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The Day Started Early

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The day started early, Desiree knew she had lots to do. Despite knowing she would be rushed trying to gather all the toys, arrange all the props, and ensuring all was prepared for her visitor, she could not help feeling the crisp sheets surrounding her and fantasizing about the next day when she would have her sexy partner in those sheets with her. She closed her eyes and imagined his hands on her breasts. Desiree placed her own hand on her hardening nipple, she teased it gently as she pictured Kurt doing the same thing with his mouth. His warm breath caressing her skin, his teeth capturing her nipple, biting gently and tugging, sucking her nipple into his mouth. She could feel the tension caused by the suction. Her stomach fluttered, and her pussy clenched in anticipation. While one hand manipulated her nipple, her other hand stroked down her tummy to the pleasure juncture between her thighs. While she could not replace his strong hard and hot dick she could at least replace the stimulation of his dick entering her by touching her self. The sensations running through her body was heightened by the memory of the things that Kurt had told her he was planning to do to her. He had spoken about how he would caress her skin, suck her nipples and lick her pussy. The thought of his mouth on her lips, both sets, warmed her from the inside out. She imagined him sucking her labia into his mouth while his fingers entered her and explored her on the inside. As she thought about his mouth pleasing her in the most fascinating ways, her hand traveled down her stomach across her hip and to her warm and now wet pussy. By the time her fingers reached her lips she was soaking. The wetness, her fingers sliding through it, the thoughts racing through her mind about Kurt?s mouth, his tongue, his teeth, and she was lost. Her back arched, her breath caught in her throat, and her skin prickled against the sheets. Fingers embedded deep in her, the other hand pinching her nipple, her legs separated and her hips lifted wanting his cock to fill her need. Her fingers moved furiously, stocking, plunging, and stimulating her clit. Her fingers moved in circles, rubbing, stroking, creating a friction that sent her over the edge. Panting, catching her breath, Desiree was amazed that Kurt could give her such a powerful orgasm without ever touching her. But this was the reason she agreed to the blind date in the first place. He had spent the last two weeks stimulating her mind, teasing her body, and filling her dreams with gloriously written erotica all about what he intended to do to her. While she had seen photos, she had no idea what this man was truly like, but her inner spirit told her that he was as sexual as she was, that his heart beat for sexual satisfaction. She could tell by his words that he was as interested in her orgasm as he was in his own. Kurt was a man that would take the time necessary, perform as needed and ensure satisfaction for both of them. This is why for the last two weeks she had woken up horny, been wet all day and gone to bed thinking about finally getting some time with this bedroom Adonis. No wonder she had begun jump starting her days with personal satisfaction. But enough time in bed, she had to get going; she had too much to take care of before his visit tomorrow.

After a quick shower, brushing out her hair, putting on make-up and throwing on a full skirt with multiple slits that showed her legs nicely, and a matching blouse she donned her favorite stiletto heels, grabbed her purse; time for shopping. First, she wanted some new lingerie. Should she get black, red, white, or something less conventional? When she arrived at the store, she wandered through the ladies dept looking at all sorts of bras and panties. So many different fabrics and textures, so many colors, not to mention styles. She wondered if Kurt would like ties to untie, or snaps to open. Perhaps he would prefer less fabric and could simply slide it off her. She could go slutty and get panties that had no crotch, or some made entirely out of lace. It was not a problem finding panties to fit in most of the colors, but bras were another matter. Desiree had large tits, at least a 38D. The matching sets were cute but the bras only went up to 34C. Thank God her hips were not as big as her tits, she would have really been in a mess. While she was contemplating her options, a beautiful petite red head approached her and offered her help in fitting the bras and panties. Grateful for another woman?s opinion, Desiree quickly told Cherie about her rendezvous plans and her desire to be as prepared as possible. She told Cherie that she wanted to be as sexy as feasible without impeding Kurt?s movements. She wanted Kurt to get turned on and be able to remove the clothing without difficulty. Cherie had some ideas, so they went into a dressing room. Desiree took off her dress, pantyhose, and shoes. Cherie told her to put the shoes back on and then to try on one set of bras and panties after another. After about four different sets, Cherie told Desiree to wait for a moment and she stepped out of the dressing room. When she returned, Cherie had a small bag with her, and told Desiree these were some products that her new prudish supervisor had removed from the sales floor. Piece after piece was taken from the bag. Soon the floor of the dressing room was littered with bright colors and multiple ribbons protruding from unlikely places. Cherie picked up a pair of panties that had a peach ribbon lacing up at the hips while the black lace that made the front panel and the back piece joined at the crotch with a gaping hole. The were crotchless! To match this Cherie held up a bra made entirely of black lace except where the cups should be, this was nothing more than peach ribbons loosely woven together to form a net like mesh. Desiree was almost afraid to try it on, it was so beautiful and sexy that she might cry if it did not fit. With Cherie adjusting the peach ribbons on the panties and tugging the crotch until her lips protruded sweetly, the panties were made to fit perfectly. Then came the bra. After much giggling, untying, and retying the fit was great. With all the attention, Desiree?s nipples were fully erect and protruded out of the peach ribbon mesh, showing their deep rosy color. She discovered that she was actually getting turned on just by wearing such sexy clothes. Cherie turned her this way and that so she could admire her handy work. She took her fingers and stroked Desiree?s nipples, she then kissed her cheek. Desiree did not know what to do, she had never been touched this way by a woman and was not sure what was going to happen. Sensing her hesitance, Cherie took charge and pulled Desiree in close. She captured Desiree?s lips with her mouth, sucking first the lower lip and then the upper one. Next, she darted her tongue in and out of Desiree?s mouth. Cherie?s fingers worked Desiree?s nipples through the ribbon mesh, squeezing, tugging, pinching, and rolling them until they were fully erect and the fire from the friction had spread throughout both breasts. Cherie lowered one of her hands and began stroking Desiree?s soft wet vagina. She parted the lightly furred center to pleasure. Searching and finding she thrust one then two then three fingers deep into Desiree. Desiree?s hips responded, she arched her back pushing her hips forward, capturing the fingers now caressing her clit. Cherie felt the wetness on her fingers and knew it was time. She knelt between Desiree?s legs. Placing one hand on her own clit making swift furious circles, Cherie bent her mouth to Desiree?s warm and wet muff. Sucking in the nether lips, licking the juices as they dribbled down her chin, Cherie tongued the pussy in front of her while pinching the nipple above her and drawing circles on her own clit. Desiree groaned and thrust her pussy harder onto Cherie?s mouth. She felt a deepening fire burning inside her. As the heat rose, she ground her pussy into Cherie?s talented and wanting mouth. Stroking more and more quickly, Cherie soon felt herself nearing the edge of her own orgasm. Wanting to feel the strength of Desiree?s ecstasy on her lips, Cherie drew Desiree?s clit into her mouth and sucked it as she pinched her nipple tugging on it until Desiree lost all sense and control. Moaning loudly, knees weak, Desiree felt the fireworks go off, lights flashed behind her closed eyes, muscles twitched, heat flamed up from deep inside her as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Sensing the fulfillment of Desiree, Cherie sucked one last time on Desiree?s clit and stroked herself into an equally powerful orgasm. Slowly sliding to the floor of the dressing room, Desiree gasped for breath. Cherie placed her hands on either side of Desiree?s face and kissed her slowly, allowing Desiree to taste her own juices. Cherie held Desiree until the trembling stopped and her breathing returned to normal. Nervous, shaken and slightly embarrassed, Desiree was amazed at the overwhelmingly powerful orgasm this slightly built sales girl had given her. She shyly returned her kisses and whispered her thanks. Cherie helped Desiree into three more equally erotic sets of lingerie, ensuring the proper fit and then escorted her to the checkout. When they left the dressing room Desiree could have sworn that people were staring at the two of them. She was certain she heard snickers and the face of the elderly lady at the check out was decidedly purple in color, almost as if she were trying avoid coughing as she choked on the pit from a fruit or a bone from a piece of chicken. Cherie simply winked at her, and asked her to come back anytime and ask for Cherie if she needed assistance.

Desiree took her purchases and proceeded to the parking garage. She had other errands to do, a mixed party tray to pick up with fruit, sliced meats and cheeses, wine and flavored waters to put on ice and whipped crème to add to her bulging refrigerator. She had better hurry if she was going to get it all done in time to take her self-indulging bath this evening. Kurt had scheduled them to meet in the morning, he said that what he wanted was her attention for as long as possible, and all day was the best way to break the ice on the first date. Throwing the car into gear Desiree backed out of her parking space, and took off. Not paying attention, Desiree ran a stop sign and was actually doing twenty or so miles an hour over the posted speed limit. It was a complete surprise when the cruiser pulled up along side her three blocks later and pointed to her indicating that she needed to pull over. She had been thinking back , reflecting on Cherie?s mouth and wondering if Kurt?s was anything like it, if the orgasms would be similar. Her mind had not been on driving. She turned her turn signal on, slid into an alley, and pulled over. She reached over to her purse and got her license out. She did not want a ticket, but had no excuses. Not one to try crying her way out of a ticket, she swallowed hard and rolled the window down. A voice from behind her and close to her car said, ?please place the keys on the dashboard, and place both hands on the top of the steering wheel.? She saw a second officer in the side mirror of the passenger side of the car; his gun was drawn. Frightened, Desiree did as she was instructed without question. Breathing deeply and fearing she might hyperventilate, risking passing out, Desiree tried hard to control her nerves. Once the keys were placed and her hands tensely wrapped around the steering wheel, the officer on her left stepped to the car door and picked up the keys. He deposited them in his pocket and gave Desiree a suspicious look. ?Did you know that we have been following you for three blocks? Avoiding arrest is a very dangerous and stupid thing to do miss.? Desiree opened her eyes wide, puzzled, she choked out ?avoiding arrest? What did I do to deserve to be arrested?? The officer simply nodded to his partner on the other side of the car, opened Desiree?s door and escorted her back to the cruiser. He sat her in the back seat, placed a handcuff on one wrist and fastened the other end to the wire cage that separated the criminals in the back seat from the officers in the front. This is when she began to panic. She realized that these officers truly believed that she had done something horrible. She had no idea what was going to happen next. She watched as the officers crawled all over her car, opening all the doors, looking under seats and opening the trunk and hood. When they finished one of them came over to her and asked where her driver?s license and registration was. She told them and after retrieving the items, they returned the cruiser and called in the information to headquarters. After a few minutes of talking in codes, the two officers shared a look. Desiree was so frightened she could have pissed herself. However, when the two officers finished with the radio they turned and looked Desiree up and down. A small chill ran down her back and settled at the base of her spine. Either the codes had revealed a secret past that would get her arrested or something worse, or they had other plans. A deep swallow and she tried to choke out a question. ?What do you want, what did I do?? ?As it turns out the worst you did was run a stop sign and fail to pull over,? said one officer. The other nodded and smiled, ?Sorry Ma?am, but your car fits the description of a stolen vehicle wanted in a drug case.? The officers got out and came to the back seat, one slid in next to her and reached for the cuffs. The other slid in on the other side of her and gently took her free hand. He looked at her gently; he smiled sweetly. For the first time she realized his eyes were an amazingly deep brown. She glanced at the other officer and he also smiled at her, his teeth were bright and his dimples gave a youthful countenance. They were both extremely handsome and fit. She had thought the second officer was reaching for the hand cuff to unlock it, however, she saw now that he was just smoothing her wrist, stroking her skin around her wrist, inserting his fingers between her own, caressing up her arm. The first officer took advantage of her distraction and he slid his hand up her thigh, under her skirt, and began stroking the soft silky material between her thighs. She was still wet from Cherie?s mouth and the explosive orgasm not thirty minutes earlier. Her hips moved of their own accord, she slid slightly forward on the vinyl seat. The other officer ran his hand up her arm, across her breast and inside her shirt. He began caressing her nipples, pinching them one at a time. His lips found a soft spot on her cheek, and traveled down to the overly sensitive spot at the base of her neck where her nerves ran close to the skin and the collarbone crossed her shoulders. Here he gently sucked, seeking that one spot that sent chills throughout her body. In an involuntary reaction filled with intense pleasure, her head fell back and she groaned. Another set of fingers reached around the thin satin of her panties and stroked her warm center. She could not believe this was happening to her; two men, two policemen, in a patrol car in the middle of the morning. She had never had sex in unusual circumstances, and now for the second time in one day, she was being seduced. The one officer had her blouse unbuttoned and her bra open. He was feasting on her breasts, first licking her all over, kissing, and caressing, then homing in on her erect nipples, sucking, nibbling, teasing. The other had removed her panties and was eating her pussy to his (an her) heart?s content. Just as she thought she could take no more, one officer laid her head in his lap and rubbed his throbbing hot cock against her lips. She greedily opened her mouth and sucked his rod into her warm wet welcoming mouth. If there was one thing Desiree loved about sex, it was giving head. Knowing that her mouth could provide such intense pleasure, knowing that her ability to take a man?s cock down her throat and lick the base of his root at the same time would drive most men to total distraction gave her a heady sense of pleasure. Giving head was something she could do for her partner and reach orgasm right along with him. Unusual as that may sound, it was just how Desiree was when it came to giving head. But as she was reached the root, the base of the officer?s cock, she realized that the other officer was rubbing his cock on her clit, he was just as hot, just as hard, and more than ready to enter her. She had never had two cocks at the same time, she had never been filled at both ends, and boy did it ever feel good. Someone had her nipples pinched tightly spreading warmth and tension through her chest and into her uterus. Her vagina clenched as the officer entered her quickly and then paused to catch his breath. The other stroked her neck and pressed his cock deeper into her mouth. He then backed off just enough to allow Desiree the room to stroke him comfortably and in doing so she increased the suction, as if she could milk his cum from his dick. The first officer was fingering her clit and pumping furiously. She knew she could not last much longer; she wanted to taste cum at the same time as she felt the other officer?s orgasm. She reached up with her free hand and gently grasped the balls of the officer embedded in her mouth; she fingered his anus and sucked even harder. At the same time she arched her back and rotated her hips just enough to allow deeper penetration for the first officer. She felt rather than heard the intensity of each as they reached the point of no return. The one came heavily and thickly down her throat, and the other pulled out and shot his cum on her clit (one of her all time favorite sensations). Feeling the force, and the heat of his cum on her clit, Desiree lost all control and her world exploded in shards of light and feeling. Pulsing, throbbing, spinning, she felt all of this and more. Every muscle tensed and released over and over. Heady with the after glow of amazing orgasm, the officers led her back to her car, apologized for any inconvenience and sent her on her way to her next errand.

Desiree had an appointment across town with a caterer. She was not planning a huge event, but rather had heard about the delightful snack trays offered by this particular company. To save on time and to ensure that no stone was left unturned, Desiree wanted to have just the right mix of replenishing and not heavy foods on hand so that they would not have to spend one second longer than necessary in the kitchen. She selfishly wanted all of Kurt?s time focused on herself; she wanted all those things him to do all those things he had talked about to her, and more. He had spend the better part of their conversations and correspondence describing in detail exactly what he had planned for their day, and Desiree was anxious to try all of his ideas. If they had to stop during the day to prepare food, not only did she run the risk of losing the sensual mood, but also she ran the risk of them eating too much and either needing a nap or losing their desire with overly filled tummies.Her assistant at the office had told her about this caterer. He was young and just starting out. He was not pretentious, and offered take out services at a reasonable rate. She was not sure what she had in mind, but was willing to listen to what he suggested, she just was not sure how to explain her date to him. She did not want to sound like a slut, but she wanted his honest advice. Beginning to think she had made a mistake, Desiree arrived at the catering office. She climbed out of her car and entered the build not realizing she was holding her breath until a young teenaged boy dressed in kitchen whites and dusted with flour greeted her and asked if he could help her in any way. The artificially white eye brows over his sparkling green eyes made her feel more comfortable, she relaxed a little and told him that she had an appointment. He called to the back of the shop for ?Eric.? Then he excused himself and returned, supposedly, to the kitchen. When Eric appeared, Desiree was surprised. He was well over six feet tall, with long nearly black hair (it was well past his shoulders), and broad chest. From his tight jeans that barely fit over bulging thigh muscles and a very firm round ass, to his irreverently fitting T-shirt with its biker logo, this was not what Desiree pictured as a chef. She thought about the rotund, nearly Bacchus resembling chefs from the cooking shows on television. So taken back that Desiree did not realize that he had spoken to her. He cleared his throat and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. ?Ma?am, are you o.k.? You look startled.? ?Yes, I am fine. You are the Chef?? He tossed his head back and laughed, ?Yes, I am. I guess I should either dress the typical part or get used to the reaction.? She blushed and apologized. Not one to be offended, Eric escorted her into a private office and closed the door. ?My appointment book has a note in it that this is a special and private affair you are planning.? ?Not really an affair, rather a meeting or a date. It is our first time meeting and I want it to be special. I, well, we, ah, hmm?? She did not know how to continue. Eric smiled and put her at ease with the talent of one who had been in the business of feeding others for a long time; he handed her a tray of snack sized sweets giving her something to do with her hands, thus taking her mind off their conversation. ?Not an affair, hmm. We, in the catering business do not use the word in the same fashion as some others do. But I think I understand. You have plans and the time is somewhat limited. You do not want to be chained to eating you would rather have something on hand and ready for when ever it may be desired.? ?Yes, exactly.? Eric picked up a hand held radio and called someone named zero four. Noticing her puzzled look, he explained that in the ?business? it was easier to carry radios at ?affairs? for communication than chasing down a particular employee. Some events took place in homes larger than the CamdenYards stadium, and finding one employee out of over fifty could be bothersome. Radios, he explained gave freedom of movement and when coupled with an earpiece kept everyone unobtrusively in contact throughout the event. There was a knock at the door and Eric answered it. After a few moments of consultation he closed the door again. He took the sweets back and placed them on a side table He walked across the office to a small box. When he opened it she realized it was a sort of refrigerator. He withdrew three trays and laid them gently on a low table between two couches, he then returned to the cooler and removed another trade laden with bowls. He invited her to sit and when she did he took the seat next to her. He asked her to trust him and tell him more about her date. He wanted to know just enough to ensure the proper mix of delights were prepared for her and her company. Desiree had noticed the hair, the black Harley embossed T-shirt, but the deep blue eyes had not registered. When she looked up at him she was startled to find a brilliant smile complete with laughing friendly eyes, she was quickly relaxed. If this man could wear the clothes he chose and be a successful caterer, then there must be a reason. She took a deep breath and began. She told him about how she worked in an accounting firm and they often received phone calls from people asking numerous questions. Her company had a policy that the employees were to do as much as they could over the phone if at all possible because each phone call was a potential customer. So, Desiree worked the caller through several accounting issues and helped him to see where his depreciation calculations had ended with the wrong figure. Relieved the caller thanked her and hung up. About an hour later the caller was back on the phone, but since their calls went through a phone bank he had had to ask for her by name. She recognized the voice and immediately smiled. Normally when it came to people and money, not only did they not want to pay for advice that was going to cost them more money later, but they normally were rude about it. This caller had been polite, spoke gently to her, and seemed to genuinely appreciate the time she took with him. The second call was not of a professional manner, it was very personal. He apologized if he was out of line, but wondered if he could remain in contact with her, he asked for her email address. In today?s world giving you phone number out invited a rash of abusive phone calls if things went sour. However an email address was safer as any undesired incoming emails could be blocked and the would be harasser silenced. Desiree gave out her professional email address over the phone and smiled at how flattered she felt; she had only been doing her job. Perhaps it had not gotten the company a new client, but she had gained a friend with potential. She had enjoyed helping him and the second phone call was even more delightful. Within five minutes her email box lit up and there was the first of many emails. They started out innocent, but quickly became suggestive and flirty. Desiree loved to flirt and soon gave him the opportunity to show her just how far he wanted this to go. Ignoring her work, Desiree painted a short situation and asked what he would do; his answer took her breath away. She quickly copy, cut, and pasted it into a word document and saved it on her flash drive for longer perusal at home. That night she re-read his description of a short evening with a woman and found herself very aroused. She wanted more from this man, she wanted to meet him. The next week was filled with lusty emails, causing her to remain in a constant state of arousal. She struggled to keep up with her work assignments and answer his emails. She explained to Eric that she had never met this man, but already he had provided her more pleasure than any man she had been with in many years. Eric had a large grin on his face and simply said that Kurt was a fucking genius in his book. He asked if Kurt had seen a picture of her. Desiree said she had sent a couple, none very good and that Kurt had sent a few of himself. Eric nodded and muttered something about some men having all the luck. Eric reached for something off of one of the trays, he dipped it in a bowl and brought it to Desiree?s lips where he caressed them with the fruit leaving some sweet sauce on her lips. ?Close your eyes, and do not open them again until I say.? She did as he instructed. He slid the piece of fruit across her lips and then he kissed her, sucking the chocolate sauce off her mouth. The piece of fruit was small enough to allow his tongue to enter her mouth at the same time, yet big enough to allow her to identify the flavor. He enticed her mouth open with his tongue and placed part of a strawberry just inside, it still had some chocolate sauce on it. She bit into it enjoying the sensation of flavors that was heightened by the proximity of this virile man feeding her decadent food. This was exactly what she had in mind for tomorrow, but Eric had more extensive ideas than a simple fruit tray, he was going to show her how to enjoy her food like never before. While she savored the strawberry and chocolate, Eric began unbuttoning her blouse, tracing a finger down her neck to her collar bone and down between her breasts. As he did this with one hand his other reached for a piece of melon and ran it gently along the same path. As the cool juices ran down between her breasts, Eric whispered in her ear, ?open your mouth and taste what I am tasting.? As she opened her mouth he placed the fruit on her tongue as his tongue began to catch the trail of juice as it dribbled down between her breasts. He reached behind her and unfastened her bra, releasing her breasts. He slipped the bra off as he took her blouse off as well. As Desiree chewed and swallowed the bit of fruit she could imagine the combination of salty skin and fruit juice. Without warning she felt something cool being rubbed across each nipple quickly followed by a warm mouth sucking up the juices left behind. Desiree wanted to try this, she opened her eyes and started to ask if she could try eating a piece of fruit off of Eric?s chest and realized what she had been about to say, embarrassed she closed her mouth and her eyes. Eric caught this and her rising blush and smiled. He had lots to teach her. He lifted her skirt and removed her panties. He dipped his finger in some butterscotch sauce and with the delicate strokes of a painter he spread the sauce across the tops and insides of both thighs. She squirmed in anticipation and in reaction to the sticky sweet smelling substance placed on her skin. Eric did not bend to lick off the sauce; rather he nudged her knees apart and resumed his juicy fruit rub-down. He took a piece of ripe orange and squeezed tiny drops of cool juice out of it, causing them to drip onto Desiree?s exposed pussy. Again she squirmed as she felt these drops slid down her pussy and continue to her ass where it felt as if they were hanging there. Eric told her to not move as he wanted to catch that drip and if she moved it would fall. Holding her breath, Desiree sat as still as she could, but the urge to squirm was very strong. Eric made no move to retrieve the orange juice drop; instead he reached for another piece of fruit and repeated the process adding a second stream of cooled fruit juice to the first. The sensations were excruciating and stimulating at the same time. Just when she thought she would have to move, Eric?s hands lifted her hips, spread her thighs and his mouth began to follow the same trail of the fruit juice, all the way to the point of the suspended drip that was teasing Desiree?s anus. The difference between the cool of the juice and the warmth of his mouth caused such a reaction deep inside Desiree that she arched her back and pushed her pussy into Eric?s waiting mouth. At this point he backed off and proceeded to tease her by slowly licking up the butterscotch sauce he had placed on her thighs earlier. Having left it for this length of time, her thighs felt suddenly naked when the sauce was gone and the cool air on her wet skin was very distracting. She became aware of the fact that yet again today her pussy was getting very wet, how much of this could she take? Eric?s fingers were exploring her outer pussy and slowly, enticingly moving into her, delving deeper and deeper. Suddenly Desiree wanted to taste what Eric had tasted, she opened her eyes, took Eric?s face in her hands and kissed him. Her tongue entered his mouth and she could taste the fruit, the sweet sauce and herself. She could not suppress the groan. She then reached for his pants wanting to try what he had just taught her. Eric smiled and willing obliged, he removed his shirt, and his jeans then sat back on the couch. Desiree slid to the floor, placing herself at his feet and at just the right height to reach either his chest or his hard cock. She looked over the assortment of fruit and chose a gr*pe. It had been cut in half and was ready to slide across his nipples, his stomach, and down his body to whatever destination Desiree chose. She offered the gr*pe to Eric who as he took it captured her fingers at the same time and sucked them clean of gr*pe juice, Desiree anxious to taste gr*pe ala Eric bent her head to his neck, then licked her way to his nipples. So delighted with the flavor combination, she lingered there until Eric started moaning and lifting his hips, thrusting his ridged cock upwards trying to get her attention. Desiree wrapped a hand around his cock and gently rubbed it, but her mouth remained fascinated with the gr*pe juice. In fact, she wanted to try something else. Remembering the drips, she reached for a small chunk of cantaloupe. Gently, so as to avoid destroying the fruit that she intended to feed to Eric, she hovers it over his cock and squeezes a few small drops of juice over the engorged head. Eric?s head snaps back and he sucks in his breath, damn if this girl did not learn quickly. He starts to squirm as the drip travels down his hot dick to slide across his balls and continue to his anus. Biting his lower lip, Eric fights to remain still. Desiree cannot believe the turn on she is getting from just watching Eric?s face as it contorts in pleasure from the contrasting sensations. The juice is cool on his hot flesh and her breath flows across both creating a fire in his balls. He opens his eyes just a crack and whispers, more like, begs for her to place her mouth where the juice has already been. Knowing that to wait any longer would not increase his pleasure Desiree complies. She sucks his hard cock into her mouth, tasting the melon on his salty skin. She then follows the trail of the juice in reverse, her tongue beginning at his anus and up to his swollen balls, gently caressing each with her lips and tongue, then on up his shaft. When she reaches the tip she again takes the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. Eric is ready to lose it, so he gently grasps her by the shoulders and lifts her up until she can easily straddle him. Slowly she slides him deep inside of her, they kiss and soon are grinding their hips together in this passionate embrace. Soon the two are spent and as they lie back, Eric takes his fingers, catches some of their juices and places his fingers on Desiree?s lips, when she opens her mouth his joins hers and they taste each other together. They help each other dress and as Desiree is leaving, Eric promises to deliver the snack trays personally early the next morning. Desiree cannot help smiling at this thought. But she has other errands to take care of before tomorrow.

After her experiences in such innocent places as the clothing store and the caterer?s office, Desiree was almost afraid to complete her next errand; toy shopping. But she wanted a vibrator, a dildo, and some oils. Perhaps if she was quick she could gather these items before things went awry. Arriving at the shop, she felt trepidation at entering, she had never been very adventurous, and other than today her sex life had been sadly missionary in scope. Nevertheless, remembering the erotic taste of fruit and Eric, she squared her shoulders and went inside the sex shop. The walls were lined with whips, thigh high boots, feather boas, and skimpy outfits of all colors, designs, and configurations. Some were leather or vinyl, others fishnet or velvet. It was a zoo of erotic clothing. Wandering further into the store, she saw racks of videos. You could watch sex in any format you desired. These rows were a little intimidating as they were populated with men, most wearing long coats. She noticed the looks they gave her and concluded that she did not need a video. At the back of the shop, the walls were lined with a large variety of toys, oils, creams, and other devices that she could only guess at their purpose. She eyed all the different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures of the dildos. She picked up testing the weight of lots of different vibrators. Then she started looking at oils. She was completely lost as far as what would be good, what would taste good, what would Kurt prefer? She caught the eye of the young woman behind the counter and decided to ask for advice. The sales clerk smiled at Desiree?s questions and suggested that Desiree go down stairs to the viewing rooms where she could watch some of the toys and oils in use. Viewing rooms? Just downstairs people were having sex and she could watch. This was an amazing world, the one she woke up in this morning. Proceeding down the steps, Desiree could hear the sounds of hot sex, she chose a door that was partially open, checked the room, it was empty. She went in and closed the door behind her. There were some benches and a couple of chairs. She sat down and focused her attention on the scene behind the glass window that dominated the small room. What was happening there fascinated her. It was a mix of men and women, black and white skin, different outfits that barely covered the variety of flesh. It took a few minutes to sort the scene out, but as she watched she realized there were two women and five men. One woman was bent over at a ninety-degree angle as she sucked one man?s cock and another man was pumping furiously in her pussy. The woman wore white fishnet thigh-high stockings and five-inch platform stiletto heels with a demi-bra that only served to push her breasts up in a cupping of white lace. The other woman was spread on a table with two cocks vying for her mouth while a third man licked her cleanly shaved pussy. Watching the first trio, Desiree saw exactly what she had felt for the first time earlier that morning; the man behind the woman, pulled his cock out and sprayed her pussy with his hot cum. At this point, another woman entered the room and knelt to lick the semen off the coated pussy. As she did this, she also reached for the man?s softening dick. Stroking it and rubbing its tip against the first woman?s pussy created renewed interest; the cock began to harden again. One of the men on the table decided to join this couple and he brought a vibrator and a bottle of oil. A low mat was pulled out and the two men went to work on the new woman. One started rubbing oil on her breasts while the other turned on the vibrator and began stroking her pussy and anus with its busy tip. The vibrator was long and gold, almost torpedo shaped. It appeared to have different speeds, the man would adjust it depending on the woman?s reaction, and the area he was stimulating. When it was obvious that she was reaching her climax, he slowed the vibrator down and inserted it in her anus; this nearly finished her off. The man with the oils was now feeding her his cock while she pinched her own nipples. The man with the vibrator plunged his cock into her wet pussy. When his balls came into contact with the vibrator in her ass the man gasped and his body stiffened. Desiree could see the contact register on the man?s face. She figured this was new to him as he paused, then grabbed the woman?s hips, placed them on his thighs, and pumped rapidly. With each stroke, he ground his scrotum against the butt end of the vibrator that barely protruded from the woman?s ass. After just a few strokes, he threw his head back and gave a nearly animal cry of ecstasy as he came deep inside her. His powerful orgasm combined with the anal stimulation and giving head brought the woman to her own climax. Desiree watched with fascination as the trio reached this crescendo. When it was done, Desiree realized that she had not only been holding her breath, but also fingering herself through her soaking panties. She forced herself to calm down, and regain normal breathing patterns. She straightened her skirt and went back up stairs to the shop. She purchased the same torpedo vibrator, batteries, the same oil, and a dildo just for herself (Kurt would not be there all of the time she rationalized). She also bought some thigh-high fishnet stockings, just in case.

Errands finished Desiree could head home to do some light cleaning and to arrange the props and things she wanted close at hand in the strategic locations. It was still early so there was no after work traffic to contend with and she kept a wary eye out for stop signs and hidden patrol cars. Arriving home, she striped off her much abused and still very damp panties. Gathering the rest of her laundry, she proceeded to sort the bits of dirty clothes and placed a load in the washer. Adding soap, she turned the knob and the noise that ensued was awful. The machine sounded like it was tearing itself apart on the inside. It was heart breaking, she did not have time to get another washer delivered, and the Laundromat was clear across town. She needed to arrange things here in her apartment, not spend the evening doing laundry across town. She ran to the phone and paging impatiently through the phone book found a repairman that advertised emergency service. She dialed and received a very gruff almost rude answer. She asked, as politely as she could how soon the repairman could get to her place. Three days was the answer. Desiree, wound up from all the unusual experiences of the day, the emotional stress of wanting things to be perfect for tomorrow, started crying. This was going to ruin everything. The repairman must have had some heart, hearing her crying he reneged and said that if she did not mind, he could send his son who was just learning the business. No promise that the boy would be able to fix the thing, but it was worth a shot. If not fully repaired, at least the boy would be able to tell his father what was needed to repair it. Desiree sniffed and begged the man to please send his son; she would do anything to get this fixed tonight. After she hung up, Desiree fixed her make up and changed into her usual ?around the house? clothes; a short silk slip with spaghetti straps. Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang and she ran to answer it. Not sure what she had been expecting, but a man in his early thirties with huge biceps (the shirt sleeves had been ripped off), wonderfully unruly but short curly hair and the cutest dimples she had ever seen, was not it. The man on the phone had called him a boy; this was no boy. She was suddenly aware that her outfit was not entirely appropriate, and it dawned on her that she had not replaced her wet panties that she had discarded earlier. After a few minutes standing there, the man cleared his throat and asked if he had the correct address and was there a clothes washer that needed fixing? She nodded mutely and led the way to the washroom. He told her that if she had other things to do that was fine; he would get to work. Relieved, Desiree headed to her bedroom to grab a wrap to cover herself. Slipping into an Angora sweater, she started placing piles of towels near the places she imagined her and Kurt might make love: the kitchen table, the couch, the window seat, her bed, and the tub. She also placed bottles of oil by each pile (except the couch, she could envision a large cleaning bill to remove sex oil). She had bought two vibrators, the torpedo that she put on the bedside table, and a small finger ring ?clit teaser? that she put on the end table by the couch. In the bathroom she got out her bath oils, she had several different scents, and placed them within an easy reach. She was bending over the tub, plucking a dead leaf from a low hanging plant (it seemed to like the steamy room and had gotten quite large since she placed it there), when she realized that someone was behind her. While she was now wearing the Angora sweater, it was shorter than her silk slip and actually had pulled the slip up higher when she bent over; the man behind her could see her entire backside and her pussy. ?Planning a date?? ?You seem to have thought of everything except one thing that I can see needs fixing, I can see it from back here.? She jerked around and nearly fell over as she lost her balance trying to regain her decorum and cover herself at the same time. She stuttered that she did not know what he was talking about; she looked the room over and thought it looked pretty good. He told her to go get a bowl and he would show her what was missing. She did, from the kitchen she brought a ceramic medium salad bowl. He took it and instructed her to take three large towels to her bedroom and wait for him there. She did so full of curiosity as to what he had seen that needed fixing. When he entered the room, he had removed his shirt, his workman?s pants, and boots. He was wearing a pair of tightly fitted boxer briefs, and nothing else. He was powerfully built and a remarkable sight. He gently cradled the bowl that was now filled with steaming soapy water. He also had her razor. Was he going to shave her legs? She had shaved them this morning. She started to protest, but he shook his head and she fell quiet. He took one of the towels and placed the bowl on it on the floor. Another towel he folded double and laid at the edge of the bed. He took her hips and set her down on the towel so that she felt like her ass was half on and half off the bed. He scooted her butt back a little and had her lie down. He placed each ankle on a shoulder and gently soaped her pussy with the warm water. Then with steady warm hands he slowly stroked her lips, gently holding the skin tight and delicately sliding his fingers across the most tender part of her body. Desiree, while enjoying this, could not understand the need for the water. She waited patiently and tried not to moan too loudly, but it was hard with the warm water and his strong hands stimulating her in this unusual fashion. Finally, he stopped stroking her, and took the last towel and dried her off. She could feel the texture of the towel, the cool air on her skin and every ridge of his callused fingers on her pussy. She shot up and gasped, what had he done? She looked down to discover that he had trimmed her bush to a few short hairs creating a delicate beautiful picture of a sexy mound. Further exploration showed that all the skin between her legs was now completely shaved. She looked like the women at the sex shop; she looked edible. Apparently this is what the repairman thought also, it was very obvious with his cock straining at the stretchy fabric of his briefs. He took her face in his hands and gently kissed her. He took his time teasing her tongue, exploring her lips, her teeth, and every centimeter of her mouth. He nibbled on her neck and her ears. He tipped her head to one side and with his tongue found her pulse at the one sensitive spot along her collarbone. Here he pulled her skin into his mouth and sucked; instantly shivers ran up and down her spine, she shivered uncontrollably. He gently pushed her back onto the bed and again knelt between her legs. He began licking, touching, and sucking her newly exposed skin. Having the hair gone gave her skin a sensitivity she had never known before. Soon she was squirming and moaning. She grabbed his head, tangling her fingers in his hair and pushing his mouth down harder onto her mound. He brought his hands up, inserted two fingers into her pussy, and began pumping them in and out in time with his tongue darting forward, teasing her clit. She writhed and twisted, her hips thrust forward of their own accord, and she grasped handfuls of the sheets crying out. He knew she was close so he backed away, she gasped at the cool air as it hit her pussy. What was he doing, was he going to leave her in this state? Instead, he helped her to sit up and motioned her to scoot back some more on the bed. He then joined her, sans his briefs. Again, he laid her back and proceeded to caress her shaved lips. She closed her eyes and just focusing on the sensations he was giving her. He touched her thighs, stroking gently, teasing. He moved his fingers maddeningly slowly across her now throbbing swollen lips. Then he spread her legs and moved between them. He took the rock hard cock that had begged to be released from its prison, and started stroking her freshly awakened flesh with the soft, delicate skin of his head. The feeling of this velvety skin that covered the hardest substance known to man was amazing; a real contrast in texture and touch. Desiree gasped, she moaned and she reached down to feel the tool with her own fingers. He let her. As she wrapped her small hand around his hardness, he closed his eyes and moaned loudly. She stroked him but kept the contact between his cock and her pussy. Slowly she moved the cock to the entrance of her pussy and slowly she pressed it forward. As she inched it in, she also moved it around ensuring every inch of her pussy felt this amazing dick. When he could take the slow speed no more, he took her hand away, pinned it to the bed with his, and rammed his cock deep into her. He captured her breast through the silk of her slip and gently bit her nipple. After all the light touching that had caused such stimulation the force of his teeth on her breast, and the hardness of his cock took her breath away. She arched under him and felt her vagina clench around his dick. This was enough for him, he ground his pelvis into her a few more times, a few more intense strokes then came deep inside of her. Due to the stimulating awakening of her senses, she could actually feel his semen as he exploded inside her. This was the most amazing sensation she had ever experienced. While she had not orgasmed, she did not feel cheated. This was a wonderfully educating coupling. To her amazement, her repairman was not done; he again moved to place his mouth on her pussy and commenced sucking her clit while pumping a few fingers deep inside of her. He licked her pussy, nibbled her thighs, and teased her clitoris until she came hard, grinding her pussy against his face. He wiped the juices off his face, gently washed her pussy with the now tepid water, and helped her to sit up. He kissed her lovingly and told her the washer was fixed. He winked and inquired if there was anything else he could help her with. Giggling, she declined and thanked him for all of his services. She asked what the repair bill was, and he told her that it had been paid in full.

After the repairman left, Desiree finished her laundry and her preparations for her ?date? tomorrow. She reflected back on her day; a most amazing day it had turned out to be. But tomorrow would bring new adventures, new sensations, and she finally felt prepared to meet this man that had teased her with words, painted pictures of pleasures to come through numerous emails that had kept her very distracted at work. She would be meeting a man that she had never met and only spoken to a handful of times. She no longer doubted that she would be enough for him; now she just wanted to share her new knowledge with him, she wanted to please him.

This was my first shot at writing erotica, I would like any and all comments. Please email me or respond here.

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