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My first time

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It was a warm, rainy summer night, albeit a little boring. Kan and I decided it would be cool to spend the night in the tent trailer in his parents driveway, and easy place to drink a few beer, and smoke a pile of weed without risk of getting caught. Both being 16, we were pretty intent on making it a bender, but the rain fucked that all up. So, armed with a cooler of beer, munchies and a good chunk of hash, we decided we were going to spend the night in there. We were playing cards with a pretty good buzz on, and obviously discussing chicks in our class that we would like to nail. Not being part of the "in" crowd didn't help that situation. I'd spent more than one night masturbating to the thought of nailing these chicks. So did Ken obviously, pointing out a woman that he'd like to fuck. I'd have to agree with him and the whole male population of the school that she was pretty fucking hot. Playing a few games of cards, and smoking a few, we were getting pretty descriptive and going into detail, as you would at that age. It was hotter than hell in the trailer, with all the screens closed to keep the rain out, so I'd had enough, and innocently stripped off to my boxers. Ken soon did the same. Passing the joint back to Ken, I reached over to grab another beer and felt a hand squeeze my ass slightly. I was shocked really, not expecting that at all. I was sort of confused as well. I cracked the beer open and took a long pull on it. As I looked down, Ken pulled his cock out, indicating that he needed to fucking jerk off with all this talk. I wasn't really sure what to do, but my raging hard-on told me that I wanted some relief as well. So, I thought, fuck it, and took my boxers off, my rigid cock springing forth. Ken then asked me if I've ever gotten a blowjob, and I told him I hadn't, which was the truth. Thought about it though. I asked him the same question and got the same answer.

He asked me if I have ever considered getting a blowjob from him, again, astounding me, as I'd never thought of him in that way, or any other male for that matter. But still, I could feel my hard cock pulsing in my hand, so I guess I wasn't completely turned off by the thought of it. I said not really. I was looking at his cock in his hand, about 7" long and straight as an arrow, as opposed to mine which had an upward It was a little tense for a few moments when Ken suggested that we play "truth or dare". I was game, albeit a little hesitant. I told the truth more often to maybe delay the inevitable. As the game progressed, I finally said dare, and lost. Somehow I knew what was coming. "I dare you to suck my cock". I guess, being sufficiently buzzed, it didn't sound to bad, although my heart was racing. I said OK, I'll do it.

Taking his boxers off, i got a good look at what I was in for. Grabbing his cock with a couple fingers, i found it was smooth like mine and hard. i slid my hand down his shaft, and found his balls loose and hanging, so I fondled them for a minute. Leaning over I could feel the heat and could smell his muskiness. Stroking his cock slowly, he groaned quietly. I felt his hand on the back of my head, pulling my mouth toward his cock. Without really thinking, I opened my mouth. i felt the firm but soft head of his cut cock on my tongue, and licked it, amazed at how natural it felt. He gasped as my lips closed around his shaft and my mouth began sliding up and down his shaft. i could feel him pulsing as his hands pulled my head in deeper. I was almost choking on his cock by now but enjoying the sensation of his cock filling my mouth. I was into it then and started sucking him deeper , licking and sucking his balls into my mouth one at a time. Ken was moving up, fucking my face and groaning, so I guess I was doing a good job. He pulled out of my mouth and told me he wanted to try sucking my cock before he came.

Laying back on the bed, he immediately went down on me. I felt wet and warmth, as he licked and sucked my balls into his mouth. I was losing my fucking mind, as I'd never had anyone close to down there. I felt his hot, wet mouth envelope the head of my cock, causing me to involuntary thrust upward, burying my entire cock in his mouth. He groaned as I began fucking his mouth. Releasing me, he moved into the 69 position, again taking my cock into his mouth. Guiding his cock with my hand, I took his cock in my mouth, as deeply as I could, his balls touching my nose, pulling his ass in to keep him deep. Breath escaped his lips as his hips began to move, and his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I heard him say he was going to "unload" soon. The feeling was mutual, as I was getting close myself. I told him I wanted him to come in my mouth, to which his pace increased. Moaning loudly, he pumped his cock furiously into my mouth, the same as I was doing to him. With a final thrust, he buried his cock in my mouth. I felt his cock pulsing wildly and a flood of salty come fill my mouth. I swallowed it, except for what escaped when i came and moaned. There was a lot more that summer, but that's another story

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