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On Her Knees Before The Pastor

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On Her Knees Before The Pastor

One of the things Beth and I love the most about this lifestyle is getting other people to step outside their normal life, getting them to let loose, try something new and have fun. To that end, Beth loves playing and flirting with men who wouldn’t expect it, who are most likely not swingers and who may even be shocked by her behavior. Now, she is not a teaser without the pleasing part, as she always gives the guy the chance to release any tension her playing may create.

One of the greatest things about Beth is that she has always loved giving head. She really enjoys doing it for guys whose wives won’t do that for them, or who have never had someone swallow for them and so on. She loves taking them to heaven with her mouth, and she loves making that impression, being that slut they will always remember. So, one of my jobs is to always come up with new adventures, new ways to play, and it is a task that I enjoy immensely.

One idea I recently came up with something new involved us going to a stranger to talk about our relationship. We thought about using a counselor, but that didn’t quite seem to fit. Therefore, we ended up deciding to speak to a Pastor instead. Beth having grown up in the South, it was a comfortable atmosphere for her, and we figured it would be a good place for us to get the results we were looking for as well.

We were familiar with a number of churches in our town, and we decided on the one we thought was perfect. I called and made an appointment with the Pastor for some relationship counseling and got the ball rolling. We went to the first three appointments, taking our time, giving us all a chance to get comfortable. We also wanted to get a feel for the Pastor to help us decide if he was a good candidate for us. It didn’t take long for us to become certain we had found our man.

During those first few appointments we talked about normal relationship things, with a few short discussions of sexual issues. One thing Beth brought up from time to time was that she felt embarrassed about her sexual past, but never elaborated on those feelings. The point always got dropped as we moved on to another topic, but it was clear the Pastor was interested and intrigued by her comments. At our fourth appointment, we went in as if we weren’t getting along, and sat kind of quietly, staring off in the distance, not speaking.

After a few moments, the Pastor asked what was wrong. “Ask her,” I told him. He looked at Beth. She just sighed, saying nothing. He continued to wait, looking at her. “It is one of those embarrassing things we haven’t talked about yet” she paused, letting the moment build “Well, we’re arguing about sex!” The Pastor just smiled. “Go ahead,” he told her. Beth paused for a few moments longer. “Well, you know how I told you about how I am not very proud of some of the things I did before I got married?” He nodded. “Well, our fight relates to that.”

“As we have discussed before, having harmony in your sexual relations is very important, and this is something you must address when issues arise,” the Pastor started. “If you don’t talk about and resolve these things, other problems will come up, and your marriage can suffer in many other respects as well. There is nothing to be ashamed of in here Beth. This is a safe place. God loves you, no matter what you have done. Feel free to talk about anything my dear. Tell me all about it.”

I could see a small, but clear, smirk on his face. He was looking forward to this, I could tell, and that is what we were counting on. We had chosen him carefully. He had been the Pastor at this church for many years, he has a long-time wife and several kids, and he seemed very stable and settled. We were betting that he rarely, if ever, dealt with the kinds of issues we were going to discuss with him, and we were certain none of his congregation would do so as brazenly as Beth would.

In addition, he was perfect for Beth in a physical sense as well. He’s older, probably in his late 50’s, and he’s a big guy, just like Beth likes. He has broad shoulders and is strongly built, with just a bit of pot belly. Although soft spoken, he is clearly a powerful man and a leader of both his church and within the community. He’s African American, with light, cocoa colored skin and a bald head. Beth found him very attractive, and she was looking forward to telling him all about the naughty things she had done. I couldn’t wait for the show to begin myself!

After a few moments of silence, Beth began. “Before we married, because I didn’t want to have full sex with my boyfriends, I use to…..well”……she paused……”I use to please my boyfriends in other ways.” I could see the Pastor smiling. “So, because I wanted to take care of their needs…..I used to……uhhhhhhhhhhh…….give them head. I used to do it……uh… it a lot. Do you know what I mean by that Pastor.” He just grinned at her. “Yes dear, I do.” They both chuckled a bit, while I continued to act angry.

“Well, I hate to admit it, but I really liked doing it, and of course, my boyfriends loved it too. I really did it a lot Pastor…..all the time. Some of them liked me to do in different places, like in their car, or at the movies, or even in the park…..and I did….I really just couldn’t help it. I knew how much they liked it….and I loved doing it for what I got out of it too…… know…… taste it.” She lowered her head as if in shame.

The Pastor just looked on, a clear grin on his face. He shifted in his seat, probably sporting as much wood as I was. I was loving her performance, but I had to continue acting angry. “Is that wrong Pastor? Does that make me a slut or a bad person because I wanted to please my boyfriends? I didn’t want to give them my body, so I thought that what I was doing was alright. Does it make me a whore to have enjoyed it? Should I be ashamed just because I love to suck guys off, because I love to taste them in my mouth?”

The Pastor leaned forward in his chair, he was about to speak, but I interrupted him before he could answer. “That is not what our problem is Pastor. I don’t care that she used to do that. In fact I like it… turns me on! But……the problem is…….she won’t do it for me!! How would you like that Pastor? I have to live with the knowledge that my wife has probably sucked about every dick in this town…but she won’t suck mine. Is that fair? I want to enjoy that too. Every other aspect of our sex life is great. Beth is wonderful in bed, she makes me very happy. But sometimes I just want to experience her mouth on me as well. I want to see how great that must feel.” He just looked at us, trying to appear calm, but clearly being effected by our dilemma.

Before he could speak, Beth jumped right back in, raising her voice just a bit, looking directly at me. “I told you a hundred times…that was different. You are my husband, and I love you. I am the mother of your children. It makes me feels dirty to think about doing that with you. I don’t think a good wife is supposed to give blow jobs anymore! I don’t want to ruin your image of me. I don’t want you to look at me like a slut, like a cocksucker. I want you to see me as your sweet, loving wife.”

“I do Beth, I do!” I responded. “I know you do baby,” she responded. “But there is something else…..something else that is holding me back.” I waited for her to continue. “It has been so long since I did that, I’m not even sure I would know how to do it anymore. I’m not sure I would even know where to begin. It has been years, and if I did it for you it would have to be special, it would have to be perfect. I don’t want the first time I do that for you to be a bad experience. I’m not sure what to do!”

Beth turned her gaze from me and looked directly at our Pastor. She continued. “I just wish I could practice, sort of relearn what a man likes, you know what I mean Pastor. That way I could be really ready before I do it for the man I love. But who could I do that for? I wouldn’t want to do that for some stranger, or for just anyone. Who might God approve of me doing that for? It would have to be someone unbiased and uninvolved….maybe someone sacred, someone who could understand my commitment to my husband, and that ultimately, I am doing this for my marriage, for my commitment before God himself.”

The Pastor cleared his throat and adjusted in his chair again. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. His face was clearly flushed, but he did not look shocked or disgusted. He looked turned on to me, and I was sure Beth was noticing his reaction as well. He was still silent, undoubtedly searching for the right words for the moment.

I turned to him and spoke before he had the chance. “You have to help me out here Pastor, help us out. What do you think Pastor, can you help us?” After a moment or two, the Pastor got up and walked around his desk, standing in front of us, and held his bible before him. We were seated in chairs opposite each other, right in front of him. “I think we should pray you two,” he said. “I don’t have all the answers, but if we pray together, God will lead us down the right path.” I lowered my head, and Beth, on cue, fell to her knees, right in front of the Pastor. She looked up at him.

Beth reached up and took the Pastor’s left hand in her right. Her face was right in front of his crotch. She lowered her head slowly, surveying the front of his trousers, before closing her eyes. We each prayed to ourselves, mumbling slightly, as we sought guidance for our dilemma. As a few moments passed, I raised my head and opened my eyes. As I did, I saw that Beth was completing her prayer as well, and she moved a bit closed to the Pastor.

I saw her release the Pastors hand, and she placed a hand on each of his thighs, looking up at him. “I have my answer Pastor. I know what we need to do.” The Pastor placed his bible on his desk behind him, his left hand fell to his side, and he took Beth’s face in his right. “Tell me child,” he instructed.

Her hands starting sliding up his thighs as she spoke. “You are the answer Pastor. Your loyalty to God makes you the perfect bridge, the path from my past to my new life with my husband. You are the one. It is you who must make this right. By pleasing you, by reaffirming my commitment to God through you, I can move beyond my past, and ensure that doing this for my husband for all the years we have to come, will be the right and holy thing for me, for him, and for my marriage.”

The Pastor smiled down. “I know Beth. I know it too. I got the same message, and within the walls of this room I will prepare you. I will ensure you know how to please your husband, how to strengthen your marriage, and how to do all the things you should for a man that knows what he wants. You must trust me Beth. You must do as you are told. You know this is the way, and through me, you have the only chance to make things right.”

I could barely hold back the grin. Beth nodded, her submission he had completely, and his pleasure was all she could think of. I didn’t even realize it, but as he was speaking to her, he had unzipped his pants with his left hand, and his half hard cock was already exposed, hanging a good six inches from the opening in his pants. He still held her face in his right hand, and he used that hand to bring Beth’s waiting mouth to the swollen and widening head or his glorious cock.

Beth went right to work, opening wide, swallowing his growing cock, and moaning as she did. “That’s right Beth, take it all in,” the Pastor told her. He orchestrated her every move from that point forward, instructing her on her pace, on which hand to use, how to use it, and how fast or slow to pleasure his massive cock. She licked his balls, taking them in her mouth, savoring them, looking up at the Pastor as he fed her his thick tool, inch by inch.

I don’t know how big it got when it was fully erect, but she could hold it with both hands, one stacked on the other, and the massive head and a couple inches of the shaft were still exposed, allowing her to slurp them as she stroked it. It didn’t last long, Beth being the expert cocksucker she is, and the Pastor undoubtedly in heaven from her efforts, and I could tell she was awaiting his seed with as much excitement as he was.

When he first began to shoot, he instructed her to hold out her tongue as she stroked him, his first blast hitting her mouth, allowing him to see his cum on her tongue, sliding back on it, the white glob gradually entering her waiting mouth. She quickly locked back down on his beautiful cock, squeezing and sucking every ounce out of him, the both of them grunting and convulsing in unison with each spasm of pleasure moving through his body.

She did everything he said, cleaning up every drop with her loving mouth, looking at me with every lick and suckling of his juice. We thanked the Pastor for his efforts once he recovered, somehow recoiling and stuffing that massive monster back in his pants. He never thanked Beth, but rather told her she was welcome for the lesson he had given her, and he assured us he had future plans for us as well.

We are looking forward to our next session, unsure of exactly what manner of “relationship counseling” the Pastor will provide us with next time. But I know Beth will fuck me silly with each day that passes until then, anticipating our next experience, and her next chance to let the Pastor live another fantasy, while fulfilling one of ours as well.

Hope you enjoy.


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