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Soldier Of Fortune 2

Jake gently lowered Holly's lusting body to the soft green grass. He placed
her on her
back so gently, a complete contrast to the way he "attacked" her firm tits.
Holly remained
confused about her emotions. She loved being treated so kindly but was
yearning for the
aggressive beast Jake was earlier.
As Jake positioned his face only inches from the neatly trimmed auburn hair
covered her now dripping pussy, Holly caught a glimpse of Bill and Richard.
They were both
focusing on her and Bill was rapidly stroking his long cock which had reached
its full stiffness.
Richard was only watching, although Holly knew it would not be much longer
before he would
also be wanking his rejuvinated sword.
Holly could feel Jake's breath as he began licking her clitoris and nibbling
at the swollen
lips that were begging for attention. She was excited even further by the
contrast of his dark
face and her milky white thighs. The tension grew stronger as her needs
began taking over her
body. Jake was very experienced at pleasing a woman, and it was driving
Holly crazy.
Finally, her lust won out. She motioned to Bill, begging him to come to
her. When he
arrived, Holly reached for his cock. Bill jerked away, not letting her have
it. He said, "If you want
my cock you will have to beg me for it." Holly could not believe a guy would
turn down the
chance for a blowjob. After all, from the stories she had read most guys
liked head more than
sex itself.
"Please Bill, I must have your long cock.", Holly replied, feeling a little
"Ask me like you really want it.", Bill continued.
"I dooo want it. Please, I need to suck a long cock deep inside me.", Holly
tried again, "I
want to feel it in the back of my mouth...down my throat, Pllleeease!!!!"
"Okay.", Bill answered, "But on one condition. I give you what you want by
fucking your
"Yes Please Give ME IT!", Holly played along.
"But you must do a good job on it and make me ready in case I want to fuck
you in the
ass.", Bill demanded. Now Holly understood. The one thing she had heard
guys fantasize about
more than blowjobs and two women at once...ass-fucking. She knew
made them feel
like they were in control and demeaning the woman to subserviance. That
didn't bother her, she
actually enjoyed being subjectgaded. She wasn't a virgin in that hole
either. But it was far from
her favorite act. She often closed her eyes and fantasized about other
things while her boyfriend
shot his creamy load into her brown hole.
"YES..WHatever you Want!", Holly screamed. The effects of Jakes tongue
lashing were
really getting to her. "Please let me get you ready....BILLLLL, PLease."
Not even Bill could resist the sultry slutty expression on Holly's face as
she pleaded for
his throbbing erection.
But as he was about to slip his head between her ruby lips, Jake called out,
"Not yet
Bill....I want her to feel the blades of grass against her back while I fuck
her tight cunt!" Bill
stood again and watched as Jake removed his mouth from her pot. The juices
clinging to his
chin as he rose. Jake slid his body up onto Holly, his unhumanlike cock
resting against her
opening. Holly was truely scared now. She was not sure she could take the
enormous girth into
her small but well lubricated pussy.
As Jake's weight became heavier against her body, she could feel the grass
acting as a
cushion between her and the dirt below it. Before Jake entered her, he
planted a wet,
passionate kiss on her lips. Again the contrast of their bodies was turning
Holly on as much as
anything. When Jake finally broke off the kiss he reached down and gripped
his mammoth dick.
He began slowly pushing the head of his cock between the puffy, moist lips of
her entry. He
stopped when he came to her pussy. She could still see most of the head of
his chunk which
had not even began to enter her.
The pain grew as Jake put some pressure on his cock. She felt the same as
she did
when she lost her virginity. It was as if he was tearing her apart. Holly
imagined he might have
been. Once the tip of this black stud's prick had opened her, he stopped
again, allowing her to
adjust to his size. After only a few moments he resumed his insertion. Once
he had half of his
15" inside her he stopped again. "So how does it feel, Bitch!"
Holly hated being called a bitch but for some reason she felt like one right
now. She
liked having this strange black man talking that way to her. "IT IS GOOD!",
she managed to say,
"Please continue to go slow. "
"I don't think so. I've been nice so far but you need to experience all of
me not just half
of it.", Jake's face turned sinister as he said this. Without any more of a
warning he thrust
against her, shoving at least 3 more inches inside. He withdrew slightly and
thrust again. This
time he had almost 12" of his shaft buried in her juicy cunt.
"OOOOHHHHCCHHHHHH!", Holly screamed. But instead of slowing down, Jake
again, this time burying all but the last inch into her. It felt as if his
cock was being shoved all
the way to her throat. But now, once the initial pain subsided, it was
replaced with an orgasm
like Holly had never felt before. It was a sensation that touched every
nerve ending in her entire
body. She began to quiver and finally her entire body was shaking violently
as if she was having
Jake then began ramming his cock in and out of her as violently as he had
"mauled" her
earlier. Holly was enjoying it tremendously. The grass rubbing against her
ass with each thrust
and the thickness of Jake's monster stretching her even more than she thought
possible. Each
time he buried his cock he would yell, "C'MON BITCH, TAKE IT.....FEEL MY
These words turned on Holly enough that she again shuttered through another
orgasm. It was
not as intense as the first one but couldn't have been more than 2 minutes
since the end of the
first orgasm.
Just at the height of Holly's second orgasm, Jake thrust one last time.
Holly could feel
his thick warm gooey sperm filling her cunt. He continued thrusting and with
each one
deposited another shot of cum.
As Holly returned from her orgasm, Jake was still squirting more of his
spunk deep
inside her. That had to have been 7 or 8 loads so far. That is when the
fear really set in on
Holly. Since she had been on the pill for so long, her doctor took her off
of it two years ago.
Instead she used a diaphram. Of course, she didn't put it in because she
hadn't planned on all
this...afterall she was only going jogging.
Now the terror of the possibility of having a baby shot through her, not to
explaining to her hillbilly family why the baby is black. This excited Holly
in a strange way, she
could feel the tingling sensations building again and finally decided it was
too late to worry about
Jake finally shot all the cum his balls could manage to supply him with and
withdrew his
still large penis from Holly's snatch. When he did Holly felt a huge load
come out with him,
running down her pubic area and against her thighs.
Before Jake had even managed to roll to the side of the garden spot, Bill
was standing
next to Holly with an erection to beat all. Holly rolled over and managed
somehow to get to her
knees. She grabbed hold of Bill's cock and thrust it into her mouth. Her
tongue was exploring
his cock which was not too difficult because it was not very thick. She
could run her tongue all
around his prick while it was inside of her mouth.
As she reached an acceptable rythym and began bobbing her head along the
length of
his erection taking him into her throat, she felt someone grab her hips from
behind her forcing
her onto her hands and knees. While Bill adjusted by dropping to his knees,
Holly looked
behind her. Finally, Richard was going to fuck her. She was a little
disappointed though
because she wasn't sure she would feel as much after taking Jake's huge tool.
Her question was answered quickly though. Richard pointed his member to her
soaked pussy and glided it into her easily. Jake's cum had lubricated her
enough that Richard
was able to thrust his entire cock into her with little resistance. A moan
escaped her as she felt
Richard's balls slap against her clit. She returned her attention to Bill's
saliva covered meat.
She tried regaining her motion with him but found it too difficult with
Richard thrusting his slab
into her squishing cunt.
Bill took over as he began ferociously thrusting himself into Holly's mouth.
He was
fucking her mouth (and throat) rapidly. Holly felt as if Richard and Bill's
cocks could actually
touch each other if timed correctly.
"OK I am ready.", Bill coyed. Holly's face turned back to terror as she
promising Bill he could fuck her ass. "Just a minute.", Holly said, "let me
suck it once more."
Bill returned his cock to her mouth and as he pulled it out Holly made sure
as much of her saliva
as possible could be on his shaft. She knew noone had any KY with them and
she had never
taken a guy in her ass without it.
Bill laughed as he saw what Holly was doing. Richard thrust twice more and
then pulled
himself out of her pussy. Richard rolled Holly onto her back, making a
comment about the grass
stains on her knees. Then Richard lied next to her and assisted her on top
of him. It only took
one try before Holly had engulfed Richard's entire cock again. She was
worried though because
all of this movement took some time. She knew her saliva had dried on Bill's
dick by now.
She continued to ride and buck against Richard, until she felt a hand on her
back trying
to slow her down. She stopped and pleaded for him to be careful, Bill again
only laughed as he
began rubbing his fingers along the exterior of her anal passage.
Holly felt something cold and gooey on his fingers. Suddenly she remembered
the bag
they had brought. There must have been some lubricant inside the bag.
Relief was beginning
to settle in as Bill thrust his thumb inside her anus. "OOH GOD!", Holly
shouted. With that Bill
withdrew his thumb and placed the head of his slender cock against her
rectum. He applied
some more lube and slowly began his entrance.
Holly still had not moved. She was straddling Richard with his cock fully
inserted into
her cunt. She could feel the pain as Bill let more and more of his cock
submerge into her ass.
The pain was not tremendous but was not at all pleasureable. Bill stopped
when he had planted
half of his cock. He gave her time to adjust and accept the pain. Holly
knew that once you were
use to the pain it would subside and be replaced by pleasure.
Bill was waiting for the sign he could continue. He had done this before
and knew she
would moan when it was time. If she didn't moan then she would at least
resume her rodeo act
on Richard.
Holly did not moan, but she did involuntarily began thrusting her ass
backward and
slowly rocking on Richard's still hard cock. Bill allowed Holly to set the
pace. Holly kept it slow.
She knew that would be the most enjoyable. (These guys that think ramming a
girl in the ass
need to learn this.) In the back of her mind was the notion that she had to
get Bill to cum so she
could resume with Richard at a faster pace.
Holly clenched her ass slightly and it was just enough to cause Bill to lose
control. She
felt warm blasts of sperm shooting into her ass. Bill quickly pulled out and
sprayed the
remaining spunk onto her back. He then recoiled to the area where Jake was
That left only Richard and Holly. The way it was to begin with. Holly
whispered to
Richard, "They have fucked me...and fucked me good. Now I want you to make
love to me."
Richard then answered, "I would love that, but I think there are five more
guys watching. What
about them?"
Holly could not believe what she was hearing. She really liked Richard but
could not
understand why he enjoyed this so much. "I am not fucking anyone else...I
want you... don't you
want me?" Richard nodded his head admitting to wanting her badly. Holly
continued, "Bring
them all out, as many as are watching, but they will have to stand next to us
and jerk off
"You heard her guys. That is the rules.", Richard hollered. At that moment
not five but
seven guys came from out of the brush. They were a motley looking group of
all races and
sizes. As Richard and Holly proceeded with their coitus, these men stood
alongside stroking
their cocks and getting an eyeful of Holly.
Richard was as graceful and talented at making love as Holly had dreamed.
carressed and kissed all the while Richard was hammering his cock into
Holly's tired pussy.
The men who were watching were getting close to erupting. One asked what to
do with it.
Holly looked to Richard and said, "You really like watching me take other
guys cum?"
Richard nodded and Holly replied, "Then I owe that to you for fulfilling my
fantasies." She then
returned to her hands and knees and allowed Richard to reinsert his cock. As
continued Holly told the other guys to stand as close as they could. They
were to continue
jerking off until Richard made her cum. If he came first then the party
would be over. Anyone
who cums before that should deposit it on her back. Those who had yet to cum
when she did
would receive one of her famous blowjobs. Bill was to make sure none of the
guys quit stroking
their dicks during this. If they did then they would be disqualified. That
was all it took for one
sad soul, who at the very thought of what he was witnessing began shooting
streams of cum
onto Holly's back. She could feel the warm liquid sticking to her skin in
the sunlight.
Richard was keeping up quite well. He wanted to cum so badly, but did not
want to miss
the oppourtunity of watching Holly go down on his battery mates. One by one
many of the
audience quivered and left behind a warm sticky load on her back. There were
only two left who
had not as of yet exploded. Holly knew Richard could not hold out much
longer and she would
have to cum soon. She had been fighting it in order to get the audience pool
down to one guy.
She felt Richard's cock tighten and knew he was at his wit's end. Just as
she was
ready to let loose, one of the watching soldiers began spurting his cum. He
missed her back
and most of his spunk fell into her hair with one landing on the back of her
neck. That was it!
Holly began thrusting back onto Richard's cock and wailing, "OOOOHHH
This orgasm never really subsided. It lowered in intensity but Holly could
still feel slight
quivers and joy shoot through her. She looked at the one guy remaining. To
her surprise it was
Jake. He had entered the contest when Holly announced the reward. She was
going to argue
but when looking at that enormous cock and still feeling the throws of her
last orgasm she
pulled him to her.
She knew she would never get all of it into her mouth. She wasn't even
going to try. It
was so thick she decided that as much as she could do would be just fine.
She only had a few
inches between her lips, when Richard began thrusting like a horny dog. He
was ramming her
cunt and sending additional sensations through her body with every thrust.
Obviously, he
couldn't take the sight of this black hunk fucking her ivory face.
Richard was depositing every bit as much cum inside Holly's pussy as Jake
had earlier.
The intensity of his thrusts did not weaken either. Holly returned her
attention to Jake and the
large ebony pole that was fucking her mouth.
When she could take no more of Jake's cock into her throat, she looked at
what was
left. Probably at least 8 inches! Hell he had as much that wouldn't go in
as some guys have at
all. The thickness made it difficult for her to breathe and she later
decided to only suck on
Jake's head.
Richard had finished depositing his sperm but had not pulled out of Holly's
dripping wet
and now sore cunt. Holly liked the feel of his cock as it began shrinking
inside her. Without
much more attention Jake was ready to cum as well. He pulled the tip out of
her mouth, Holly
quickly grabbed it and went to reinsert it. He was already cumming and a
shot of his seed went
directly into Holly's nostril causing her to choke briefly. She did recover
in time to caqpture the
rest of what he offered into her belly. His load wasn't nearly as big as the
first one but was still
enough to test Holly's swallowing ability.
Having satisfied all the hard dicks the Army had to offer, Holly collapsed
and slept.
When she awoke, Richard and Jake were still there everyone else was gone.
Holly was upset
that she was late and knew her grandmother was going to be pissed. Jake
reached into his bag
and pulled out a cell phone, which she used to call her grandmother. She
came up with a story
about twisting her ankle and being in the medical offices on post. Of
course, Grandma was still
unhappy, she had missed half of the picnic since it was now almost 6:00.
Since the picnic was going to be finished soon so they could attend the
display on the fort she would meet Holly at the medical unit.
When Holly hung up the phone, Richard laughed, "I guess it is a good thing
we have
Jake here. He is the Doc up here." Holly noticed he had a stretcher sitting
right there and heard
voices not far away. Then she realized that the clearing they were in is one
of several where
they will setup the fireworks. Holly looked for her clothes but could not
find them.
"The guys took them as souveniers." Jake said.
"Besides, I have an idea." Richard added, "You like to show off, why don't
we carry you
on the stretcher as you are through what people are already here."
"Yeah" Jake said, "it won't be far there is a first aid station nearby and
we will get you
some clothes."
"BUT..." Holly tried to protest, "I am naked! What will they think?"
"They will think you were r*ped or beaten that is if anyone is out there

Holly knew this was her only way out. She climbed onto the stretcher and
laid down.
The cum on her back had dried and was very uncomfortable, while that that
landed in her hair
would be noticeable to the others. That is when she realized how exciting
this would be, she
had dabbled in exhibitionism but never went all out in front of this many
She instructed the two men to carry the stretcher low, she wanted everyone
to see her
nakedness and the cum that was still visible. She then leaned to Richard and
said, "I love you."
As they paraded her naked body through the stands,she could see that there
probably 500-600 people already there. As an added treat, while they were
stopped waiting for
the crowd to separate so they could get through, Holly grinned at a young man
who was staring
at her. Then she reached down between her legs and opened the lips so he
could see just how
sore she was. She thought the man was going to cum in his pants when she
inserted the finger
and began masturbating the rest of the way to the first aid station.
When they arrived, Jake cleared everyone out . She was so hot from the show
and her
fingerwork, that she gave another blowjob to Jake as Richard gently and
caringly thrust himself
into her pussy one last time.

End of Story

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