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Old Friends

I yawn grumpily, not thrilled by having my precious sleep
interrupted by the blaring ring of the phone. I could let the machine
get it, but if someone's calling me at...let's see, the clock says: 6:00
A.M., it's probably important. (It had better be important at this hour!)
Stretching, I reach for the phone. My voice is slightly husky from the
yet-unshed remnants of sleep as I answer, "Hello?"
"Tina, (sounds of crying), I need to see you-could I come over?"
said Cara, my long-time best friend.
Concerned, I reply, "Of course you can come over, Cara, but
what's wrong, why are you crying?"
"Oh Tina, I can't talk about it over the phone. I'll explain when I
come over. (sounds of shaky breathing) I'll be over in a few minutes."
"That's fine, Cara."
"Th-thanks, Tina..."
"You're welcome, Cara. Bye for now."

Shaking my head in resignation, I lament the loss of my quiet
Saturday morning. I slowly slide out of bed, put on my fuzzy bear
slippers, and trudge to the bathroom. The cold morning air chills me
and turns my nipples into little stiff peaks. I glance in the mirror and
decide against changing from my white silk nightshirt to actual
clothes. After all, I'm not expecting REAL company, just Cara, and
I've known her since we were 5 years old. As this thought flits through
my mind, I begin to wonder once again what is bothering Cara. When
I had spoken to her the day before, everything had been wonderful.
Just as these thoughts began to meander through my sleepy brain,
I hear the doorbell ring. Pulling myself out of my thoughts, I walk
downstairs to let Cara in. I open the door and she stumbles into the
house, her hazel eyes red and wet from crying. Shushing her gently, I
lead her back upstairs to my room and make her sit on my bed. She
begins to cry in earnest now, and the great sobs wrack her shapely 5'8"
frame. I hold her silently and let her cry on my shoulder until she is
exhausted. She finally draws in a shaky breath and looks up at me.
"Are you ready to tell me what's happened now?" I ask quietly.
Nodding her head slightly in affirmation, she brushes her chin-
length auburn hair back from her and takes a deep breath before
replying, "Yes..."
I wait patiently for her to compose herself. Finally, her head still
on my shoulder, she says, "Tina, last night Jake told me he has been
seeing someone else for the past 3 months. And now he wants to
marry her."
Jake is, or I suppose in this case, WAS, Cara's serious lover of 9
months. They had recently been discussing the possibility of marriage,
and Cara had been waiting for him to propose to her one day soon.
Shocked, I could only say, "I'm sorry, Tina. I know how much
you love him..."
Her reply was to ask me, "Oh Tina, how could he DO this to me?
I thought things were perfect between us. We'd worked out our other
problems about him not spending enough time with me, and now this
all of a sudden. I had no idea..." On this last sentence her voice
cracked and she started to cry again. I wrapped my arms around her
more tightly and slowly stroked my hand over her hair, soothing her.
To my surprise, she abruptly pulled away and looked at me with this
intense expression on her face. "Tina," she said, "one of your buttons
is undone." Absentmindedly I looked down at my chest and saw that
she was right, the top button of my nightshirt had come open and was
giving her a clear view of the top of my breasts. Shrugging
nonchalantly, I rebuttoned it, not understanding why she had made
such a big deal. After all, I had changed in front of her dozens of times
when trying on clothes at stores. Having fixed my shirt, I turned back
to her. She still had that intense, slightly-dreamy expression on her
face, and I realized she was staring right at my chest where the top
button had just been open. A little confused now, but still not
suspecting what was coming, I simply looked at her. "Cara" I asked,
"what's the matter?"
Tina opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She shut it again,
and then opened it once again. This time these are the words that came
out: "Tina, I don't want to scare you, but I've always wanted you.
You're so kind and smart and funny and sexy and...I need you right
now. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch me?
I've been wondering for a while now what it would be like to touch
you. You turn me on so much sitting there like that in your nightshirt,
so uncaring about modesty... Tell me something, are you wearing
anything underneath it? I love Jake, but I need you right now. Please
let me touch you, Tina. I promise not to hurt you... Please?"
I could only gasp in surprise and stare at her mutely. I had no idea
what to say- I had no idea that she had wanted me... I thought about it
for a minute before beginning to speak, "Cara, I said..."
My response was suddenly cut off by Cara's mouth. Her lips were
warm and firm against mine, but tender and gentle, coaxing me to
open my mouth. She understood my confusion and uncertainty. I
tried to push her away, but she held me closer, and out of nowhere her
hand was slipping under my shirt, pushing it up to expose my naked
breasts to her hot gaze. Still confused, but becoming slowly aroused, I
held my breath as she pulled the shirt over my head and moved her
hands to cover each breast. I moaned into her mouth, caught off-
guard, and she took advantage of this to slip her tongue into my
mouth. She stroked her tongue against mine, playing with it, twining
and entangling with it. She plunged it in deep into my mouth and slid
it slowly over my teeth, all the while her hands massaging my breasts.
She took her thumbs and began to caress my sensitive nipples. My
back arched slightly, unconsciously, pushing my breasts further into
her hands. I moaned once again, my head starting to spin with
Cara pushed me onto my back and quickly undid the buttons of
my flimsy nightshirt. I moaned unhappily at even this small
interruption of her talented seduction. Her mouth covered mine once
again, momentarily, before beginning to kiss her way down my face,
my jaw, and my chin, all the way down to my throat. There she
sucked gently but firmly and traced figure eights teasingly over me. I
clasped her head to my neck and moaned happily as she continued her
delicate torture. She stopped and moved further down until she was at
my breasts. She paused for what seemed an eternity, and stared,
feasting her gaze, before hungrily licking and bathing them in her
warm saliva. I moaned, eager for her to take me into her mouth. She
did, her mouth warm and wet and utterly delightful against the
sensitive peak of my nipple. I hardened inevitably in her mouth. She
licked, and sucked, and nipped me until I began to drown in the
sensations pulsing through my body. She shimmied down further
along my body and came to rest at my inner thighs. Her mouth
brushed light kisses over me there. I held my breath, wondering and
waiting to see if she would put her mouth on me. She blew a warm,
moist breath on me. Suddenly, her tongue was probing me, tasting me.
I shuddered as she began to lazily trace little designs on my clitoris.
She licked at me aggressively, clearly enjoying the taste of my juices
in her mouth. "Oh, Tina, you taste even better than I'd imagined," she
said to me, the desire evident in her voice.
"Mmmmm...ohhhh...ahhh..." I moaned as she continued to play
her mouth upon me. She thrust her tongue in and out of my pussy, and
I liked that as well. I unconsciously clasped her head to me, reluctant
to have her divine ministrations on my pussy interrupted. She laughed
affectionately and reached up and teasingly tweaked one of my stiff
nipples. I moaned in response. Her tongue sped up and established a

rhythm that soon had my hips thrusting upward into her mouth and my
pussy juices flowing copiously.
She stopped to look up at me for a moment. I moaned, unhappy at
this tiny interruption. She smiled again and said, "Tina, your pussy's
so wet it's glistening. God, you have a beautiful pussy... And you
taste so good. So, how do you like having your pussy licked by a
"Oh, God, Cara, I didn't know it would feel this good, or that you
would be this sexy... Please, will you make me come? Will you let
me come all over your face? I'll be your best friend..." I replied, the
last part spoken wryly.
Her only response was to dive back down between my legs and
begin torturing me again. All too soon, I could feel the pressure
building, until finally, in one glorious moment, all my muscles tensed
and my pussy tightened and spasmed as she slid a finger into me. I
clamped down around her finger with the force of my climax. I
sighed, exhausted.
"I feel better, Tina, how about you?" Cara asked me cheekily.
"Mhmm, much better, thank you, Cara. But what about you-do
you want me to help you out?"
"Nah, not today. But I will take a rain check. It's so nice to have
a friend who's always there for you and willing to, ahem, help you out of
a tight spot."
As she said this, we both looked at each other and burst into

End of Story

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