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The Modeling Job

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While I was working in New York as a model, a friend of mine Bill called out of the blue. He knew that one of my pet pevs was the fact that everyone thinks a model will spread her legs for anyone to get further up the ladder. I hated that fact and made no if ands or buts about hiding it. He called to tell me that he had showed some of my photographs to an ad man, and told him that I would be glad to meet with him privately. That sent of alarm bells in my head ! I promised him you'd do this hon, Bill said in a low voice. You promised him ? I stormed , you promised somebody that they could fuck my pussy ? Like it - like it - like it was some piece of meat you could buy at the market ? I slammed the phone down on him without a care.

About an hour later the phone rang again. It was Bill again, Hon, before you say a word hear me out. Without saying I word I listened to him. Let's start off by saying I know that you would never do that hon. I just told him - well that you would do the posing sequence for him - like you know in private. In private ! Ha ! I shouted. Do I look like I just got off the boat ? I promise hon, honest, nothing but the posing sequence. I'll be there every minute. I'm sure he'd go for it if you want to lay a little on him but -

Me want to fuck him ? You're weird. Sometimes people get turned on when they least expect it. Not this people ! I screamed.

I yelled and raved at him for what must have been the better part of an hour but he knew, like I suppose that I knew inside, that I would have to back down. The opportunity for a shot at the very top was too good to be passed up. And he was right. It wasn't too much of a concession to agree to a private posing session. The session was to be later that day. Bill told me he would come and pick me up so I could kill my nerves on the way.

When private sessions are done most of the time it means that your willing to lay the guy, but it didn't always mean that and it sure as hell wasn't going to mean it this time. When Bill arrived, he came up to the door and found me ready and wating. We left, the drive was going to take about 10 to 15 mintues. By the time we arrived at the studio for the posing routine, I was beginning to feel a little foolish. Everything couldn't have been more legit. Tom was a pleasant type, not my kind guy, but nice enough and after the usual polite business exchanges over a chilled bottle of champagne, Tom produced the lavendar outfit that was to be the trade mark for the perfume, and off I went to change. I could hear the usual exchange of tentative terms and conditions being discussed as I slipped into the sheer lavendar slip. Everything absolutely routine. Ready ? Bill asked as I came back into the main salon. You look really terrific in that hon.

Tom just nodded his head in agreement, neither committing nor denying the remark. Bill squeezed my hand, we clinked our glasses and after downing the bubbling wine, smashed the glasses against the studio wall. It was a ritual we had before all important sessions. Superstition I guess.

I never felt more radiant than I did that afternoon.Even the brilliant glare of the spots was like a soft caressing hand on my skin. I mived through the series of poses showing my body off at its most tantalizing and intriguing best. I could almost feel passion oozing out of my pores. I don't think that I had ever felt more gloriously alive or sexy.

I found myself touching myself. In private places. Without even thinking about it my hands started to slide over the firm flesh of my breasts pressing ever so firmly against the delicate lavendar satin. Like a fluttering dove looking for its nest, a hand flew down between my legs and started to stroke the tingle that started to well up inside me. I had never been more aware of my own sensuality nor more in delight with it.

I found myself making lewd, wanton gestures with my body towards both men, stretching my pussy out at them and then pulling it slowly and deliciously back. I could see them responding. And I wanted it. Somehow, for some unknown reason, I wanted it badly.

When Tom stripped to just a tee shirt and started to pull the slip away from my crotch, my legs automatically opened to accommodate him better and my hands flew down to part my delicate lips so that his tongue could slither slowly up into my now inferno - like cunt. Ooohhhh. Ooohhh, was all I could hear myself moaning over and over again. His big hot hands on the soft pink flesh of my tities sent wave after wave of fire racing through me. Wherever I was touched seem to burst into flame and the passion in me mounted to heights that I had never known before.

All I could think about were men and dicks, I reached for Tom's juicy hard tool and slidit into my waiting and eager mouth. How delicious it tasted, a combination of all the sweet confections that I had ever dreamed about. I sucked on it without any self control at all, running my tongue down the sensitive underside and over the great knob of the head until I could feel his body tensing and twisting with pleasure there next to me. Shit ! This cunt can really suck ! Tom's face was wreathed with a big smile. Thats the best head I've ever had. What a mouth ! I had his cock in my hand now rubbing the throbbing head over the tight erect little nipples of my breasts feeling the incredible wonder of that slick slippery tool pressing and massaging the soft delicateness of my womanhood.

Fuck me ! I panted, every nerve in my body screaming for immediate attention. Stick that big cock up that cunt and tear that pussy apart . I threw myself over a bureau of drawers in the room and stuck my ass straight back at him. I reached behind me and spread those lips as far as they would go. Stick it in me man. Stick it in me NOW ! WIth one huge thrust he poled that cock all the way to the bottom of my pussy. I felt like I had been split open. I loved it . I started to work my cunt back on him like a great corkscrew, keeping his dick locked in a vise - like grip deep in my vagina while my swinging ass tried to work even his balls into my smoking hole. I could never remember beign that hot before. H - O - T !

Christ ! Tom exclaimed, her cunts eating that dick. She's going to take the whole damn thing. I was really warming up now. Without any explanation at all, I pushed Tom down on the floor and straddled him. I started to drive that tormented cock of his deeper and deeper into me. I'd pull myself all the way up on my knees so that only the head of his dick quivered inside of me, then I'd drop my full weight on him and send that tool shooting upo in me like a space launch. The feeling was beyond words to describe. Things were really starting to get hot. Bill's eyes got wider and wider as he watched Tom and I tear up some new records for deep pussy penetration. He hardly needed more than a word of encouragement from me to strip off his pants and get his cock over into this game. Riding Tom's dick like a piston, I started to give Bill an oral treat. I had that cock everywhere in my mouth and throat. Burying it in me one second and then nibbling the head the very next.

Shit ! Tom groaned, I gotta rest. That cunt's really working me over. On the floor Bill . Get your ass on the floor and let me sit on that dick, I ordered. I had both their cocks in my mouth now and could tell that I had then just about on the verge of really dropping a couple of huge loads. My hole still needed attention though, and I wasn't about to let them off too soon. Bill was no sooner on the floor than I was up and over him, working my cunt like ahuge hand, tightening the vagina as it slammed up into me and forcing it right to the back of my cunt. I knew that was the kind of fucking Bill liked the best. He grabbed my tiny waist and held me tight while he slammed up even deeper into me. tThat's the way hon. Thats the way ! My mouth was too full of Tom's cock to answer.

We were all over the hill now. Getting a nut was the thing on everybody's mind. I didn't think of either of the guys as people anymore, just wonderful instruments to light the fires under my skyrockets. I'm sure they didn't think of me as anything more than a wet hole in which to dump their love juice. We had passed that wonderful point where human responses lapse into animal passions and sex goes wild ! Tom's hot mouth was all over my titties and pussy now. Licking and biting and sucking until I thought I was going mad. When I couldn't take any more, I threw myself down on the rug and threw my legs wide open.Tom got the message instantly and dove down to fill the urgent need with his hard dick. I wrapped my legs around him and locked him deep inside of me. We fucked on the floor like a couple of serpents. Just as I felt his hot tool getting gloriously large and about ready to shoot, he jerked the damn thing out of me and crawled up over my body and stuck it in my waiting mouth. Eat me ! Eat Me ! I implored, with my eyes frantically searching for Bill's face. Get that hot tongue up that pussy. Get me ready !

Never to deny me pleasure, Bill dropped down between my legs and started to eat out my dripping pussy. I was in heaven. Tom's big cock was ramming in and out of my throat, threatening to cum with every stroke,and Bill's more than talented tongue was preforming its miracles on my pussy. The fires began to build. Higher and higher. I could feel the fuses on the skyrockets start to light. I knew that I was going to explode into one of the most glorious orgasms that I ever had. Suddenly Bill pushed Tom off of me. Immediately he stuck his dick in my mouth. He loved to shoot his load in my face, to see his sweet thick stream of love juice cover my face and slide down my pink tongue. I'm cuming ! I'm going to shoot ! Oh God Bill screamed. I had no sooner swallowed all of his delicious load when Tom was back on top of me, pounding his engorged cock deep in my cunt. I could feel it getting thicker and thicker. And harder. I knew I was going to be drenched in a tidal wave of hot cum. My skyrockets went off the mintue I felt his first hot bullet of lust rocket to the back of my swollen, tender pussy. Oh yes ! Yes ! I screamed. Fuck me. FUCK ME !

Tom and I erupted together in a smack of hot flesh pounding hot flesh. We clung together so tightly that we were one inseperable body. Cum was everywhere. On my face, trickling down my thigh, everywhere. I felt magnificent. Later I figured out that Bill had put something into the champagne. I chewed him out royally and threatened to leave him. But I didn't. And I did get the job. I wsa truly the "Uncontrolled" girl. And I had proved it. I even had the sneaky suspicion that I would be proving it more than once.

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