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Our First Time........

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It was Spring 88 Patricia and I were living in an apartment complexin Texas for almost 2 years now. My wife and I were going through a hard spell for almost 6 months now. My wife Patricia sat me down one evening and told me that we need to talk. So that evening we did. She told me that we had gotten married to young and She did not have the opportunity to live life like I did. I said yes I know. What do you think we should do I asked My wife Patricia. She said well James, I think we need to find a way to rekindal our marrage somehow. I said ok. She asked me if I would be ok with the idea of her exploring her intamacy with other men. I think that is a good idea honey, I love you so much that I would do anything you desire. I was walking out when I saw that a new neighbor were moving in to Apartmet 301 next ours. I introduced myself to the gentlemen and his wife. I said my name is James. My wife Patricia and I live on 303. They introduced themselfs to me as Mike and Karen. Its a pleasure to meet you both. Come let me introduce you to my wife.

We walked over and invited them in, Honey meet our new neighbors that are moving in to apt 301. This Patricia my wife, This is Mike, and his lovely wife Karen.

My wife looked at Mike with a very happy smile on her face. Mike is 6'-1" tall Blonde, Blue eyes and muscular build and Karen was 5'-9" a beautiful readhead. patrica was 5'-4" tall hispanic, hazel eyes, beautiful smile and gorgeous body. I on the other hand am not bad looking either. I am 5'-8" tall hispanic, with brown eyes, muscular build. We sat down and chatted for a minute and then I asked Patricia to join me in the kitchen so we can get some drinks. We walked over and started talking about the idea of asking them to help us with our problem. She agreed. I new she had an intrest in Mike from the smile I saw on her.

We went back to the living room and asked them to join us for dinner that evening. They agree. Great.

Mike would you like some help moving the rest of the boxes in to your new place. Sure, that would be great.

The ladies stayed and talked as we moved the rest of the furniture in. Me and Mike started drinking a few beers as we were moving the furniture. We had a few by the time we finished. So we sat down and started talking.

James, Mike said. I have to be honest with you. You are one lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. I said thanks but its not what it looks like. I said look at you. You have a beautiful wife yourself. She is gorgeous.

He confied in me and told me alwas had been with alot of women in the past, but never had a hispanic lady before.

I said really. Thats intresting because I have been with alot of ladies in the past and have never been with a redhead before. Really Mike responded. Would you be intrested in swapping wifes. What do you mean. I asked.

He then told me that they were swingers. I asked what was that like because me and Patrica needed to rekindal or sexlife because she told me she had not been with any men other than me.

He said it is fantastic. Me and Karen go once a weekend to a swingers club. We have a romantic dinner and then we go to the club and explore our fantasies and desires.

Karen is a gorgeous and beautiful wife but She has lost intrest in me. I saw how Karen looked at you. I think we might be the answer to your problem and You guys might be the answer to ours. Sounds like, Mike.

Well Patricia and Karen were talking about what to prepare for dinner and life in general. Karen told Patricia how she admired her for being a good wife and mother to there two beautiful kids. Thanks Karen, its been alot of work.

You and Mike make a great couple. You are gorgeous and he is a hunk, oops sorry. I should not have said that.

Dont, Mike is a hunk. But your husband is very rugged and handsome. A bad boy at that. We both laughed at what we said and surprisingly, Karen asked me if I wanted to fuck Mike. We had a few drinks and I responded with OMG yes. With that good because I would love to fuck James as you and Mike watched. Really. Yes.

Karen then told me they both are swingers and have sex with other partners. My mouth was wide open. I said really. How do you like that. It is great Patricia.

I get to fuck another guy once a week and Mike fucks a diffrent lady also. It is good for both of us.

Wow. Karen, I confessed me and James are having a hard time right now. We got married so young and I never had no one else except him. Now he had other women before we got married. So he soed his wild oats.

I never did that, so I think I have lost out on some of that great sex with other men.

Well, why do we bring it up during dinner tonight. You think its a good idea Karen. Sure, I saw how Mike looked at you and besides he has never had sex with a beautiful hispanic lady like you. Huh. What really.

That evening Patricai dressed up really sexy. She put on a beautiful blue short dress no panties and no bra. I asked her why. She said I just want to explore something new. I said well you look beautiful. Thank you. She told me I looked very handsome and asked me too loose the tie.

She was wearing the high heels I bought for her to wear while we had sex in bed.

Here hair was tucked back as to express her sheeks and gorgeous lips. I said WOW you look gorgeous. I soon started to put things together. I told Patricia I would be right back, I am going to go drop off the kids next door. She said ok. I came back in a few minutes and then.

We heard a knock on the door, it was Mike and Karen. Hi and welcome. Come on in.

Mike look great and Karen look fantastic. He was wearing a nice blue suit and white shirt.

Karen on the other hand was wearing a gorgouse Green mini skirt with a white blouse and 3 inch black high heels.

And I was wearing a nice light grey suit with a light green shirt that matched Karen.

Mike, Pat answered you look very handsome. He responded, You are so beautiful WOW I love what you are wearing. Why thank you.

I told Karen she looked gorgeous, I love the mini skirt WOW nice. Thank you James, You look very handsome. After that I asked everyone if they wanted some wine. Karen, Mike, Pat.

Patricia said thank you sweety. I poured the wine and handed it everyone. We started to chat while dinner was almost done.

A few minutes later the timer went off and I said dinner is ready. Please Mike you seat there, Karen you seat here. Karen responded why dont you gentlemen seat we will serve you tonight.

Please James seat right here next to my seat and Patricia can seat next to Mike here.

Ok. Me and Mike started talking and then the ladies came with the dinner plates.

We sat down and started to eat and talk with each other spouses. It was great we had not had a evening like that in a very long time. It was about 8 pm and then we settled to the the Living Room. I saw Karen cross her legs and I noticed she was not wearing any panties. By this time I was getting aroused. Mike asked me if I had any more wine I said yes.

Where is it so I can go get it. Its next to the Tequilla. Oh ok. Mile stood up and as he did Patricia noticed he had a bouldge coming out of his pants. Karen noticed aswell.

He came back and poured some in Patricias glass. I noticed Patricia smiling at him.

Then he poured some on Karens and Mine. I said Patricia honey why dont you turn on the TV and lets start the movie. Sure, She went and got the DVD remote and hit play as Mike and Karen were watching The movie started to resume. Well I forgot to put the movie we were going to see that night and the one that was in the DVD was the last one I say by my self a few months ago, It was a XXX. As she hit play the movie started. There was a lady sucking this guys huge cock, just about ready to explode. When Mike said jokingly WOW I would love some of the right now.

Karen saw Mike and smiled. That was there que.

I said honey why wont you be a good hostes and give our guest what he wants. Well with that Patricia took off and dropped right in front of Mike and started to open his zipper and pulled his cock out. We all noticed his cock was fully erected and had some precum. Patricia went right at it and started to suck his cock and started to moan. Oh this is really good. mmmmmm.

And then she looked at me and said well dont just seat there give Karen what she wants.

I asked Karen what she wanted and she replyed, The same. With that I dropped and opened her legs and saw she was really wet. I went deep and started to eat her. She moaned as I kept eating her pussy. Something that Mike told me earlyer that Karen liked but he did not.

I ate her pussy and could hear Patricia enjoying Mikes cock. Patricia did not like to swollow and could not go in deep, but she did love to suck his cock. I all of a sudden heard Mike tell Patricia to turn around. As he did I stopped and noticed she was laying on her back with her legs spread open as Mike started to penitrate her. I can hear her say how much she loved it and to go in deeper.

Immediatly Karen took my pants off to expose my 9" cock, 3 inches in gerth. She said mmmmm She ordered me to lay on my back so she can straddle me. She grabbed my cock and guided me all the way in and road me deep and hard for a few minutes. I then told her it was my turn and that I wanted to have her legs over my shoulders as I fucked her repeatedly. She was in extacy. As I was fucking Karen, Mike had Particia on her fours and was fucking her doggie style. Something Patricia really loved. Patricia and Karen were close to one another and were looking at each other and smiling. I heard Karen speak softly to Patricia and said, SEE I TOLD YOU MIKE WANTED YOU.

They smiled at each other and then they started kissing as me and Mike were fucking them.

We can hear there moans. Patricia was saying she was cumming and then Karen said no wait, wait for me I am cumming also. We fucked them harder and harder and they both came at the same time.

Mike and I were exhousted but yet to cum. Karen started to suck my cock as Patricia did the same with Mike. Mike started to say he was cumming. When I then glanced at Patricia and then she swolled all of his cum. I have never seen her do that before. She loved it.

I was almost ready when Karen said wait, She stuck her finger up my ass and said ok go ahead.

Mike and Patricia stoppped to see me give a fill Karens mouth with my cum. It was awsome.

We sat there for a few minutes when Patricia said that we should do this more often.

We all said that would be great. Lets do something diffrent next week.

Sounds good. We layed there and fell asleep snuggeling to our partnes. Mike and I were awaken by each others spouse giving us a bj. WOW how can we top that. THE LADIES RESPONDED YOU WILL NEXT WEEK. We saw Mike and Karen every weekend. It was great.

Patricia and I separated and got divorced a year later but we both remain good friends and keep in touch. Mike and Karen moved and just recently got divorced. I live in Ca and Patricia lives in Texas.

Patricia contacted me and told me that Karen was in Ca and Mike was there in Texas and that I should call her.

More to cum........................

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