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She smiled quietly as he came to her, his hands gentle and warm on
her face. He kissed her softly, tenderly, his mouth brushing over hers
with the delicateness of a butterfly wing. She sighed and twined her
arms about his neck and slid her hands through his dark hair, ruffling
it. Oh, but she had missed him. How many a night had she spent
dreaming of just such an encounter? Her nerves caught fire under his
touch as he slowly took the banked fires of her desire for him and
stoked them into an inferno that threatened to rage out of control. She
moaned and sighed underneath him as he lay full-length upon her. She
was already impatient to have him inside her--it had been so long...
But he wasn't yet ready to let go. Soothingly, he stroked his hand over
her hair until she quieted. Then he began to seduce her in earnest. He
wanted to have her begging for him. It wasn't fair that he be the only
one to suffer, and lord only knew how many times she had teased and
taunted HIM in the past. Well, now it was payback time. He touched
her and was pleasantly surprised to feel the growing dampness there.
She clamped her legs shut, trying to keep his hand there, but he pulled
it away. He was determined to have her at his mercy tonight.
He lifted himself up so he could gaze down at her. God, how he
loved this wench, from the top of her small frame down to the little
toes he so loved to suck. She was as lovely and responsive as he had
remembered her to be. Her mouth was slightly open, and her breath
came in shallow gasps. The brown eyes that met his were slightly
glazed. He kissed her again, his mouth firmer now. He nudged her
mouth open for him and savored the feel of her tongue warring
adjacent his for domination. He groaned softly, the moistness of her
mouth reminding him of how moist she was elsewhere.
With one hand on her cheek, he kissed her and showed her how
much he wanted her, HAD wanted her while he'd been away, and with
the other, he caressed her right breast, kneading and stroking the soft
flesh. Soon she was moaning into his mouth as he began to circle his
finger round the highly sensitive peak of her nipple. He placed his
palm over it and felt it harden delightfully. The weight of her breast
felt so wonderful in his hand, so perfect.
She was getting frisky now, and just as she was always trying to put
in her two cents OUT of bed, she was now trying to push him onto his
back and give her two cents IN it. But he resisted--tonight was for her.
He would pleasure her until she was wild for him, and then finally, he
would take her. Tonight he would make her lie back and enjoy what
he was planning to do to her body. There would be time later for
equality and reciprocity.
Abruptly, he got up and left the room, leaving her lying on the bed
gaping in surprise. He returned momentarily with a soft length of
fabric. Grinning, he ignored her when she protested, saying, "Hey, no
fair!" and lifted her arms and bound her wrists together firmly but not
painfully. Now she was helpless. She glared up at him with mock
outrage and tried to blow a stray strand of hair off her cheek.
Reaching over, he tucked it behind her ear. She giggled as he waggled
his eyebrows at her comically and said, "Now, I've got you, my
"You're going to pay for this!" she said, grinning evilly.
"I look forward to it with great pleasure," he shot back, his dark eyes
glinting with arousal.
She narrowed her eyes at him, stuck out her tongue, and prepared to
say something else, when he leaned over suddenly and silenced her.
"Sweetheart, has anyone ever told you you talk too much?" But before
she had a chance to answer, he began to trace his way from the
softness of her mouth to her ear. Once there he took the tiniest bit of
her lobe into his mouth, nibbling and kissing it. He felt her tremble in
his arms as he breathed a warm breath of air into her ear. Without
warning, he plunged into her ear, licking and sucking eagerly, tracing
the shell as well. Her breathing was ragged, and when he finally
pulled away, she tried in vain to bring him back, but alas, her hands
were firmly bound. She moaned in protest, and he replied, "There,
that's better. I like it when you talk like that."
She moaned again, this time sounding a little more desperate. "Uh-
uh, love, not yet." He then propped her up against two pillows.
Having done that, he pulled away completely and began to take off his
clothes. First went his T-shirt, then his shorts disappeared, until finally
he stood in front of the bed clad only in the silk Looney Toons boxers
she had given him on some occasion. He stood still and let her feast
her eyes on him, enjoying the flush the sight of his nakedness had
brought to her cheeks. Teasingly, he took his index finger and slid it
into his mouth, slowly wetting it. He sucked it, simulating her mouth
on his cock, and pretended to be impervious to the way her eyes had
fixated on him. And mimicking the way in which SHE played with
HIS nipples, he took that same finger and began to trace tiny circles
around his nipple until it finally tightened. This hand slowly slid down
his chest and stomach and came to rest in his pubic hair. He rubbed it,
and then brought his hand back up to his face and breathed in his
smell, knowing how much she herself liked to do this. He brought his
hand back down to his crotch and caressed the length of his engorged
shaft, watching her for a reaction. He was not disappointed as he saw
her mouth fall open and her face take on that intense, aroused look he
had come to know and love. Licking the palm of his right hand, he
wrapped it around his cock and began to stroke up and down, the
precum gathering at his tip. He smiled slightly as he noticed how she
had begun to struggle to escape her bonds in response to his hoarse
moans. He laughed, seemingly amused. This frustrated her all the
"Come here," she tried to command him.
"Why?" he asked, feigning ignorance.
"I want to touch you, I want o run my hands all over you," she said
"That's nice," he said, and continued to stroke the length of his fully-
hard cock. Every now and then he would stop to re-moisten his hand.
His hand rubbed faster and faster, his other cupping his balls, and his
moans became louder and more prolonged. She began moaning as
well. She tried in vain to get free, and her moans became more and
more frustrated as his became deeper and more intense.
Finally, he stopped, his breathing harsh and uneven in the relative
silence of their bedroom, and he reached for her. He lay on the bed
next to her and began to play with her breasts, using his tongue, teeth,
and mouth to drive her to distraction. Her back arched forcefully, as if
she were trying to push her breasts even further into her lover's mouth.
He alternated between using light, fleeting brushes, and long, firm
licks, both having a tremendous effect on her. He stopped for a
moment to look up at her. Seeing him looking up at her from the
vantage point of her breasts aroused her even more, if that were
possible. He worked his way down the rest of her body until he came
to rest at the juncture of her thighs. He lay with his head between
them, his breath warm and moist upon her most sensitive parts. He
blew a puff of air against her, and watched the slight shiver that
traveled through her. The he stopped, pulled back, and simply looked
at her. She began to struggle with her bonds again.
"What's the matter, love?" he asked her with mock concern.
"If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you," she replied,
determined not to give in to him.
"That's fine with me, sweetheart. But I'm not going to do anything
unless you tell what it is you want," he answered, smiling slightly,
knowing he had the advantage.
"I don't care," she replied stubbornly.
"O.K., well, I have to go now--I have some work to do," he said as
he rose to leave,
"NO! I mean, no. Where are you going?" she asked.
"I told you. I have work to do, and if you're not going to tell me
what you want, why should I waste my time?"
"Please," she beseeched.
"Please, what?"
"Don't go."
"Why should I stay? You obviously don't want me."
"I do. I want you."
"Oh? What do you want?" he asked.
She remained silent. He rose to leave.
"Wait, please stay."
"Only if you tell me what you want, though. That's my condition.
"Yes, just please don't leave me here like this," she said.
"Like what?" he asked curiously.
"What can I do to help you, sweetheart?"
"Put your mouth on me," she whispered.
"What was that? I couldn't quite hear you."
"I said, put your mouth on me."
"Put my mouth on you where?" he queried.
"Down there," she answered.
"Down where? Where are you talking about?"
"Oh," she moaned unhappily and said, "put your mouth on my
"And do what?"
"Lick me."
"Lick you where?" he asked, trying to be obtuse.
"Lick my pussy," she answered.
"My my, people are so rude these days; they've lost all manners."
"Please lick my pussy. I want you. I'm so wet for you. Oh, please
lick me," she said finally, her control slipping.
"All you had to do is ask," he said as he knelt down between her
legs again.
He began to lick her, his saliva mixing with the wetness that had
already formed there. He plunged his tongue in and out of her, making
her moan and arch her back. His mouth was gentle but aggressive as
he played with her clitoris, building a steady rhythm that made her
back arch, and her breath come in short, unsteady gasps. "Oh God,
that feels so good. Please don't stop. I want you. I need you. Will you
stop torturing me? Untie me, please. Will you fuck me, please? I
can't take any more of this... Please, please, please, come inside me."
"Do you want me, love?" he asked, knowing the answer already.
"Mmmhmm," she answered.
"Tell me," he ordered, "tell me how much you want me. Tell me
how badly you want my hard cock thrusting inside you, snug against
your walls."
"Oh God, I want you. I want you so badly. I need to feel you
thrusting inside me, your wetness mingling with mine. Please fuck
me. Please..." she replied, panting.
"O.K.," he said, simultaneously untying her hands. She grabbed
him as soon as her hands were free and pulled him down to her. Their
bodies were soon slick and warm against each other as their mouths
collided hungrily. The friction built as their tongues licked and sucked
each other, and their lower halves began a wicked dance. Her hands
tunneled through his hair, and his hands rested on her hips, pulling her
up to meet his thrusts.
He tore his mouth away from hers, his breathing ragged, and looked
down to where their bodies were joined. He was completely buried
inside her, protected and enveloped by her warmth. Their pubic hair
mingled. He pulled out all the way and then plunged back in to the hilt
again and again, spurred on by her loud cries of "More, don't stop, oh,
that feels so good."
Their hungry bodies ground against each other, and they both felt
something begin to build. They moaned, each answering the other.
Her moans quickened as did his thrusts. Finally, with one long last
moan, she orgasmed, her walls spasming around the length of his cock.
Her orgasm sent him over the edge into his own as he too groaned and
poured himself into her.
They clung to each other afterwards, exhausted and replete. He
moved down until he lay with his head pillowed comfortably against
her soft breasts. She bent her head down to look at him, and kissed his
hair, smiling affectionately. She sighed and whispered back the same
words when he lifted his head to look up at her and simply say, "I love
you." Then the two lovers closed their eyes, utterly sated, and rested,
cuddled together.

End of Story