to do it harder and faster. Soon I could feel that feeling that u feel like whenever u have to take a piss, but it was me about to cum.

About 20 seconds later I felt like a came about a gallons worth knowing it was only an ounce or so but thats what it felt like. Alex quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom,not knowing why I asked him. He said it was his only his 2nd time giving head. The 1st time his mom came home and they had to stop before the other guy came. Mine was the only cum he had ever tasted. Being the 1st time he was scarred and spit it out.

In his rush running to the bathroom some of my cum leaked from his mouth,ran down my cock onto my balls.I went into the bathroom and took a shower washin off the rest of the cum and was stroking my cock. I was trying to duplicate the feeling of what had just happened,unable to do so. After that day we would hang out but never talked about what had happened. A few months later his mom decitedto move in with her boyfriend she had beeb dating and they moved to the other side of town.we would talk to each other on the phone,but eventuly lost contact with each other.I never seen alex again.last I had heard he had moved to another state. But that was my "wake up call". My 1st blowjob,and it was from another Guy. My bestfriend!!

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