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Soldier Of Fortune 1

It had been almost seven years since Holly stepped foot on the soil of the
town she
reluctantly called home. She had spent 18 of her 25 years in this small
midwestern town.
When she graduated from high school she swore she would never come back. The
town was
the butt of many jokes, since it was the home of a federal pennitentiary, a
state prison, and a
military post which also hosted a disciplinary barracks.
Her promise never to return had to be broken. Her grandfather had passed
away one
year ago today and her grandmother was taking it very hard.
It was July 3rd and the temperature had been over 90 for two weeks. Holly
had planned
on staying with her grandmother and going to a family picnic to celebrate the
fourth. Since it fell
on a weekend this year there would probably be a better than usual turnout
for the reunion.
They usually held the reunion in Oklahoma but since Grandma was not feeling
well they decided
to have it with her.
The town had not changed much, it was a little more run-down than Holly
but still felt like home. All of the locally owned businesses had been
bought out by the larger
corporations except for one. The Rexall, was a locally owned drugstore with
an actual soda
fountain and ice cream shop.
Holly walked into the Rexall because she needed to buy aspirin and Maalox.
Once she
gathered her purchases she decided to have a malt for old times sake. She
was sitting at the
counter drinking her malt and wondering why she didn't recognize anyone. It
had to be the
changeover in personnel at the fort.
Holly had finished half of her malt when a man dressed in his Army uniform
came into
the store. Holly always admired the way military men looked, especially in
their dress uniforms.
He was tall and very muscular. Holly thought that was odd since most of the
military people she
had seen here were going to the staff college and while still in shape they
were seldom as
muscular as this fellow.
Even though the entire soda bar was empty, this dashing stranger pulled up
beside Holly
and ordered a limeade.
"Sure thing, Richard.", the soda jerk replied. Obviously he was a regular
here since the
soda jerk knew his name. Holly could not help but stare at the fine looking
gentleman. Her
daze was broken when he said, "Hello, I don't believe we have met?"
Holly began stumbling for the words, ""
"My name Richard", the man said, making fun of Holly's fumbling. "Do you
live here, in
town I mean.", he continued.
"No, I am visiting relatives," Holly responded. "I used to live here but
moved away to
college." Holly suddenly felt very at ease with her new friend. The
rambling had ceased and
she was now able to form coherent sentences.
The two talked for quite a long time and really began to know each other
when Holly
realized the time was getting away. She didn't want to leave, knowing she
would never see this
man again. But realizing that her grandmother would start worrying soon,
Holly stood and shook
Richard's hand, "It was a real pleasure, meeting you Richard." Richard took
her hand, kissed it,
and bid his farewell.

That night, Holly went to bed early. She woke the next morning after an
extremely erotic
dream featuring her new friend, Richard. The stirrings inside her were
becoming unbearable.
The dream seemed so real.
Holly pulled up the nightshirt she had been wearing and her fingers
gradually roamed
until they were nestled between her lovely long legs. She could feel the
moisture coming from
her pussy. She could not remember the last time she was so horny. Her
fingers gently
rubbeded her clitoris, sending new waves of sexual desire through her body.
Her other hand
began massagingone of her aching breasts.
The tension was building even greater as she closed her eyes and fantasized
that her
dream was true. With each movement against her clit, she dreamed it was
Richard's tongue
lapping up the juices that were actually seeping onto the sheets. They were
at the Rexall, and
there were a number of people watching them. She was laying on the counter
for all of them to
In her fantasy, he was fully clothed while she was totally nude. He was
wearing that
beautiful uniform and drinking the nectar that she emmitted. She held the
back of his head, not
allowing him to leave and forcing his tongue deeper inside her. Then as
quickly as he had
started, he stopped, stood and ordered her to unzip his pants. She did so
willingly, freeing the
enormous cock that was being held captive.
Now Richard was standing in front of her, still clothed but with a beautiful
8 inch cock
hanging from his opened fly. Holly quickly took it inside her mouth as it
grew even larger. When
he was fully erect he pulled it from her mouth. She begged him not to but he
had other things in
His saliva covered cock was now entering her pussy. She could feel it as it
went in
further. Actually what she felt was the viberator she had brought with her.
In her fantasy,
Richard plunged deep inside her aching pussy for what seemed like an
eternity. Finally, the
orgasm was coming. She felt her body quiver and suddenly she was filled with
The crowd at the soda counter had grown and they were now all applauding.
She came back to reality to see the mess she had made of the sheets. The
was covered with her honey. She removed it from her swollen cunt and placed
it in her mouth,
being sure to clean it thoroughly with her tongue. She enjoyed the taste of
her own juices and
cleaned the toys she used better that way.

After finishing her shower and having breakfast with Grandma, Holly decided
to go
jogging. It was almost 11:30 and Grandma reminded her that the picnic
started at 2:00. Holly
was to be home by 1:00 so they could go together. Holly agreed and went on
her trip.
She had been jogging for a while and "just happened" to pass the Rexall.
She stopped
to get some bottled water. Or that is what she told herself. In reality,
she was hoping to find
Richard sitting at the soda counter.
She found the bottled water and then moved toward the counter. To her
dismay, there
was no one sitting there. She paid for the water and continued to jog. She
was feeling very
good today and decided to extend her mileage. She decided it would be fun to
jog up to the fort,
to see what she could see.
She had a decent pace going but was unsure if she had made a wise choice in
up here. The neighborhoods she had to go through were very scary and
actually had declined
since she lived there. She gripped her pepper spray and continued toward the
post. Running
instead of Jogging.
Finally, she could see the entrance and decided since she was there she
would go visit
her grandfather's grave. She hadn't been jogging very far, when she saw
Richard jogging in the
opposite direction. He was wearing baggy shorts and a T-shirt. Holly
quickly became a
schoolgirl again as she saw the perspiration drenching his grey shirt. She
could now actually
see how muscular his legs really are.
As their paths crossed, Richard turned and ran up behind Holly. "Howdy,
Holly. Care
for a partner?" Holly agreed and the two of them jogged side by side. Holly
had finally run out of
steam and could not jog anymore. They sat down on the bench near a park and
talked for a
The subjects were varied, but then Holly brought up the dream she had. She
believe she was actually telling a guy she had only met the day before about
such a personal
detail in her life. She didn't stop though, she told him every detail. She
could tell from the bulge
that was growing inside his shorts that 1) he wasn't wearing anything under
his shorts and 2)
that her dream grossly underestimated the size of his cock.
With each detail Holly told, she could see his hardened member twitch
underneath the
cotton shorts. When she had finished telling her story, she didn't want it
to end. Using the
knowledge she gained from a course in college she began embelishing the end
of the dream.
With each twitch of Richard's cock, Holly would edge closer to him. She
couldn't believe she
was trying to come on to this guy. She would never make the first move
Richard eventually took the hint and scooted as close to Holly as he could
on the bench.
He leaned over and gently kissed Holly on the neck, directly below her ear.
Holly tried not to
scream. How did he know she could not resist a kiss there. Sometimes she
thought her neck
and ears were more erogenous than her clit.
Holly returned his kiss with one of her own. As their lips entwined and
Richard's tongue
slipped softly into her mouth, Holly felt those familiar twinges stirring
inside. As they continued
their passionate kiss, Richard began subtly squeezing her breast which was
confined in the bike
top she was wearing. With each grope Holly sighed. The top was so tight it
felt as though he
was rubbing her naked tits.
Holly's hand then reached for the growing bulge and rubbed it through the
shorts. Since
it was free under his shorts, it made quite a tentpole for him. Holly slowly
ran her hand through
the leg opening and carefully ran the tips of her nails over Richard's
Richard was enjoying this but knew they had to leave. They were on this
park bench
were anyone could see. It would definately get some type of disciplinary
action should he get
There were many people out this afternoon, preparing for the giant fireworks
Richard didn't know where they should go to be hidden. Then he remembered a
portion of the
park that had a wooded area. It was still close to the action but they could
hide themselves in
the brush. He told Holly of his idea and she quickly agreed. They sat on
the bench a little
longer, hoping that Richard's erection would receed so he would not attract
attention. He could
not stop thinking about this beauty next to him and that caused a long wait
for the erection to
become managable.
The two resumed their jogging and when they came to the wooded area Richard
led the
way. It was not a thick brush at first but became more dense the deeper they
went in. Then to
Holly's surprise, there was a clearing about 10'x10'. It was surrounded by
the thicker brush and
could not be seen from the park. It was covered with grass and had obviously
been mowed
Richard had not thought about what they would lay on. He quickly told Holly
he had a
blanket back in his car. It wouldn't take long to get it. "I can't wait much
longer," she said,
"Besides, the grass looks very soft." Actually, Holly had always fantasized
about making love on
new mown grass. With that, Holly dropped to her knees and tugged on
Richard's shorts until
they had fallen to his ankles. "Looks like the little camper needs some
help," Holly remarked
noting that his cock had shrunk some in the jog over. She had to see just
how large it was.
Generally, Holly was uninterested in the size of a man's cock. She found as
many people with
short ones that could fuck well as were those with long ones that couldn't
satisfy her at all. But
this was different. She couldn't wait to see if she could take it all.
As her lips parted and the head of Richard's cock entered her mouth, she
could feel it
swelling. She allowed only the head into her mouth. Gently running her
tongue around its tip,
stopping as she reached the underside and licking along the grove that
combined the head of
his cock with the shaft. Richard could not keep the light moans from
escaping as this red haired
woman started taking more of him inside her moist lips.
Richard's manhood was now fully erect. Holly pulled it from her mouth to
admire its size
and beauty. It was probably 10" or so but was very thick. The thickness
turns Holly on the most.
She continues to stare at it while she uses her thin fingers to pump up and
down on the shaft.
Her finger tips never meet the tip of her thumb due to the thickness of his
meat. Richard
continues to moan as she masturbates him. The low moans become louder grunts
as Holly
slips one of his balls into her mouth. As she kisses and licks his testicle,
she can feel the blood
as it pumps through his organ.
Not wanting him to cum yet, Holly was forced to slow her pace. But she
couldn't wait
much longer, she had to see if she could take his entire girth into her
mouth. She wrapped her
lips around him once more, already feeling her mouth was full. She slowly
plunged the first
couple inches in. She gradually took more until she felt she was going to
gag. He was less
than half way inside her! Holly opened her throat and began taking more into
her throat but with
little success. She had blown lguys with cocks longer than Richards, but
never one this long
and this thick. As his thickness entered her throat, she could feel it
prying her esophagus open.
He was too thick, she knew that she would only be able to take what she had
done so far.
Upset that she couldn't get more but still proud of how much she had taken,
grabbed each cheek of Richard's ass and began bobbing on as much of it as she
could. It
wasn't long before she felt the warm spurts of his cum jetting into her
mouth. Richard continued
to pump his cock in and out of her mouth which caused a great deal of the
sperm to be forced
out of her already full lips. Drops of his seed splashed onto the top that
Holly was still wearing.
More of it ran down her cheek and neck. But some of it she was able to
swallow. Holly enjoyed
the taste of cum, but usually found the first spurt to be somewhat
distasteful. That is why she
liked to swallow all a guy had to offer. The more of it she swallowed the
better it tasted.
Holly could not believe what was happening! Here she was in the middle of a
field with
cum splattered all over her face, kneeling in front of a soldier whose shorts
were around his
ankles. She hadn't removed any of her clothing and he had already satisfied
himself. It all
happened so fast, but it was partly Holly's fault. Richard had warned her
that she was going too
fast and he would not be able to hang on at that rate. She was so worked up
with the situation
that she didn't pay attention. Now his cock was going limp and Holly was
still aroused.
"I tried to stop, but your mouth is so tight and moist I couldn't.", Richard
apologized as
he pulled his shorts back up.
"No. It was my fault. I just got carried away.", Holly explained, the cum
still on her neck
and drying fast in the summer wind.
"You are still horny, aren't you?", Richard asked, feeling stupid for such a
lame question.
"Yes, but don't worry about it. Maybe we can do it again some other
time...if you give
me your phone number that is." Holly then realizing how late it was (1:00)
began attempting to
wipe the cum off of her and explained that she had to leave she was already
"But...I...uughh ....I have to do something for you!", Richard exclaimed.
"No you don't....I am a big girl."

"JAKE...BILL.....", Richard screamed, "YOU GUYS OUT THERE!" Holly didn't
what was happening. Who were Jake and Bill? Fear began to shoot through
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?", she managed to scream back to Richard. But as
she screamed two men in uniform came from the brush and were carrying a
sports bag. One of
the men (I later learned it was Jake) was a black man about 6-6 and probably
weighed 250#.
He was very muscular, might say. The other man (Bill) was
closer to 6 foot and
200#. He too was very muscular.
Normally, Holly would be very excited about being in the same place with
three guys as
handsome as these. But normally, she would be in a situation she felt in
control of, not in the
middle of a forrest having just given head to one guy while the others
"What have we here?", Bill asked. "Looks like a maiden in distress." Holly
was growing
ever more nervous as she looked over at Richard. He smiled at her and for
some reason she
felt at ease again. Had he hypnotized her? No, that was impossible.
"So Rich, how was she?", Jake asked.
"Best cocksucker in the entire U.S. of A.", Richard resonded. A smile came
over Holly's
face as she was enveloped in pride.
"Think we can get some too?", Jake asked. Holly could not believe he was
Richard for permission instead of her.
"That's up to the lady....I kindof left her high and dry", Richard gleed.
"I doubt she is dry." Bill added.
"Listen!", Holly screamed, "I don't like this and I am late getting home."
Richard looked harshly at Holly and scolded, "Now YOU listen, I am not going
to let you
go home horny. I won't let these guys hurt you. But you have to decide if
you want one, or both
of them to get you off." He then added, "Otherwise you are going to have to
masturbate in front
of us so these guys can jerk off."

Holly was surprised by the sudden change in his demeanor. She liked it.
She loved it
when a man took control of her. "I'm sorry. I was just looking forward to
your huge cock."
"I think these two can satisfy you there as well.", Richard testified, "Go
ahead you guys
show her what you got." The two soldiers unbuckled their belts and dropped
their pants. Holly
gasped when each of them pulled down their boxer shorts. Bill's cock didn't
measure up to
Richards in thickness but he claimed it was 12" long. Judging from its
appearance, Holly would
guess he wasn't far off. Jake was even more surprising. He gleefully
claimed that the huge
monster he was carrying (and wasn't even hard yet) was a whopping 15" long
and Holly could
see it was every bit as thick as Richard's.
"So, Holly, how do these guys measure up?", Richard asked.
"You must think I am some type of slut!", Holly responded, "I was with you
because I like
"Now, now..I am only trying to help you.", Richard continued, "Besides
watching you
take these guys on will get me ready and maybe later..." Holly didn't like
the way he said this
but she had to admit the offer did play well in her minds eye. She had never
been with a black
man before, her family was rather biggotted when it came to that.
Uncertain if it was the taboo nature or the entire day's events, Holly
agreed to allow one
of them to fuck her. She chose (no surprise) Jake. Richard looked over at
Bill and said, "Looks
like we get to whack-off while Jake gets the lady."
"Yeah...he gets all the ladies.", Bill moaned.

Holly tried to grab Jake's cock and shove it into her mouth, but Jake was
quicker than
that. "No, No..That is what got you in this predictement in the first
place." He then pulled the
tight spandex top over Holly's head, freeing her 34c breasts. As the warm
air continued to blow
she could feel it as if it were breath on her nipples. Jake began kneading
her tits, rubbing and
massaging them. It would be most accurate to say he "manhandled" them. The
raw nature of
everthing made his somewhat brutal ways seem very exciting to Holly. She
felt as if she had
relinquished all control to him. He was rough with her, sometimes it hurt,
but strangely, the pain
was not intense and was overshadowed by the sweet ripples of erotic
Jake continued to play with her breasts with one hand, while the other
roamed softly
across her belly. He reached down, letting his arm cradle under her legs and
lifted her off of her
feet. She felt secure in a funny sense, secure in his strong arms, but
scared of what would
happen next.

End of Story

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