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Pimping Out Samantha

Pimping Out Samantha

Samantha was a sweet petite framed brunette with beautiful dark eyes that I had been teasing online for a while. After I got her to go out with me and finding out she loved to be used as a suck slut sex slave, I new the perfect place to take her on our first date. I told her I had a special place in mind and to wear a lot of dark eye make-up to set off her eyes, I also told her to wear a button down the front see threw blouse and short mini skirt for easy access. She did as she was told and being the petite little thing she was looked hot and nasty dressed like that with those dark smokey eyes. I took her to a very plush high roller type of underground sex/strip club knowing rich bastards hung out there and I would be able to pimp her out for blowjobs… Once we were inside the club, I put handcuffs and a leash on Samantha and paraded her around for the men to check out. Even the strippers where checking her out as Samantha to say the least she looked very very fuckable as a slave….

It didn’t take long, within minutes the men wanted blowjobs from Samantha saying to put her down on her knees. With her hands cuffed behind her back, I helped Samantha down to her knees to suck off the strangers. The first man paid me and stepped up, pulling out his dick hanging it in her face. Samantha didn’t even know his name as she lowered her head and tilted it slightly to get his dick in her mouth… She sucked him to hardness and kept sucking, working his hard cock with just her mouth & lips bobbing her head up & down. She continued to suck the horny bastard to completion, taking spurt after spurt of his thick gooey wad as it filling her mouth… A little dribbled from her lips onto her see threw blouse, but she swallowed most of his goop. She came off his dick licking her lips clean. The next man stepped up, and paid me to as the crowd gathered round. All kinds of lewd comments were heard and the heat was definitely rising as Samantha sucked another total stranger. More and more men gathered round. Even though the strippers were checking Samantha out, some of them didn’t like the attention Samantha was getting as it took away from their tips and dances…. As Samantha was finishing sucking off the second man, he too blew his wad into her willing mouth. Again as she gulped down the sperm more jizz dribbled onto her blouse… Samantha was hot and a great cock sucker, and I was going to make a ton of cash. But one of the strippers had went and told the owner what was going on. When he found out he came rambling out of his upstairs office all pissed off. Ya see this was a very exclusive and private club and you had to know someone to be invited in. Also there’s one lil rule there…Anyone can suck, fuck, or do anything they want, either with the strippers or amongst each other right in open view, Man/Girl or Girl/Girl as long as the owner gets to enjoy the women sexually first on their first visit, sort of as dues paid. I knew the owner & bouncers very well, good thing for my ass as I had blown the owners first visit rule by not offering Samantha to him. As the owner came down the stairs he yelled, “What the fuck is going on?” and the place went silent. All eye were on him as he was a big burly mother fucker who don’t take shit from no one… As the owner came round the pool tables I could see him eyeing Samantha up as he said, “What do we have here?” I could tell he liked her. He looked at me just long enough to say, “You know the rule.” then his attention was right back on Samantha. The owner being studly and huge lifted Samantha up off the floor by her arm pits, setting her petite body on the edge of the pool table. He looked her up and down again then ripped her blouse open exposing her pert titties with a jiggle. He reached down and forcefully spread her legs and proceeded to pull out his dick. He rammed his dick deep fucking Samantha’s tight pussy hard right there on the pool table. You could see the look of pained pleasure on Samantha’s eyes as the owner mercilessly pounding her cunt over and over with his huge cock. Samantha’s per titties continued to jiggle with each deep hard fucking stroke. He fucked her with the entire club watching until he blew his load deep into her cunt. After he had dumped his wad in Samantha, he turned to the bouncers and said, “Escort them out.” As I said it was a good thing I knew the owner & bouncers very well and being good friends with the bouncers I was only in a little trouble, as I had seen people tossed out on their ear for less. As the bouncers opened the backdoor to the alley they said, “Don’t worry, We’ll let you back in next time.” they also said, “And just so tonight isn’t a wash, we’ll send out the preferred customers to get satisfied.” I nodded thanks and Samantha and I waited for them to filter out into the alley to get sucked off. We could smell the urine from drunken men in the alley. I walked over to the trash cans and pulled out a piece of dirty cardboard, placing it on the ground to protect Samantha’s knees as she was still handcuffed hands behind her back, torn blouse, titties exposed. I helped her down on her knees on the cardboard waiting for the men. Within minutes the men were coming out and paying me for Samantha’s services of sucking cock and drinking down strange men’s loads. She loved to suck cock and loved the taste of jizz. I think she enjoyed it more then the men as the men shot their loads in her mouth. Sam had told me she likes sucking and loves it when the cock throbs and spurts into her mouth. I had definitely scored points with her by setting up such a situation as she was being forced to suck and was doing it all with just her mouth, hands handcuffed behind her back, tits exposed. Down on her knees she suck the cocks of stranger after stranger. Getting mouthful after mouthful of hot sticky sperm. Samantha was so turned on by what she was doing her own pussy juice flowed, mixing with the owners cum in her cunt and was now dripping out and running down her thighs onto the cardboard as knelt in the alley sucking off strange men. I loved watching her service man after man helpless like that. Sucking off any man who wanted to feed her his gooey wad. Not to mention I was making a fist full of money. When it was closing time and Samantha had sucked off and drank the loads of many men, 2 in the club and at least 9 in the back alley. When she finished servicing the last man, I lustfully looked her over. She was still down on her knees, still handcuffed behind her back. Her torn blouse still hung open adorned with cum stain droplets and run marks from the multiple strangers she had just sucked off. She looked up at me with her smokey eyes and nastily licking her lips. Her nipples stood erect in the chilly night air glistening with cum. I had loved watching Samantha enjoy herself while she serviced the men. Seeing her sucking dick after dick, being used as a cum dump whore. Earning each man’s sperm with only her mouth.. Especially when she couldn’t swallow fast enough, or when the cum had squirted out the sides of her mouth while the men face fucking her while cumming hard. She didn’t know how hot she looked while servicing cocks helpless to do anything about it but take load after load.

The club was closing and I called it a night and undid the handcuffs. I was going to take Samantha to my place and satisfy my own lusts when to my surprise two of the bounders and two of the strippers came walking out the backdoor into the alley as the club closed. When they saw us they said, “You’re still here?” To make sure I was still in good with the club, I told them “Freebie“. The four of them looked at Samantha down on her knees. Her see threw blouse torn open tits glistening with jizz and licking her lips as to let them know she wanted more. The first bouncer wasted no time, pulling out his dick and shoved it into Samantha’s mouth. Only now she was free to reach up and stroke his cock as she sucked for all she was worth. The bouncer put his hands on the back of her head and started pumping Sam’s mouth hard facefucking her good to the rhythm of her stroke.

Both strippers pulled up their short skirts aside and masturbated their clits feverishly as they watched Sam get facefucked. When it was the bouncers time to cum he let loose a huge gooey load as he fucked Samantha’s face hard. Sam struggled trying to keep her lips wrapped tightly around the bouncers dick, trying to keep the precious load from spilling. But as the bouncer repeatedly shoved his sperming dick hard into her mouth, jizz shot out from the corners of Sam’s mouth running down her arm. Samantha unable to control the bouncer’s facefuck climax, and wanting every drop of his load, grabbed the bouncer by his ass pulling him hard at her face shoving the bouncers dick all the way deep down her throat. We all could hear her gulping the rest of his thick gooey wad as he drained his balls down her throat. The strippers still masturbating were very turned on by hearing and watching Sam gulping down sperm saying, “Look at that nasty bitch.” When the bouncer was done he stepped back. With Samantha still on her knees, one of the strippers stepped up and grabbed Samantha by the hair and shoved her cunt in Sam’s face saying, “Eat Me You Bitch!!!” Sam just reached around and grabbed the stripper slut’s ass pulling her cunt harder into her face and sucked her clit hard. I could see the stripper grinding on Sam’s face. She then forcefully took Samantha and laid her on her back on the cardboard. The stripper stood over Samantha one foot on each side of her face saying, “You’re a nasty bitch aren’t ya?” then squatted and got on her knees straddling Sam‘s face. The stripper grabbed Samantha by the hair again and demanded she eat her cunt. She roughly guided Samantha as she made her eat and suck her cunt. She forcefully ground and rubbed her cunt all over Samantha’s face until she was about to cum. The stripper said, “You’re gonna drink me bitch!” The stripper pumped her hips hard several times grinding her cunt into Sam’s face. She squealed “That’s it drink me.” In a lusty voice she said “Oh my Gooooooood.” then came hard squirting female cum as she shook and shuddered. As the stripper’s climax wound down and she finished cumming, she was breathing very hard and speechless as her body spasmed slightly. When she was done forcing Sam to drink her cum, the stripper got up off her face. Samantha’s face was glazed with the strippers cunt juices. The last bouncer had a huge hard on from watching all of this and dropped his pants and proceeded to fuck Sam’s cunt very hard. With Sam’s legs in the air she just wrapped one arm around his shoulders and the other hand grabbed his ass as he brutally shoved his cock deep. After several minutes of brutal fucking the bouncer blew his load deep in her cunt. When he was done he got up off her as his jizz oozed and ran from her cunt over her asshole. The last stripper, still masturbating stepped up and stood over Sam with a foot on each side of Sam’s face. Within seconds of standing over her and masturbating the stripper shook and shuddered slightly as she brought herself to climax. Samantha laid there on her back on the dirty cardboard in the alley with her mouth open as the stripper’s cunt juices rained down all over Sam’s face and open mouth. When the four of them were done they just left us there. I had planned on taking Samantha home to do her but there was no way I could wait after watching what I had just witnessed. I needed release and I needed it now! I stood over Sam as I undid my pants. With a lusty look in her eyes she said, “Yes, take your turn.” I got down taking my rock hard cock in hand and mounted her shoving my hard cock balls deep on the first stroke in her freshly fucked pussy. Being down on the ground now, I could smell urine in the alley from drunken men very strongly. I hooked Samantha’s knees with my arms holding her legs high in the air as I pile drove her cum filled cunt over and over and over. I had to fuck her hard and deep right there in the back alley. I started kissing Samantha’s sticky Stripper cum covered face. After several minutes of fucking a freshly fucked whore, and tasting the strippers’ cum I was so turned on that I couldn’t hold back anymore. Right then Samantha told me she was going to cum. I kissed Samantha deeply on her sticky lips as Samantha‘s cunt milked my cock for everything I had. She started cumming, and let loose my own huge wad. Gush after gush of my hot thick jizz shot deeply into her cumming cunt as I continued to pile drive her deep as we came together. She squeezed me tight as she came and felt my load shooting into her. It was wonderful both cumming together at the same time. When we were both done cumming, I slowly and gently pumped her cunt letting the owner’s, the bouncer’s and my cum mix, then ooze and run out down over her sweet asshole. We stayed there for a few minutes enjoying the cum filled suction her cunt had on my cock after our hard climaxes. When it was time to go the night air was getting very chilly. I helped Samantha to her feet and put my coat around her shoulders and took her back to my place to spend the night... To Comment on this story or any others, send to verynasty1 at hotmail dot com All comments are welcome, Especially from the ladies…

End of Story

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