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Secret Iiason

Once in a while I have to work @ home due to weather or just timing for meetings.
Today I have spent all orning working setting up in my great bed. The work got boring,s o I decied to read my sls mail.
After reading the mail...I really got hot... No one around jus me. so I began to feel my great hot body.(5'8" ,aubrun hair,37C, tight P... multi "O").....
The joy of knowing exactly how to "Hit" th mark and feeling my nipples grow hard...I.. began have little "o"'s..
Its cold outside -9F, warm in my bed, really warm. I dozed off........
I thought I was dreaming...It feels like someone is touching me, feeling me rubbing my c...
No dream..my maid who was not due until tomorrow had a conflict and showed up today. She had watched me pleasure myself and came up behind the headboard, dropped her clothes and when I fell asleep she moved around to begin feeling me. I woke up when she buried her face in my c... and her tongue in me.
Oh the zinger...... she crawled on top of me, 69... deep in my p..... licking, tasting, touching sucking....wow..
She would not quit.....loved it 5-6 "O"'s later I was exhausted. happy.
I learned the new meaning of maid service......

End of Story