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My First Bi Experience

My first bi experience of any consequence occurred a number of years ago. I was in a threesome scene with a couple, and we were taking a break and having some speculative conversation on a variety of topics, including dominance/submission among others. After we had rested for a bit, he walked over to the sofa where she and I were sitting, and she began to suck his cock. I watched entranced as she worked him deeper and deeper into her throat, delighted by the sights and sounds right there inches away from my eyes. Suddenly, without warning, she pulled back from him and placed that hot, hard shaft directly into my mouth, saying, "You suck this for a while." I was shocked, but did her bidding (I've since learned that there's very little I can refuse a woman when she takes charge--so far, in fact, nothing!). After a few minutes, I passed his cock back to her and slid to the floor and ate her pussy as she finished him off. When she came, it was with much greater force than she had ever done before, and I was on the verge of cumming myself without a bit of physical stimulation. It was an incredible experience.

At the time, I thought it had been surprisingly comfortable, not disgusting or repulsive as I had always expected it would be, but that I would be unlikely to seek out such an experience again. But since then I have become more and more responsive to a woman who takes charge of a sexual situation and directs the action to suit herself, and I've found myself reliving that experience in my mind again and again. I still don't think I would suck another guy's cock just for the hell of it, but I've begun the search for a couple with whom I can explore that aspect of my sexuality. Who knows? I just msy find the right people to make my first bi experience a regular occurrence, and develop the ability to suck another cock to completion. After that, the sky's the limit!

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