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Sister-in-Law Julie Part one

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Lying on the couch, I heard the door open. Still kind of groggy from my nap I looked over to see my sister-in-law making here way across the living room. We had all gone in together to rent this beach house. My wife and our two kids, her two sisters, their husbands and their two kids, and their parents.

The house was two-story with us renting the upstairs with the owner of the home downstairs. We were one block off the beach, which made it nice.

We had all decided to take turns preparing dinner to try and keep the costs down as all of us were watching our budget. Last night, my wife had cooked her specialty, spaghetti. Tonight my mother-in-law was planning to cook up some chili.

I had decided to forego the morning trip to the beach. I was content to just sit on the couch and watch some television. When my sister-in-law came in, I had been out for about 30 minutes.

Ah, my sister-in-law Julie. She was three years younger than my wife and very pretty. About 5’5, blonde hair, slender build, nice ass with about 34B breasts. She had a pool of her own back home and stayed outside by it during the summer. To say the least, she had a very nice tan that complimented her soft complexion well.

She walked over and sat down in front of me on a love seat. She was wearing a neon orange bikini which really made her look dark. She had a white towel wrapped around her waist that covered her bikini bottom.

“You going to lay around and sleep all day?” she teased.

I responded, “ Nah, just catching up on my beauty sleep. I was planning to get a shower here in a few minutes and take a drive over to the main drag and do some window shopping, maybe catch a bite to eat. I know that Allie and the kids will spend the whole day out on the sand.”

“That sounds interesting and fun,” she said. “Would you mind if I tagged along? Stan (her husband) doesn’t care much for window shopping. I think he would rather just stay out on that pier all day and fish.”

I grinned and said, “Sure, having some company would be nice”.

I caught myself looking at her breasts as I said that. Evidently the combination of her damp bikini top and the coolness of the air-conditioned house had really had an effect on her nipples. They poked outward pushing the top’s material a good half inch out. I made myself make eye contact with her and she was already staring right back at me. She obviously knew what I was looking at. I felt my face get red. I had been busted.

She stood up and said that she was going to go ahead and jump in the shower and I said, “OK”. As she stood there making conversation about what stores we could visit, she undid the towel around her waist and let it fall to the floor. My eyes, which had just embarrassed me seconds earlier were immediately transfixed to her crotch. The bikini bottom was also, obviously, very damp and clingy.

The over the hip bottom was tied on both sides with a bow. The outline of her pussy lips was very distinguishable. As she talked more, my eyes moved up her beautiful form, taking her all in. Her belly button was pierced (something that I find extremely sexy) and a light patch of peach fuzz was visible on her lean belly.

I could feel myself with a stirring feeling in my khaki shorts which quickly made me re-position myself to a sitting position on the couch.

I then saw a sly little grin emerge on her face.

She said, “You want a beer?” This as she started walking toward the kitchen.

“Sure,” I said. “A cold beer would hit the spot right now.”

“Yeah”, she said. “You look like you need to be cooled off.” This followed by a mischievous giggle.

I knew it. She was teasing me and was having a good time with it too.

We had always gotten along in the 20 years we had known each other. Living a large distance apart probably helped that. We rarely saw each other except on holidays and family get-togethers. Somehow we would frequently end up like this. Off somewhere by ourselves, talking and laughing. There had always been some innocent flirting too. Eye contact, light playful touches, a small bit of talk here and there about our sex lives, but nothing ever too much.

She brought my beer back and took a seat on the couch beside me. Despite the couch being big enough to seat three comfortably, she had taken the center cushion, very close to me. Our legs lightly touched as we both focused on the television. It was on, and we were content to not speak mindlessly and gab aimlessly. We were very comfortable to just sit on the couch together and have a beer while we enjoyed each others’ company.

The aroma of her coconut suntan oil and the slick smooth feel of her leg against mine again had me fidgeting a bit to contain a growing hard-on.

She turned toward me, her face less than a foot away from mine and said, “This is nice isn’t it?”

“Very much so, relaxing,” I replied.

“I have always felt so at ease around you. I have always thought that the two of us would have been a good fit. That is, if you and Allie had not worked out,” she revealed.

“I have always thought the same thing,” I said as my heartbeat really seemed to escalate.

She said, “Have you really?”

Upon saying that, she turned toward me and placed her right hand on my left thigh, very high on my left thigh. Her hand slowly moved back and forth, as if smoothing the wrinkles out of my shorts.

“Most definitely,” I said nervously. We were now sitting there on the couch, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, and smiling. Her hand lightly caressing my thigh. If someone were to walk in right now it would be a very awkward scene to explain. Her in her bikini, practically sitting in my lap.

The excitement of the moment was overwhelming. Perhaps the thrill of someone walking in on us added more intensity to an already sexually-charged atmosphere. We were both enjoying the moment.

Then I did it.

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back. Immediately on mouths were open and our tongues were exploring each others mouth. She moaned as she pressed toward me. We were making out like two teenagers on hormone overload.

I leaned back, suddenly realizing what I had done. The gravity of the moment really hit me. I had just made the first move on my wife’s sister. What was I thinking?

A bit flustered, she asks, “What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

I said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“The hell you shouldn’t have,” she said. “I have been wanting to fuck you for 20 damn years. I have closed my eyes and fantasized that it was you fucking me while Stan humped away on me. I have laid at home by myself and masturbated hundreds of times, thinking of all kinds of scenarios of us together. Please don’t apologize. I think you want me too. I don’t want to wreck our families. I know how to keep a secret. I just want to feel you in me. I am willing to do whatever I have to do in order to make that happen.”

Her eyes were obviously beginning to fill with tears. The outpouring of what she had just said had taken its toll on her nerves.

I sighed and leaned into her again. We again locked into a passionate embrace. She used her tongue to pry open my lips. I found her irresistible. Her hot breath came in short pants. I could feel her heart racing along with mine.

As I caressed and groped her left breast, she matched my efforts by rubbing and squeezing my now stiff dick. I felt as if it would soon bust through the seams of my shorts. I can’t remember the last time that I was this turned on. It almost felt like a dream.

I too had spent many a day lying in the bed wacking away, fantasizing of Julie. The thought of that now, that she was in my arms, and feeling just as turned on as I was, was kind of surreal. Playing a thought about someone through your head hundreds of times seems to have that affect. Its like your mind is going, “Ahhhhh, finally!” But there is a little something there that is asking, “Is this actually, really happening?”…. “Holy shit.”

I pulled the cup down on her bikini exposing about half of her left breast. Her nipple was rock hard and sticking out about three quarters of an inch. She had a very dark nipple, which matched her areola, which was small in diameter.

I leaned down and kissed around her nipple before moving to drag my tongue across it. When I did, she moaned. I lightly bit on it before starting to suck on it lightly and this action was also met by a deep moan from her throat.

I flicked at it playfully. I could taste the salt from her sweat and the ocean but the sweet smell of her suntan oil filled my nasal cavity.

It was during this that I could feel her thrusting slightly toward me. My attention to her nipple had her slowly humping against my left leg.

All at once, she stood up and took my right hand.

“Come with me,” she purred.

I stood up, and tried to situate myself so that standing would not be a painful, regrettable experience. My dick wanted out and I wanted to set it free.

We walked through the master bedroom that her parents were sharing and went into the bathroom that the adults were using.

At least from this location we would not be visible to someone walking right through the front door. I just hoped that we would hear someone enter the house before they discovered us, giving us time to prepare ourselves.

To her knees in front of me she went.

She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and let them slide down my legs. Next she worked my briefs over my dick which was standing at attention.

“That is nice,” she said as she stared at me dick from about six inches away.

“I have heard about this thing for twenty years. It is nice to finally be looking at it, and have it in my hand,” she said in a tone a little louder than a whisper.

“Allie and I would sometimes talk about our sex lives and she used to tell me how you loved her to suck your dick. I don’t know how obliging she has been over the years, but she seemed like she was not all that crazy about oral. Now me, I love it.”

With that statement, she moved forward and took my dick into her mouth. She wasted no time establishing a rhythm, and soon her head was steadily bobbing up and down.

I reached down with both hands and ran my fingers through her hair. She stopped at the top of one stroke and used her tongue to tease the head. Lapping her tongue over the hole and tracing the purple ring that encircled the glans.

Looking down at her, she looked back up at me wide-eyed. She continued to suck and noisily slurped as I moaned, and said, “Oh yeah.”

She put both her hands on each of my ass cheeks and began to pull myself rhythmically into her, causing my dick to go deeper and deeper. She would gag, catch her breath and then go right back to sucking for all she was worth.

This went on for about ten minutes. At about that time, I informed her that I was getting close to cumming and that she would need to get ready to take some evasive action.

She just mumbled “Uh-huh” and continued her oral assault.

In just another 30 seconds I started to feel that good feeling. I did not even try to hol back. I let my load go and go and go. She just moaned more and worked faster, a drop of my cum never slipping from her mouth.

“Incredible,” I said.

“Just wait until we go and do a little window shopping. Then I will show you incredible,” she grinned.

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