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Swing Houses are the Best

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Sherry and I were lying together inside a small cubicle about 3 feet off the floor of the group room. It was our first visit to this swing house in the bay area. We had gone to another house the month before in SF and it was a wild time for us both. Although we were both a little anxious to be there we also were ready to have some fun. Sherry is a beautiful woman 35 years old with a 36 inch bust and a wonderful butt. We had been together for 2 years. Truthfully I was surprised she wanted to go to a swing house knowing full well what she would be doing there. While we were there Sherry was invited by a couple to join them upstairs and she had agreed. I had left for a few minutes and when I returned she was gone and I went looking for her and found her on her back with this guy she had just met giving it to her.

At the time it felt strange watching her give it up to this stranger she had just met. As I watched her being fucked I could tell she was having a great time. I knew she liked sex but it had never occurred to me she would fuck a guy she had just met a few minutes ago, but she was doing exactly that. I watched her get off twice with this guy and he just kept going turning her over and doing her doggie.

I could see on her face she was enjoying this guy. As it turned out he did her for over an hour before he finally exploded in her pussy. I had left them before that happened. I got lucky and ended up with a nineteen year old girl who was a lot of fun, tight and liked being licked. I am 37 and I fucked this young girl until she gave it up to me and I filled her pussy with my cum. She was a very bad girl as was Sherry. I like bad girls.

So here we were at a new house watching what was happening in the group room. There were about 20 people in the room doing all kinds of sex stuff. There were several guys standing on the edge of the room watching either their wives getting it on or just hanging out with their wives somewhere else doing their thing. The house only allowed couples or single girls to attend their parties. Everyone was there to fuck someone other than their partner.

As we watched Sherry said a wild place. I said yes very. I asked what she wanted to do and she laughed and said you know. I said yes I know. As we watched a guy stuck his head in our cubicle and asked if he could join us. I looked at Sherry and said up to you he is not interested in me. She understood by saying yes she was saying yes to being fucked by this guy. She only paused for a moment before saying sure climb in.

He looked a Sherry with lust on his face and said you are beautiful. She said thanks and leaned forward and gave him a kiss and it started. I moved to the side to watch her get fucked. He made his move on her and slipped a good sized cock into her as she spread for him. She moaned and said oh yes and he slammed into hard and fast. She opened her eyes and we made eye contact as he fucked her. I watched her expression change and knew she was about to give it up to him. She grunted and gasping for air climaxed for him.

He slammed into a few times more and went rigid and exploded in her pussy collapsing on top of her. He finally pulled out with a popping sound and slipped his pants back on and smiled at her and said thanks and climbed back out of the cubicle. Sherry looked at me and asked did you enjoy watching me and I said yes and showed her my hard cock. I added I love you. She said I was worried a little if you still did or not. I pulled her to me and said you never have to worry. I think you are wonderful. She said I will give you a special treat later; I knew what she meant. She said I will be right back I need to clean up. I said ok.

When she returned we sat watching all the action in the group room. A whole lot of fucking was going on. She asked me how about you and I said plenty of time later. She had never seen me with another woman. She would tonight. I wanted to find a couple to swap with later.

As we watched this very attractive lady about 30 went to the center of the group room undressed and sat down waiting. Several guys joined her knowing what she had on her mind. She wanted to be gang banged. We watched her do 5 guys one after another. They just fucked her and fucked her more. She must have got off three or four times. She spread wide open as they took their turns fucking her. Her face was very flushed and she her eyes wide open as she watched the next guy move between her legs giving it to her. The sixth guy was waiting his turn and she put her hand up and said enough. She put her clothes back on and left the room.

Sherry had gotten very quiet watching this scene unfold in front of her eyes. Finally she whispered wow what a scene. You know that is my fantasy. I said no you never told me. She said I told you once my fantasy was one man after another. I said I thought you meant every week or month or so a different guy. She said well know you know what I meant. I thought wow. I said well this is the place if and when you are ready. She said not yet. We left the group room and went back to the common area. There were people sitting around talking and having drinks. We found a place and had a seat.

I was looking for a couple. As I looked around I noticed this other couple watching us which I knew was a show of interest. She was lovely with long hair almost to her waist and he was a nice looking guy. I nodded a hello and they got up and walked over and sat next to us and said hi. I asked having any fun and he said not yet just got here. I asked first time and he nodded a yes. I said our first time here too. I said I need a smoke join me outside so we can talk he said ok. I whispered to Sherry see where she is at. He was Jack and his wife was Sara.

When we were alone I turned to him and said your wife is lovely. He knew what I meant. He said so is yours. I asked are you here to trade with someone or just to watch? He said well Sara has her doubts but I am hoping she will, because I really want too. I looked at him and said so you are ready to watch your wife being fucked. He looked a little startled and said I guess that is what I mean. I said ok how about me and Sherry? I could see he was very interested in Sherry and he said I would love too, but not sure if Sara will. I said well sherry is now talking to her, so lets go see.

Sherry and Sara were talking when we returned and as we approached Sherry gave me a very slight nod. So Sara was willing after all. I turned back to Jack and said are you sure and he looked over to his wife and said yes. I said she is willing too. As we approached the girls they stood up and Sherry said ready? I looked at Sara and she flushed and I said oh yes.

We found a room unoccupied and went in. Sherry took Jack by the hand and moved to the other side of the room. I heard her whisper to him lets have fun. I took Sara by the hand and we moved to the other side of the room and I whispered we will just watch for a while. I stood behind her as she watched Sherry and her husband. Sherry got on her knees if front of Jack and unzipped him and slid her hand inside his pants. Sara said oh. Jack reached down and pulled Sherry up and unbuttoned and removed her top. She was braless as usual. I whispered to Sara she has great boobs how about you? She remained quiet watching her husband. Jack unbuckled his pants and they dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. You could see how hard he was through his shorts. Sherry slipped her skirt off and slid her panties down and off and pulled him up close pressing his cock against her. She dropped to her knees and slid his shorts down and his cock sprung free. I heard her very nice as she took his cock in her mouth. She looked over at me as this was to be a show for me. I was very hard and pressed up against Sara.

Sara was breathing faster and I said feel that and she nodded and I whispered that is for you. We are going to fuck in a minute right? She just nodded again. Sherry stretched out on the floor and spread for Jack and he moved between her legs and went in. Sara gasped seeing her husband fucking Sherry in front of her. I slid my hand up her leg under her skirt and she gasped and shuttered at my touch. I slid her panties down and off and she allowed me to do that and moaned quietly. Jack was really giving it to Sherry and she was really giving it to him.

The smell and sounds of sex filled the room. I pushed her skirt up and took my cock out and pressed on her back. She resisted for just a moment until I whispered I am going to fuck you now and leaned forward just a little. I slipped my cock in and she gasped and murmured oh that feels good. Jack looked up and he and Sherry watched what I was doing to Sara.

Jack looked surprised that his wife was actually giving it up to me. I reached around Sara and unbuttoned and removed her top and than her bra. Jack watched as she got naked as I than slid her skirt down and off. Sherry was about to watch me do another woman for the first time.

Sherry moved in front of Jack so she could watch me do Sara. Sara had become lost in the sensations she was feeling. Any doubts were leaving her. She had become very wet as I moved in and out of her. I whispered to her you are being a bad girl for me and Jack is watching and wants you to have a good time. She looked over at Jack watching her getting fucked as he fucked Sherry as Sherry watched me fucking Sara. Jack watched her intently and I pushed in deeper and she got off with Jack watching her give it up to me. I heard Sherry say to Jack oh yes fuck me and grunted and had her cum for him.

I turned Sara around and pushed her to the floor on her back. I was ready to really give it to her. She spread for me instinctively and I went in and went deep. Her legs came up in the air as I reached bottom and she gasped and said oh so deep. So the four of fucked together and finally Jack groaned and grunting exploded inside Sherry pulling out squirting all over her butt and back. He was loaded. Sara watched him getting off with Sherry.

I whispered to her, whisper to me you want me to fuck you. She pulled my head down and whispered yes I want you to fuck me. I whispered back I know because that is why you agreed to come here tonight right? She said yes and I gave it to her hard and fast and she came for me again and I pulled out and squirted all over her tummy and boobs. I fell on top of her and she kissed me and said that was good.

Jack was watching his wife with me. We all sat together naked and finally I said to Jack it is time you tell your wife you love her or this will be your first and last time doing this. He leaned forward and kissed Sara and said I will always love you. She visibility relaxed and said I will always love you too. I laughed and said we love you too and we just did. They finally relaxed and laughed with me. I said to Jack as we headed back to the living room I hope we see you again and gave him our phone number and told him to call and we could get together sometime. He said ok. It was getting late and we were tired. We had a long drive home so we called it a night. Sherry said fun night and I said yes a lot of fun.

The next day we talked more about the past evening and our time with Jack and Sara. I really hoped to hear from them Sara was lovely. I said I really hate the long drive there and back. She said me too. I said well we could plan parties here. We live in a nice house outside of town and there is some privacy there. Sherry said well that is a thought.

A few days later she said well we could try it for one weekend and see if it works but how will we find anyone who would attend. I said let me work on that part. I was concerned about putting an ad in any adult magazine at least for now so I got a couple adult book stores to allow me to post an announcement of a new party house locally. We were amazed at how many calls we received. We had to put a 12 couple limit for the first party as we were concerned on how to handle a party like this. Sherry wanted to allow some a maximum of 5 single guys as well. None of the other houses allowed any single men.

So we had 12 couples and 5 singles who agreed to attend our party. We were nervous to say the least. Half the couples had never attended a swing party before so we screened them to be sure they understood what kind of party they were agreeing to attend. One of the couples was concerned they might run into someone they knew, and I said well they will be there for the same reason right?

Jack called and we invited them and they were one of the twelve couples. He told me they really had a great time with us. The couples and singles begin to arrive and gathering in our large living room. We had turned the family room into a group room and there were 4 bedrooms in the house. As it turned out one of the couples we knew. The girl Deb was a co-worker of Sherry and was one of the newcomers. It would be their first experience. She and Sherry had talked on the phone and she had been surprised we were the hosts, but agreed to attend anyway as they wanted to experience something new and exciting. Her husband was John.

Sherry greeted the single guys and I laughed to myself as this was probably about her fantasy. The party was beginning as two couples disappeared into one of the bedrooms. I know they had just met a half hour earlier. One couple was one of the first timers. I thought well they will not be for long. One couple took one of the single guys into another room. Sherry made a move on John and Deb watched as they disappeared. I walked up to Deb and asked how she was doing and she said fine. I was just thinking about my husband with Sherry is all?

It feels a little strange what it will be like when we are working together next week knowing she had sex with my husband. I asked would you like to join them with me or just join me somewhere else so you can tell her you had sex with her husband. She smiled just with you. I took her hand and headed for one of our bed rooms. There was a couple there already so I asked Deb ok with you? She watched the other couple having sex and said wow never seen that before and said yes it is ok. I approached the bed and asked the other couple if they minded and they moved over to give us room. The first thing I had noticed about Deb was her oversized boobs. She was really a healthy young girl. The other couple was back at it and Deb set next to them watching. I reached over and unbuttoned her top and she smiled and said you will like them. I removed her top and she removed her bra and her boobs spilled out. I thought wow. I said you are right and she laughed.

The guy looked up from what he was doing and said wow. The girl under him looked as well and said I wish I had those. The girl reached out and said may I and with a surprised look Deb said ok and the young girl took a boob in her hand and said oh so soft. The girl than went back to being fucked.

I slipped out of clothes and Deb looked down at me cock standing tall seeing what she was about to get and said nice. She took off her skirt and bent over exposing herself slipping off her panties and turned around and her face was flushed. She said I thought you would like that; I smiled and said I did thank you. I can be a bad girl sometimes. I said I can see that. I whispered I really want to fuck you as she made eye contact and said yes lets.

She spread for me and I moved in. She was wonderful. She held back nothing and fucked my brains out. She kept cumming almost the whole time. She told me later that she had always had multiple orgasms her whole life. When I was ready to cum she pulled away and went down on me and I exploded down her throat and in her mouth. Cum was running down her chin and she was smiling. The other couple watched all this and finished each other off. It turned out they had just met and really got off with each other. It was the girls first time with someone other than her husband.

When we got back to the living room the house was filled with the sounds of people fucking. Sherry and John were still at I suppose and Deb sat down waiting for them. I moved on.

I looked back as I went into the group room and 2 of the single guys had approached her and each taking a hand she followed them out of the living room. I though wow talk about jumping in. I thought I have got to watch her. I waited for a while and found them in one of the bedrooms.

Deb was on her knees and they were standing. She had a cock in her mouth and the other in her hand and switched from one to the other. Finally they both pulled away and she stretched out on the floor and one of the guys pushed her legs apart and slipped into her pussy and the other moved up to her head and she took him in her mouth again. The switched places as she took them both on. I got hard just watching and left looking for some attention.

In the living room I found Sara sitting alone. I walked up to her and said hi. She smiled and said oh I remember you, I knew she meant I remember fucking you. I said I remember you too. We sat and chatted for a time and she said Jack is off doing his thing. Do you know he wants me to have sex with another woman if I can find one willing? She added I am curious. A few minutes later Deb returned to the living room looking like I just got fucked and sat down with us. She said wow what a night I have done things I would never believe I would do. The two guys were wonderful and when we were together that girl felt me up and it felt strange but nice. It has been a wild night. The two girls said hello and I noticed that Sara noticed how big Deb was.

I thought I wonder. I said to Deb and Sara I have a fantasy of having two women at the same time. Deb and Sara looked at each other with the question on their faces. Deb said well I am willing and Sara said me too.

When we were alone I told Deb that Sara was looking for another lady to play with as she was curious what that would be like. Deb said never done that but I have never had two men before either so tonight is my night to explore I guess. The two ladies made eye contact and Sara said I would like that I never have either, so what do we do? I said you could start with a nice kiss. They kissed each other softly and you could tell they liked doing that as the both faces were flushed when they parted. Deb said I feel like such a bad girl and Sara said me too. I said I am going to be a very bad boy and they both laughed.

I said to Sara that Deb has wonderful boobs and she got the hint and asked Deb if it was ok as she reached over to unbutton her top and Deb said yes I would like that. Deb was breathing faster and really focused on what Sara was doing as she unbuttoned her top and her boobs fell out. Sara tentatively reached in with both her hands and lifted and cupped both of her boobs in her hands saying they are so soft. Deb watched her touching her boobs and said I like you doing that to me. Her nipples had gotten hard and stood out and I leaned forward and took one in my mouth. Sara watched me and finally made a decision and leaned in and took the other in her mouth. Deb moaned and said oh that feels good.

I moved back a little and as Sara worked on her boobs slid my hand up and under her skirt and slipped a finger in her pussy. Sara gasped as I fingered her. I said to Deb Sara is very wet. A second later I felt a hand on mine and realized the Deb had joined me and her finger was also inside Sara alongside mine. Sara noticed as well and spread wider so we both had room. I made eye contact with Deb and could see the lust in her eyes as she fingered Sara. I moved back and kissed them both and said you are on your own. I whispered to Sara she wants you to finger her too. Sara slipped her hand under her skirt.

So I watched these two lovely ladies kissing and fingering each other. The next thing they did was they undressed each other. I moved over to them and went down on Deb. She gasped as I licked her moaning oh yes good. Sara watched me and I looked up and said want to join me. She hesitated for a moment and moved down next to me. I moved over and pushing on the back of her head guided her head down. She paused for a moment making eye contact with me and I said I want you to taste her. Sara moved forward and tasted her first pussy. Deb got off immediately as soon as she felt the new tongue in her pussy knowing it was Sara. Deb looked down at this lovely woman licking and sucking on her and I motioned for her to move down on Sara.

She nodded a yes and I could see in her eyes that she wanted to do Sara as well. Deb swung around and went down on Sara and we both licked her for a minute than I got out of the way. The two girls were totally into each other lying on their sides in a 69 licking. I moved behind Sara on my side and slipped my very hard cock into her pussy as Deb licked her and me. I fucked Sara hard and she gave a muffled moan as I gave it to her. I looked down at Deb licking us both and said to her you are incredible. She just kept licking. I pulled out of Sara and moved behind Deb and slipped into her as Sara was licking her. I felt her shutter and cum and looked down and Sara had a very wet face. And so it went in this wild threesome I moved from one to the other and we all got lost in the sensations. At the end I was in Deb and felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and knew she was getting off yet again and grunting pulled out and exploded all over her pussy and butt. We all fell apart panting. The girls moved to either side of me and I put an arm around each and kissed them both tasting them both. I told them I think I am in love and they both laughed and kissed me and Sara said no just lust. I said probably. We got dressed and went back to the living room. It was late and the party was winding down. Some of the guests had already left and soon Sherry and I were alone. I said where were you all night you? She said fucking like you. I saw you with Deb and Sara. I said oh you did? She said it looked like they were having fun. It left me a little curious maybe I will try that someday. I said I think you should, maybe at out next party. She yes maybe.

Note: over several years of traveling to the bay area swing houses many of these events actually occurred.

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