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It was Wednesday mid afternoon and I had to go check in some work out of town, so I asked my wife if she cared to join me for a little road trip. I told her we could take turns entertaining each other during the drive. We took my pickup truck because it has the bench seat which is a more comfortable for the type of entertaining I had in mind.

The setting was perfect as it was a cool sunny day and being we were heading south on the interstate in the mid afternoon we had the sunlight glowing in through the passenger window, keeping my wife nice and warm. Shortly after we got started I asked my wife to removed her clothes, she stripped down naked in the front seat of the truck and out of shyness held her arms over her breast as vehicles passed by while we cruised down the interstate. I instructed her to lie on her back and put her head in my lap; she eagerly complied for my truck was high and by laying down it took her out of view from most of the traffic with exception of the taller vehicles. As she lay naked on her back with her legs slightly spread and the warm sun bathing her freshly shaved pussy, I wet my fingers, reached over and gently started rubbing the warm moist lips of her hairless little beaver.

Though she was still self conscious of being on display and would attempt to close her legs as we would pass the taller cars and trucks, I continued fondling her until I found my way up underneath her clit, I slightly dipped the tip of my finger into her pussy for more moisture and began circling her tender little sex bud, fingering it up and down and side to side with just enough pressure to cause it to swell as she gradually drifted into a state of euphoria. She spread her legs wider, wiggled and squirmed and mildly thrust her hips matching the motion of my hand and fingers. As her pussy got wet I inserted my two middle fingers until I had them buried in her as deep as I could. I began working them faster and harder until my palm was slapping her fully erect clit. Her thrust became more violent and my wife was soon lost in a sexual abyss. Her eyes were closed, her bare feet were up on the passenger window with her legs spread wide for the world to see. She didn?t care who saw her playing with her tits while having the hell banged out of her wet wanting pussy.

I would purposely slow down as we passed the taller vehicles, with my dick getting harder each time their occupants would look over and see my naked wife laid across the seat with a bright sunlit view of the treasure between her legs. We put on quite a show, my wife ass was rising a foot off the seat while she pumped her tight little twat into my hand, Every other stroke or so I would slid my fingers all the way out, spread her lips open so the men we passed by could see right into her pink little hole.

My wife reached one major orgasm and several aftershocks as I worked over her sweet little box for a thirty mile stretch of the interstate. Then I instructed her to lie on her stomach and suck my dick and she quickly flipped over and followed my command. She was hungry for my cock and was not only complying with my every instruction, but was enjoying being spoke to like a slut. Once she freed my cock from the confinements of my pants she sucked on just the tip and licked up and down the entire length of my shaft. My dick was as rigid as a piece of pipe when she finally took it into her mouth and slowly worked her way down until she had it touching the back of her throat. I resumed banging her with my fingers only this time from behind. I made her get up on her knees so that her ass and what I was doing to it would be on display to any one I chose to share it with. I was slamming my fingers into her snatch from behind while she was deep throating my cock, and as we passed by a male drivers I would slid my fingers out of her wet cunt and up through her crack, slap her ass, spread her cheeks open for a blatant view of both her holes and then slam my fingers back into her pussy. Occasionally I would even penetrate her butt hole showing the passer-by what a little slut I had in my truck. I told her she was mine to show to these male drivers and she got more excited and become more aggressive with my cock, she would bob her head up and down faster and deeper gagging with each downward stroke as the head of my dick would slam into the back of her throat.

I passed a four wheel drive pickup with two middle aged guys in it. When they got a look at what was going on in my front seat, they wouldn?t let us pass by. They would hold their speed to match mine so that the show would continue. I told my wife that these two guys really liked what they saw and she lifted her head and looked back didn?t say a word just went back to sucking and pushing her sweet little round ass towards the passenger window. The two guys were making signs like they were stroking their cocks and signaling for me to pull over. I nodded my head and they let me pull in front of them. I took the next exit and they followed us off the hwy, as I pulled over on the shoulder my wife started to lift her head, I pushed her back down on my dick and told her to get back to business, the two guys pulled in behind us, came over to the passenger window and I rolled it down about three inches and continued to slap my wife?s ass and bang her butt hole and her pussy with the faces of these two strangers plastered against the window.

They wanted in badly and were rubbing their cocks through their pants and begging for more. I rolled the window down the rest of the way and quickly their arms reached in and began touching my wife smooth firm ass. She looked back again and I thought she was going to freak out, but again didn?t say a word just went back to giving me head. I took this as a clue and pushed things along further. I told the guys that this is my little slutty wife and they could stick their fingers in her if they wished. Within seconds they were doing my wife doggie style with their fingers as she sucked harder on my cock then she had ever done before. I told her to back up closer to the window so they could spank her like the little slut she was. As she crawled backwards towards the open window I followed her across the seat not letting my cock slip out of her mouth.

We saw the orgasm tremble through her body as I fucked her face while her ass and pussy were being molested by two strange guys reaching through the window. Within a few minutes she had crawled backwards all the way so that her ass was practically hanging out the window. I was so caught up in the erotic moment that I didn?t notice it until it was too late, but one of the guys had reached in, unlocked the door and was now opening it. I had to quickly scoot over towards the open passenger door to keep my wife?s mouth from slipping of my cock as she was being drug out of the truck until her feet rested on the ground. She was bent over seat with her head in my lap, sucking my dick and one of the guys had his face buried between her cheeks and was eating her ass. She was moaning and sucking when I noticed the other guy had pulled his pants down and was stroking his cock. He tapped his buddy on the shoulder and his friend stood up and stepped back. Now I figured it has gone too far and if this guy thinks my wife is going to let him stick his dick in her, he?s crazy, but to my surprise my wife reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips open, inviting the penetration of this stranger?s hard cock. He slipped in easily for her pussy was extremely wet and he began pumping her like a wild man. He only lasted a few minutes and erupted inside her, then was quickly replaced by his buddy. The next guy in her was a real cocksman for he took his time as he worked his rather large tool into my wife?s cum filled pussy.

His strokes were long, deep and powerful and he had my wife screaming as he rammed his meat deep into her tight little hole. She could no longer concentrate on blowing me, but just laid her head in my lap and purred as he fucked her for twenty minutes while she was bent over the seat of my truck standing spread legged and naked on the side of the road. Eventually he tensed up and emptied his balls deep into my wife?s well lubed pink hole. The first guy who fucked her, now hard again, helped himself to another turn at my wife. He slipped his cock in her gushing wet box, then moved up and inserted it in her squeaky clean butt hole. She winced at first then became accustom to his size in which she let him hump her ass until he exploded and filled her rectum full of milky white sperm. When he was done my wife slid back up into the truck they closed the door and we got back under way. My slutty little wife went back to lying across the seat on her stomach and sucked me dry for the remainder of the trip while I fingered fucked her wet sloppy holes.

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