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My Girlfriends Treat To Me

This story starts out as me and my girlfriend Diana plan to hang out one Saturday afternoon. But before we hung out she tells me that she wants to get some quality time in so we head to my parent’s place (a house they’re selling that is still on the market that I still had a key to). So we meet up at the house and she comes dressed in a nice gold and brown hoodie and just her bra underneath with some jeans and tennis shoes. After we get in the house we head to the basement where we usually start the festivities. Before I know it, she begins to take off my shirt and unzip my pants. She then presses me against the wall and pulls out my hardening penis. She unzips her hoodie and frees her beautiful breasts from her bra. As I start to speak she quickly pinches my nipples and swallows my penis with her mouth. Then she uses her tongue to feel along the underside of my now fully extended penis, AND THAT DRIVES ME NUTS!! As she starts going faster and faster, I can hardly contain myself and fruitlessly try to grasp for something on the wall. As I begin to reach for my girlfriend’s exposed breasts, she gives me a warning bite on my penis. Apparently it’s her time to shine and my only job is to sit there and enjoy; Fine by me! Now, as she continues to suck my dick varying between fast and slow motions, she looks me straight in the eyes as if to say “This is all mine and I’m gonna take it all in”. And she does, several times, and makes those very arousing slurping sounds that turn me on so much. She even takes me as deep as she can like the pro that she is several times! As I begin to cum, she starts going faster than ever and as she feels the cum exploding out of my dick, she takes me all down her throat and continues sucking until I’m soft and that makes me jerk back and forth from the sensation overload (probably payback cause I do the same thing after she cums).

End of Story