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New Poker Rules

I have enjoyed Swinging and Living an Open Lifestyle
for years. I am a single male, I believe in mutual
satisfaction for all involved. I also believe, respect,
friendship, and trust are important when sharing adult

I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.
I would like to meet women or couples who share my

I hope you will enjoy the story.

This is a story Jameschance shared with a couple of
Groups we belonged to. The names were changed to
protect the guilty, you see I was just divorced.
In the story I am Betty

The Game.

It was the end of another week, time to make plans for
the weekend. As a matter of routine I checked my
e-mail, hoping to find something exciting for my
weekend pleasure.

To my great surprise, there it was an invitation from
a couple I had only known through our e-mails. Paul
and Page were a couple around my age, who shared my
interest in adult pleasures.

I knew they enjoyed the freedom of an open lifestyle,
and that they liked meeting and making new friends to
play with.

The invitation was for an adult only poker game. Page
stated, they found this a great way to meet new
friends who also shared their interest in adult

The game would include another couple and several
select singles they wanted to get to know. To say the
e-mail had peeked my interest is a huge

The invitation was for snacks and drinks at 6:00 to be
followed by the game around 8:00 or 9:00 for those who
would like to stay and play.

I arrived at 6:30, Page greeted me at the door with a
warm smile and nice hug, then introduced me to Paul
and the other guest.

Paul was a nice looking man about my size and weight,
dark hair and eyes, he also had a warm smile accented
by a very open personality.

The couple Tom and Lynn were good friends of Page and
Paul. Tom was a big man, with a friendly face, framed
by a gray beard and wavy hair. Tom Joked that I would
not mind losing in this game.

The other new guest at the game were Linda and Betty.
Linda was in her early thirties, about 5'6 110lbs with
long blond hair, a pretty face and a shy manner about

Betty was tall and slender, with dark hair large brown
eyes and a very sensual air. I guessed her to be
around about the same age as Linda.

Bill was still due to arrive. Time passed, as the rest
of us got to know each other, sharing erotic stories
and fun times we had enjoyed. The atmosphere was very
relaxed, very open and very friendly, everyone mixed

Bill finally arrived and joined right in. Bill was
probably in his early forties, blond hair, blue eyes,
full of fun and laughter.

It was 8:30 when Paul had everyone who was going to
play, find a chair around the poker table. Needless to
say everyone was playing.

The rules were simple, the losers of each hand were to
remove one item of clothing. That ment that 7 people
were stripping after each hand.

When the players around the table became naked, the
winner of the hand would then direct the action, for
one or all of the remaining players. (Everything was
agreed to by everyone, before the game started) No
action could be directed, until one man and one woman
had lost all their clothes

Well as usual, my poker playing skills had me the 2nd
one to be undressed, Paul was first, Tom and Bill were
not far behind.

The 4 guys were the first to shed all their clothes, a
plan by design I think. As lady's removed more and
more of their clothes, it was hard (no play on words)
not to notice our attention in more ways then one.

Page, Linda and Betty were down to their panties, Lynn
still had her bra and Panties to go.

Page was small, her breast were firm with pale pink

Linda was large 36 C or D cup, her nipples were hard,
craving the touch someone's lips and tongue.

Betty's breast were about 34 C firm with a nice shape,
that had my fingers aching to fondle them.

The next hand won by Paul, Tom, Bill or myself would
have three of the ladies naked and the action, or
should I say interaction could start.

The next hand was won by Bill, one by one the ladies
removed their panties. Page being the host was first,
standing in the middle of the room Page took her time
teasing us drooling guys.

Pulling her panties down to reveal a little bush, then
turning to reveal her sweet ass, but always pulling
the panties back up, teasing the 4 hard cocks before

When Page was finally naked, she walked slowly over to
each of us for a closer inspection of her beautiful
body. When Page came to me I slowly ran my hand
between her inner thighs, Page spread her legs and I
felt the moist lips of her womanhood.

Linda was next, taking a the hint from Page, she also
put on a show. Linda's bush was trimmed and the wet
pink lips of her pussy were begging to be licked and

Betty also took her time teasing the 4 of us. Betty
had a wonderful all over tan. When Betty was naked,
she rolled her nipple between her fingers and slowly
ran her long fingers through her dark bush, then
spreading her lips she revealed her moist succulent

Bill won the next hand, but passed on his chance to
direct the action, and another hand was played to get
Lynn naked. Page won the next hand, now it was Lynn's
turn to put on the show.

Lynn was short 5'4 or 5 maybe 105lbs with a very
shapely figure. Lynn teased us as the 3 before her,
wanting to savor every moment before turning, bending
over slowly removing the panties from her ankles. Now
all 8 of us were naked, waiting for Page to direct the

Page had Betty kneel and spread her legs, she then
placed Linda under Betty's spread legs to lick and
tongue her pussy.

Spreading Linda's legs, Page had Paul Lick, tongue and
tease her pussy.

Page had me stroke my cock, bringing the head to
Betty's lips.

Betty, Linda, Paul and myself were given 5 minutes to
enjoy ourselves, as the rest sat watching giving us
encouragement. Page advised me not to CUM as the night
was young. (Easy for Page to say)

I stroked my cock as I watched Betty tease the head
with her tongue, I could hear the sucking sounds as
Linda ate Betty's pussy and judging by Linda's
movements, I knew Paul was doing an equally good job
on her pussy.

I knew I was not going to last 5 minutes in Betty's
sucking mouth, so when I was close, I pulled back
going to my knees to suck and tease Betty's hard
nipples, while playing with Linda's breast and nipples
with my fingers.

Judging by the shiver that ran through both ladies I
knew they had both Cum several times. Time was up,
time for another hand.

Betty won this time, (I should state, that any player
who was part of the last action, must sit out the next
action, this way everyone has a chance to play)
placing Page and Lynn on their knees she had Tom stand
before Page, and Bill before Lynn. The idea was to see
who would pull back first before Cuming, Tom Or Bill.

Watching those two ladies suck cock trying to make
their guy pull back first was a real turn on. Page won
when she sucked and jacked Tom off at the same time.

I won the next hand and put everyone into play. I sat
on the floor leaning against the couch for support,
then I had Betty stand in front of me, bending so I
could lick her Luscious ass and pussy, while she
sucked Tom and Bill. Linda was between them sucking my
cock, Lynn was under her eating her pussy, while Page
licked and tongued her as she was being entered by

Betty's ass and pussy were sweet, I licked, tongued,
sucked and teased every inch of her intimate flesh.
Hearing the sounds that filled the room, I knew we
would not be stopping to play another hand, anytime

I knew Tom was Cuming, when Betty started jacking him
off wanting to get every drop of his Cum into her
waiting mouth. When Tom was spent Betty reached for
Bill taking his cock deep into her sucking mouth. Bill
started Cuming and Betty's whole body shook with
sensation. I tongued fucked Betty's moist pussy as
deep as I could go, wanting to get every drop of her
sweet nectar.

Linda had me on the brink of Cuming, she deep throated
my cock bringing the first splash of my Cum into her
mouth, sucking me deep she drained every drop from my

I was lost in pleasure at that moment, but I am sure
Linda, Page and Paul also shared the pleasure of a
wonderful climax together.

It was time to catch our breath, or should I say it
was time for the guys to take a break, because the
ladies were soon putting on a sensual show for our
pleasure and to bring our cocks back to attention.

Page was on her knees on the coffee table, Betty was
kneeling behind her with Lynn's head between her legs,
Linda was sitting on the coffee table, leaning back on
her hands so Page could eat her moist pussy.

Betty was finger fucking Page and Licking her ass,
Lynn was eating Betty out fingering herself. Linda was
playing with her nipples as Page licked and tongued
her wet pussy. Lets just say four cocks came to attention
in a hurry.

Pauls birthday was in two weeks, so it was decided to give him an early birthday present.

Paul layed on his back on the floor, Betty sucked and teased his cock making him as hard as possible, before straddling him allowing his cock to disappear deep into her moist pussy.

Lynn spread her thighs and lowered herself onto Pauls waiting mouth, allowing his long tongue access to both
her pussy and ass.

Betty and Lynn were sharing a deep soul kiss and playing with each others nipples.

Tom and Bill were slowly jacking off as they moved their cock into place for Betty and Lynn to suck.

Linda was on the couch her legs spread wide as Page pleasured her pussy and ass with her lips and tongue.
Page was on her knees her luscious ass begging for some attention.

I rested my cock between the cheeks of her ass, as Page moved she would slowly be jacking me off. When I was fully hard I entered her moist pussy fucking her deeply as she pushed her ass back to meet my thrust.

Linda asked that when I was close to cuming to finish
in her mouth. I almost lost it, before I could reach Lidda's waiting mouth allowing her suck me dry for the second time in a little over two hours.

We never did play another hand of poker that night,
but we all enjoyed playing and experiencing the joyous
pleasures of adults sharing the same interest.

Well after writing this I need to take things into
hand. I hope you enjoyed.

If you enjoyed my story and share the same interest in
seeking pleasure as I do, please drop me an e-mail. I
would Love to hear from you.


Now remember this was a few years back, and it was
Jameschance telling the story.

I am not that good at putting things into words,
That is why I borrowed a story that I took part in.

Oh, BTW I was a little disappointed when I saw the
Rating on the story Jameschance posted yesterday.

I thought it was great, but then I am a little bias
When it CUMS to Jameschance.

End of Story

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