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The four of us

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The four of us sat in a circle in their living room. This was to be all our first swing experience. I am Jim and my wife is Lynn. We were going to swing with Joyce and George. Joyce and George had been friends of mine for many years. Lynn had met them several months ago. We had a few visits for food and talk. Lynn up till this visit had lived a very quiet life having been married to her former spouse for 30 years. I had introduced her to xxx movies after we got married and she liked them as they really turned her on. I always avoided renting videos with girl-girl action as I thought she wouldn’t like them, but when she picked a video it always had some girl-girl action. I finally asked her and she said that she really got turned on watching two women having sex. I asked her do you want to do that? Lynn said yes.

So we sat with Joyce and George in a circle, as Joyce had had one experience with another woman with George’s permission and George had been allowed one experience with another woman as well with Joyce’s permission. That had been several years in the past. I asked Joyce if she was willing to introduce Lynn to Bi sex and she had said yes absolutely. The plan was that all the action would be in separate rooms between the guys and gals. Everything else was on the table. We had chatted online several times

Lynn and George had flirting kinds of chat, both knowing that they would be playing around soon. Joyce had told Lynn that George had 9” and both were excited about what they were going to do. I had wanted to get close to Joyce for years and was about to have my chance. George thought Lynn was beautiful and had told me in chat he was really excited about what was planned.

So we sat the circle wearing night clothes. All ready and excited. Lynn spun the bottle and she had to kiss George. Joyce spun the bottle and she had to kiss Lynn and Lynn had her first kiss from another woman. I noticed her breathing increased. I had my turn to kiss Joyce and got a little tongue with my kiss. So the mood was set and we had begun.

We had agreed in chat at Joyce’s request for the two ladies to go first. Lynn had brought her toys I had bought her and Joyce was anxious to use them as she never had used a toy before. Joyce was to take the lead.

Us guys moved to the side to watch.

Joyce moved over to Lynn and gave her a long kiss. Lynn was excited and obviously enjoyed the kiss. The two ladies made eye contact and Joyce’s hands moved to Lynn’s boobs. Lynn breath caught and she said to Joyce feels good and leaned in and kissed Joyce while she played with her boobs. Than Joyce leaned back and looked at her boobs and Lynn moved forward and for the first time in her life felt another woman up.

So the two ladies sat across from each other kissing and feeling each other until they were both were turned on. Joyce pulled Lynn top down and than her own. Both sat looking at each others naked boobs and I noticed George watching Lynn knowing that in a while he would have them in his hands.

Lynn and Joyce by now were really into each other and had stretched out next to each other kissing and with boobs rubbing against each other. Joyce’s hand slipped down between Lynn’s legs and Lynn opened to Joyce’s touch. They continued kissing and rubbing each other through their night wear and Lynn got so excited she climaxed at Joyce’s touch. Joyce was hot by now and pushed Lynn’s night wear up to her waist and was down on her licking her pussy. Lynn began to jerk and moan and climaxed again.

Lynn had climaxed twice in a matter of minutes. They both laid there breathing hard and Joyce moved up and kissed Lynn sharing with her what she had just tasted. Lynn had a kind of shocked expression on her face and said to Joyce wow that was beyond my expectation.

The ladies decided at that moment, that Lynn need some recover time as she had just climaxed twice. Joyce said, that was exciting, and I really enjoyed myself.

George and I joined the ladies and after some talk we all decided that the guys and gals would pair up and the two ladies would get together again later in the evening. Lynn really wanted to finish off Joyce at some point during the evening.

I needed a smoke so Lynn and I stepped outside on the patio. I asked her if she was ok?

She said I feel like I have been a very bad girl. I asked is that ok? She smiled and said never have allowed it before and I got so hot with Joyce. I really liked what she did to me. I said good. I than asked are you sure you want what is next? Lynn paused for a moment and said well it is what we have been talking about right? And as long as it is ok with you? I guess we will find out. But I think we will be ok as this is just for fun right? Although I was nervous and excited I agreed that we had talked about this evening and had both decided we wanted to have fun with Joyce and George. We went back into the house with Joyce and George waiting.

We all stood across from each other and George took Lynn’s hand and hand in hand George led Lynn to the stairs and they went up to the bedroom leaving Joyce and me in the living room. Joyce knowing I was a little concerned about Lynn said George will be careful with her.

Lynn’s story with George as she told me later.

When George took my hand I suddenly realized that it was going to really happen. We were going to go upstairs and I was going to have sex with George. I also knew you were going to have sex with Joyce. I was very nervous and excited both and that feeling of being a very bad girl returned and I was wet in anticipation. As soon as we got in the bedroom George kissed me and I knew I wanted this to happen and was ready and willing. He pulled my top down and kissed and sucked on my boobs and than pulled my night wear the rest of the way down and I was naked in front of him. He than removed his night wear and there in front of me was that 9” inch cock Joyce had told me about.

George sat down in a chair and pulled me to him and I sat on his lap. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and moved my hand up and down. We made eye contact and said good don’t stop. I than felt his finger enter my pussy and we sat there for a while kissing and him fingering me and me jerking up and down on his cock. He was very hard and I loved the feeling of his cock in my hand and knew that I wanted to feel it in my mouth soon. I slide off his lap and moved my head down and took him in my mouth.

I love the feeling of a mans cock sliding in and out of my mouth and was prepared for him to explode in my mouth and throat as that is one of my favorites. He began to make thrusting movements in and out of my mouth and I sucked hard on him taking as much of that 9” inches as I could handle. I chocked a little but stayed with him and he began to moan and jerked and exploded in my mouth and I kept sucking until he began to soften.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me tasting some of his cum and we changed places and he went down on me. He was really good and knew what he was doing and I felt his fingers inside me and his tongue working on my clit and I suddenly lost all control and had a cum on his face. He pulled me down to the floor and I was on my hand and knees and he was hard again and entered me from behind. I felt his cock fill me up and I was so hot all I could do was let him ride me. He road me hard and I loved the feeling of that big cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I felt and heard his balls slapping against my butt and heard him grunting. I looked over my shoulder and we made eye contact and he could see the lust on my face and I could see it on his face as well. We were fucking.

This is the first time in my life I thought of it that way, just fucking and that is all it was. I was getting fucked for the first time in my life and I loved the feeling. I felt his cock get bigger and his face changed and he grunted and exploded in my pussy. I felt his hot cum and cried out and climaxed with him and we both collapsed on the floor panting and kissing each other until our breathing returned to normal. I stood up and looked George in the eye and said you are fantastic. We went back down stairs.

Joyce and Jim as told to Lynn.

After George and I went upstairs Jim and Joyce looked at each other and Jim said you know I’ve wanted you for a long time. Joyce said I know and I have been looking forward to this evening. You will be the second man I have ever had sex with in my life. It has only been George until this night. I moved over to her and kissed her and she returned my kiss. We moved to the floor and lay there kissing for a while, with our bodies touching through our night wear. She whispered in my ear I want to fuck you and I was instantly hard. I pushed her night wear up to her waste and face to face I entered her very wet pussy. She grabbed my butt and pulled me all the way in and gasped yes feels so good.

We rocked back and forth. My cock moved in and out of her and we made eye contact and I could see the lust on her face as I fucked her. I whispered in her ear I loved watching you with Lynn and she will do you later. Joyce said you cock feels so good.

I flipped us over and she was on top and began to ride me hard. I reached up and played with her boobs and she was near panting with her efforts. She leaned forward and kissed me and said I want to do doggie. She got off and got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder at me making eye contact. I entered her from behind and fucked her hard. I went over the top with my entire weight on her butt moving in and out. She grunted and gasped for air and I knew she was going to cum and fucked her harder and she cried out cum and climaxed on my cock. I could feel my cum rising as she could feel my cock get bigger and pulled away and turned around and took my cock in her mouth sucked on me hard and I exploded in her mouth. She took all my cum and said love it when a man does that.

We stretched on the floor together kissing and hugging each other as our breathing returned to normal. I heard Lynn cry out from upstairs and Joyce smiled and said sounds like George and Lynn are enjoying themselves.

George and Lynn came down the stairs both naked and Lynn had that I just got fucked look with a smile on her face, hair messed up and a flush on her face.

We all sat together naked and decided it was break time and so we all got drinks and just sat around for recovery time. We all got dressed and George and I went outside for a smoke leaving the ladies alone to talk. George and I looked at each other both knowing we had just fucked each other’s wives. I was surprised when he said thanks for sharing Lynn with me. I knew than that he cared about her and had treated her well. I responded and said thanks for Joyce. He smiled and said she definitely had that I just got fucked look about her and I laughed and said so did Lynn. We both relaxed and knew we were ok with each other.

After about an hour Joyce said I want to see the toys. Lynn got her bag and spread them out on the floor in front of Joyce. Lynn had brought the plug in vibrator that had ball at the end that had two speeds and a long white one that she liked and a dildo vibrator that was large and a fancy type with all the different speeds and a clit stimulator. Lynn plugged in the plug in vibrator and turned it on and Joyce felt the ball at the end and Lynn laughed and turned it on high and Joyce pulled her hand back and said wow I want to try that one. The two girls sat there turning all the vibrators on and off giggling and talking about them.

Lynn turned the plug in on again and placed it on Joyce’s leg and began to move it around. Slowly she moved up to her thigh and Joyce in anticipation moved her legs apart and Lynn moved it up a little higher. Joyce opened her legs more as an invitation and Lynn place the head of the vibrator against Joyce’s pussy through he night wear. Joyce said oh that feels good and grabbed the vibrator and rode it breathing hard but stopped before she could climax. Joyce said wow got to have one of those.

There was a pause and the ladies decided and kissed each other and undressed.

Joyce picked up the long white vibrator and Lynn grabbed the dildo type and they turned them on. First they used them on each others boobs and slowly they moved down. Lynn spread her legs and Joyce slipped the white one into her pussy and Lynn thrust her hips forward and pushed it all the way inside. Lynn moved the dildo to Joyce’s pussy and soon they were both fucking each other with the vibrators and kissing each other passionately. Lynn than pressed on Joyce and Joyce fell back and Lynn continued moving the dido in and out of Joyce. I knew that Lynn was ready. She had wanted to go down on another woman since we had first talked about getting together with them, and now was the time. Lynn’s head moved down and she took Joyce’s pussy in her mouth.

Joyce opened wide and Lynn was there. She licked and sucked and moved the dildo in and out of Joyce. Both ladies were totally into each other. Lynn reached down and slipped her vibrator in her pussy and while doing Joyce was doing herself as well. Joyce was making all kinds of noises as Lynn was working her over. Joyce began to moan and jerk and Lynn sucked harder and Joyce cried out cum and climaxed on Lynn’s face. Lynn then jerked and climaxed on her vibrator. Both lay there breathing hard, hugging and kissing each other until their breathing returned to normal.

Lynn said without doubt this has been the wildest night of my life.

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