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My First Lesbian Dominatriz

I placed an add on the Large Penis Support Group Site to find a woman who could appreciate and handle my large cock. I got an email a month later from a weight lifting 40 yr weight lifting lesbian Dominatrix who proceeded to cum to my office after work. She said she wanted a big dick for a change and decided to keep us a secret from her 25 yr old lez slave.She didn't have the most feminine body, but she had a pleasant dimeanor and no fat on her. We looked at some porno and then went into one of the rooms. She took my pants down and eagerly started sucking my cock making loud slurping sounds like there was no tomorrow. She said she wanted to deep throat me before the cockhead got too big(almost7" around). We sucked and fucked. While I sucked her shaved clit it grew to over an inch and a half long and probably a half inch wide.I pushed her clit sheath back w/ my lips to expose her clit head and began to suck and lick at the same time. After about 10 min she gushed a nice wet orgasm.Now that she was wet she's easier to fuck. The girth makes me have to get a woman very wet before fucking. Ten minutes later that tight pussy squirted down my leg. We got dresed, said thanks and she returned home. Luckily the slave was out of town for a while. She said that she wants me to fuck her in front of the slave like a cuckhold situation and she would humiliate her. I can't wait!

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