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Office Massage

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It was one of those all night dreams. You know the kind I mean? You wake up and lie there thinking about it and finally drift back to sleep, resuming the dream right where you left it. I love those kinda dreams!

You were in my office and we were talking business a little, but mostly making small talk. While we were talking, I noticed you kept rubbing your neck, as if it was sore. I reminded you how much I love giving massage and that I had a table right there in the next room.

Adjoining my office is a closet, a pretty good sized one and I try to keep from stockpiling too much junk in there. I burn incense in there quite often and keep it blessed with good vibes. It isn?t an alter room, like in Abilene, there just isn?t enough room. But, it is still a peaceful room with a nice energy to it.

You asked if I really had a massage table in there and I got up to show you. You said you would love a massage, but that I needed to go slow and that you wouldn?t be comfy undressing. I told you that was fine and I wouldn?t do anything you were uncomfy with. Then I said to hop on the table and get comfy while I rounded up some candles and incense. I turned off the lights as I walked out.

When I came back in the room with burning incense and lighted candles, the soft glow it made in the darkness revealed you lying on your tummy, with your bra on, but your shirt off. You were wearing a skirt and had slipped out of your shoes. I placed the candles and incense and left the room one more time. I heated some lotion in the microwave and then came back in to get started.

I told you not to worry, that you were in control and should stop me if I did anything that made you uncomfortable. I ran the incense over you and you could sense me cleansing the area around us, you heard me muttering and knew I was summoning the spirits of the watchtowers.

Pouring lotion onto my hands, I leaned down and began gently spreading the lotion over your upper back, shoulders and neck. I pushed your bra straps down over your shoulders and quietly asked if I that was OK. You said it was and I started gentle massaging your neck and shoulders.

I ran my thumbs up the middle of your neck and draped my fingers around the sides, using the thumbs to work the base of your skull and fingers to caress your jawline. Back down the neck came my fingers and they started kneading deeper into your shoulder muscles, getting deeper and with more firmness as I went.

I ran the heels of my hands down your back till I came to your bra strap, I slipped deft fingers under it and popped it free, laying the straps out to the side on the table. You didn?t mutter protest, so I resumed the downward journey of my hands. I ran them down to the waist of your skirt and then draped my fingers around your waist and pulled upward, stretching your back as I pulled and moved higher.

I repeated this a few times, when my fingers got high and neared the naked sides of your breast, I lightly brushed my fingers over the sides that were made plump by your lying on them.

I used my thumbs and the heel of my hand to work alone each side of your spine, you could feel your back muscles relaxing and I heard a soft moan of appreciation come from your throat. I stretched and pulled your torso straight, and couldn?t help but admire the swaying of your small breasts as I lifted your from the table. Back to your neck and sides of your throat, then I gingerly massaged your scalp. I lifted each arm out to the side and massaged from the shoulders all the way to each individual fingertip. I used my thumbs to rub circles on the palms of each hand and my fingers to stretch them and flew them.

Putting your arm back down on the table, I walked beside you and glided my hand along the side of your back, over your ass and down your legs till I came to your feet. I put lotion on my hands and began spreading it up your calf and on your feet. I tugged and stretched each toe, rubbing them delicately between thumb and forefinger. Then I used my thumbs to rub the soles of your foot and worked over your ankle to start gently massaging your calf. I rubbed up to the knee and then stopped for more lotion. With slick and slippery hands, I glided them up your thigh till I reached the bottom of your skirt, I slipped under the skirt and went just a little higher, and then asked if it was ok if I pushed the skirt higher. You didn?t say a word, but did arch yourself up off of the table to allow me to push the skirt up. I pushed it up to your ass and getting brave pushed it over your ass to your waist. You didn?t protest, so I took that as approval.

My hands were gentle and slow in their movements as they caressed your inner thighs. I was a bit firmer on the back and outside of the thighs, but when at the inner wall, I was slow and tender. My fingers ran higher and higher until they ever so lightly rubbed along the fabric of your panties, not in an obvious ?grope?, but seemingly as if by accident. I rubbed the inner thigh with easy fingers and then walked around to the other leg. I repeated the entire process, from foot to thigh.

On top of your panties, I massaged and rubbed your firm little ass. I squeezed it with my hands. I asked if you would mind if I pulled them down and you arched up to push them down for me and said for me to just slide them all of the way off. My heart, as of this moment, was pounding and felt as if it was in my throat.

When your panties were off, I moved back along side of you, but before I started massaging your ass, I leaned down and you felt the warm sensation of my mouth closing over the tender skin on the backside of your knee. You felt my kiss and a slight suckling and I noticed a shiver run up you as goosebumps ran up your spine. I leaned down and sucked the Achilles on the back of your ankle.

My hands first cupped your ass, and then began working the muscles. It is amazing how much of our tension and stress is held in out ass. I used the heel of my hand and worked deep into your ass. In the soft glow of the candlelight, your ass looked divine in my hands. My fingers, on occasion, when caressing the bottom of each cheek, could not help but lightly bump along the tender lips guarding the gateway to heaven between your legs.

Feeling a little braver, I caressed the newfound lips, but lightly enough as to appear accidental. Digging deep into your ass, I then pushed upward and moving over your skirt, I pushed up your back, again stretching your spine. I leaned closer to your and whispered a request, wondering if I might remove your skirt. Again, instead of saying anything, you just arched up off of the table. I slipped the skirt off of you and couldn?t help but catch my breath, the sight of your laying there nude on the table was simply stunning.

I put my hands on your ass and again pushed firmly upward, this kind of stretching feels good and helps get things in alignment. I stopped for a moment and in your mind you were wondering what I was doing now. Then you felt my hot breath on the small of your back and felt my lips close on the very top of the crack of your ass as I planted a tender kiss there.

I caressed up your sides from head to toe, using both hands in a dance with a rhythmic motion. Fingers trailing over your soft skin, I brought us closer to the magick and attuned our bodies and minds to what might happen next. I asked, in a very gentle and quiet voice, if you would like to turn over so that I might do the front. I felt a slight hesitation in you, so I softly murmured ?you can stop me at any time, I promise.?

You slowly rolled over, using your hands to slide the bra onto the floor with the rest of your clothing. In the nears darkness of the room, you didn?t feel exposed or uncomfortable and had an odd feeling of trust, knowing I would not push you any further than you wished to go.

I stood there for a moment, gazing down at you with obvious admiration in my eyes and then slowly poured lotion onto my hands. I sat near your head and rubbed the lotion onto your shoulders and upper chest. My fingers easing along the upper portions of your breasts. I gently massaged along your collarbones and the side of your neck. As I caressed and stroked the sides of your soft throat, a flickering thought of my vampire stories ran through your mind and for a brief moment, you felt an absurd notion go through your mind as to if they might be real, rather than fiction.

I ran my hands down and massaged the upper part of your arms, as I did, my thumbs trailed along your breasts and followed the contours in a gentle caress. I noticed your nipples tighten at the teasing caress and a smile spread through my soul. I ran my hand down the center of your chest, right between your breasts and massaged the area over your sternum with a knowing hand. My fingers trickled over the inside of each breast as I caressed the middle of your chest. I moved light and dancing fingers around each breast, following the curves and circling them in a teasing sort of exploration.

Then I stood beside you and lightly put lotion on your tummy. I was gentle and soft as I rubbed your tummy, not really massaging so much as caressing. My fingers trailed lightly over the top part of your pubes and then I moved my hands along your hips, trailing downward until I was once again at your feet.

I gave another brief rub on each foot, tugging the toes as I did so and then I ran my hand lightly up the calf. I stood beside you and my fingers slipped to the inside of your thighs as I massaged and rubber the tender flesh of your upper thigh. When I got higher, I looked to your for approval and felt great satisfaction as you partially spread your legs. I massaged and caressed with tender fingers until they were lightly caressing the lips of your pussy. Then I went to the other leg and did the same.

Upon reaching your sweet box again, I leaned down and lightly kissed each hip bone and gave it a soft suckle. I heard a low moan in your throat at this and new you weren?t in a mood to be objecting. I kissed the top of your pubic mound, then the top of your thigh and finally right at the top of your plump pussylips.

I licked down the pubic mound, sliding my tongue into the crevice between hip and thigh. When I did this, you once again parted your thighs and I knew this was an invitation. I kissed and licked along the thigh, using my tongue to paint tiny strokes up the plump lips of your pussy. I didn?t just attack it, but kissed and licked all around it. Then I moved up to close my mouth in a kiss on the bottom of your breast. First one and then the other. I kissed and sucked the soft underbelly of your breasts and circled them with a teasing tongue. I came to your nipple and swirled my tongue around it, but never directly on it. I started in a big spiral pattern and slowly made it smaller, circling closer and closer to your nipple. I could feel you moving underneath of me and knew you were responding to my teasing touch. Finally, I closed my mouth on the nipple and sucked it softly. As I sucked, my tongue caressed and stroked it.

Nipples rock hard and body arching to me, I knew you wished for me to continue our game, so I kissed my way down your chest to your tummy, then down to suckle the plump pubic mound. I parted your thighs with gentle hands and ran a wet and slippery tongue of each outer lip. Then I slowly started licking from bottom to top, sliding my lip between the folds, ever so barely. Each pass brought me deeper, but I stayed away from your clit on the upward stroke, needing time to gauge how much, if any, pressure you liked there.

I delved my tongue deeper and caressed the inner folds of delicate lips lying their moist and quivering. This time, at the top of the slit, I circled a wary tongue around the fold guarding your clit. I circled it slowly and pushed back the folds with my tongue, growing ever nearer your clit. My fingers, as I did this, probed lightly inside of you, but never deep. I ran a wet and very soft tongue over your clit, watching your reaction and then suckled softly on it and the tender flesh surrounding it. I sucked the tiny folds into my mouth and caressed them with my tongue, pushing them back out again, just to suckle them back.

I lowered my mouth and licked deeper inside of you, sucking the soft lips and caressing them with a slow moving tongue. My tongue dipped lower and you felt your ass contract as I circled it with my tongue, then ran a quick flick over it, before moving back to kiss deeper within you.

I started sucking on the hood over your clit, making soft caress?s with my tongue on the clit itself. In and out, I sucked and pushed the sift lips. Keeping my mouth and the lips extremely wet, I lashed all around your clit with a whipping tongue. My pinky finger, wet and slippery, caressed and teased your puckering ass, while my middle finger journeyed slowly into the depths of your femininity. I could feel your body tense and knew you were nearing orgasm. I slipped my pinky slowly into your ass, very slowly and with delicate motion. I stopped when it was deep within you and could feel the walls squeezing me with nearing orgasm. As I felt you begin to cum, I slowly slipped my finger from your ass. Not really pulling it out, but letting the convulsing spasms of your body force it out. You shook and shuddered with each tiny bit of the finger coming out of your ass, going through an intense and long orgasm. I slowed the movements of my tongue and let you press yourself against my face, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the orgasm without my taking attention away from it.

When you finished, I kissed the quivering lips softly and whispered thanks to you, and then you felt my tongue begin it?s dance once again?.

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