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Lees Act of Compassion

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Jim sat on the other side of the foot of the bed from me, I had known him for years but never would have expected to see him like this. As I looked over, he sat there ? his eyes closed ? has hands back supporting his weight ? and his cock disappearing down my wife?s throat. I was not sure what I was feeling, but excitement was the most prevalent feeling.

Jim and I had worked together for about seven years, one year less than I had been married. When Jim joined the company I was assigned to help him learn what he needed to know. In the weeks we worked together, we found out that we shared similar interest: running, climbing, diving and hiking. After work we would go running, both training for road races: Jim was faster, but I had the distance. He was a couple of inches shorter than me, smaller build and sometimes, especially on the most difficult climbing pitches, I envied him.

Jim?s wife was different. Very beautiful, petite but she treated him terribly. She would take off with other men and be gone weeks, leaving him wondering. Six months ago she took off again, but this time for good, she left a set of divorce papers for him. He was devastated and had withdrawn except for out nightly runs.

Lee and I had married after college and had the basic vanilla life. I was working to get ahead; she was working towards that suburban dream. The initial sexual excitement in our life had waned, our lovemaking was good ? but had lost that spark. I noticed that she liked Jim from the first time she met him and occasionally I could see her staring at him, especially when Jim wore those brief running shorts. One night inside of her, in the middle of making love, I asked her if she thought of him. She stopped, stammered trying to think of what to say, and then admitted sheepishly that she fantasized and sometimes masturbated to the though of him inside her.

Lee was 5? 6? tall and about 130 pounds, but carried her weight well. She had a generous chest, 36C that was firm and tipped by small, dark nipples. Her shoulder length black hair offset her light blue eyes. Her hips flared from her waist and between her legs she kept her hair shaved short, sometimes shaved completely. She always wore dresses and skirts, preferring the more feminine approach to life.

Lee loved oral sex, more than anyone I have ever met before or sense. She would start out slow, but somehow would end up taking every inch of me inside her mouth, while using her nails to scratch lightly on my testicles. She was not one of those who brought you to the edge and had you pull out, she wanted to feel you cum inside her throat and then seductively swallow.

Late June, Jim and I had competed in a ten miler earlier that day. The weather was warmer than expected, but we both had done well. No record times but an improvement over the past race. I invited him to dinner at the house and insisted that he go get cleaned up and come over. The advantage to running as much as we did, was that we could drink without too much concern about putting on weight; daiquiris would be the order of the night. Lee seemed particularly happy that Jim was coming over.

I started the grill and Lee came over. We had talked about our fantasies in our private times, but only talked. Tonight she had other ideas. She had gone to Victoria?s Secret while we were at the race and had purchased some new lingerie. She was wearing a French blue blouse, black lace bra, navy blue skirt, black panties, garters and hose. As I tended the chicken on the grill, she walked up and nuzzled beside me. She took my hand, pulled up the hem of her skirt and inserted my hand inside her panties. She had freshly shaved, not a hair remained and she was wetter than I had ever known. I rubbed her slowly and she turned to kiss me, deeply, passionately.

I pulled away to look at her of course keeping my fingers buried inside her, feeling her moistness. She had this little, somewhat evil smile on her face. I asked her what was up ? besides me of course. Without hesitation, she told me that she wanted to try a threesome tonight; she said that she felt so sad for Jim that she wanted to do something special for him. Was it really for him? I asked if Jim knew of her plans, she said no ? but that he would.

Jim came over, dinner and drinks and then a movie. We were watching some mindless comedy and in our normal fashion, we sat on the floor in front of the couch, Jim near the back door, me toward the front hall and Lee in between us. Jim said something about it being late and that he was thinking of leaving, Lee popped up and asked him to stay for a minute, she then went upstairs. Jim was still down about his life and was talking about what he might do, when he just stopped and stared. Whatever had stunned him was over my shoulder, so I turned also and had to stare.

Lee stood in the doorway to the living room, light falling across her from the sole light behind me. She had on only the bra, garters and hose; her reddening lips of her vagina had been freed from the panties and they glistened in the soft light. She looked amazing, spreading her legs to take an assertive stance; she looked directly at Jim and said it was time for us to come upstairs.

Jim looked at me, I told him it was okay. She walked into the living room and took Jim by the hand, leading him upstairs. She took him into the bedroom and turned him facing her at the foot of the bed, she asked him to sit for a minute. She turned toward me, kissed me passionately and held me close. As her mouth reached my ear, she asked if it was okay. I told her yes.

She pulled my polo shirt from my jeans and over my head, then dropped to her knees, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. She then put her hands inside the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down, turning my enlarging penis loose. I was a little uncomfortable; as long as I had known Jim we had seen one another nude during showers at the gym, but not like this. Lee refused to touch me and only asked me to sit.

Next she told, not asked, Jim to stand. She did the same for him, freeing him from both his shirt and jeans, then slowly pulled down his underwear. He and I were roughly the same size, about seven and a half inches long, but he possessed more girth than I. Lee finally looked up at him, stood and kissed him passionately. She locked into him, tonguing him deeply while her hand ran up and down his stiffened manhood. She was not pulling on him, just running her hand up and down the length of him, just feeling him.

She asked him to sit and then returned to me. She knelt before me and lowered her mouth to me. Slowly she took the head of my penis in her mouth, slowly letting her lips roll repeatedly back and forth across the hood. Without warning, she took the full length of me inside her mouth and I heard Jim gasp. She moved upon me for a few minutes, all the time touching Jim, holding him in her free hand.

She took me out of her mouth and said that she was being rude to our guest. She knelt in front of him and did the same. That was when I sat back and watched her. Her right hand held me and every time she took Jim deep, she squeezed me hard. Jim had complained a couple of days before that he had not been with anyone in a while and this was having a definite effect on him, his breathing labored and he moved his hands from supporting his weight to tangled in Lee?s hair. Not pushing her or holding her, just stroking her hair while she took him deep down her throat.

Lee stopped for a moment and then came back to me. This time she did not kneel, but squatted in front of me. Her labia was the reddest that I had ever seen and pouted more than I had ever know. This time when she took me in her mouth, she took her free hand and began slowly rubbing her clit. She did not try to insert her fingers into herself, she just rubbed the hood surrounding her clit slowly, building toward a release that she expected to find with Jim.

Five minutes later, she stopped and looked up at me. Without saying a word, I knew she was seeking some decision from me about giving herself to Jim. I just looked down at her lustful stare and nodded yes. With that she stood and asked Jim to stand. She walked up to him and kissed him again deeply, then moved his had to her breasts. He caressed them and then pulled her bra aside long enough to take her right nipple in his mouth. She just tilted her head back, closed her eyes and smiled.

She took him by the hand and led him to her side of the king size bed we shared. She asked him to stand there until she lay down. When she did, she lay down with her legs spread, showing me that she was already fully engorged and ready for him. He looked at me and I nodded approval also. He moved to the bed and positioned himself between her legs.

She reached out and took him in her right hand. As he moved toward her, she directed him into her. First, the head moved her lips aside, then the hood pushed between her lips and they closed to envelop his shaft. With ease he pushed into her, his full length until his balls rested against her. He leaned forward and kissed her, she peeked at me and I winked at her ? letting her know that she was to enjoy herself.

Jim was so focused on entering her that he had not attempted to remove her bra, so I reached in and unfastened the front-hook on her bra. She sprung free of it, her nipples pointed directly at him and I could not help but reach out and feel her erect nipples. At the same time, Jim began moving slowly inside her ? a slow, calculated rhythm that allowed him to control the depth and strength of his penetration of her. She moved against him without reservation, it was understandable because she had looked forward to this, she had fantasized about him inside her, she had rubbed herself thinking of him and she had closed her eyes sometimes when I was inside her picturing Jim doing what he was doing right now.

Jim eagerness overcame his patience. He took her legs and rolled them up onto his shoulders, she reciprocated by rolling back her hips and granting him better access. The sight of him moving into her was extraordinary. I had wondered what making love looked like, her I saw her taking him, lost in lust, accepting everything he had. Jims pace quickened and he began slamming into her. For a moment I thought he was hurting her, then I saw that look on her face ? bliss. She was taking him, moving toward him ? not retreating. His breaths quickened, as did hers, and the tempo increased further. I dared not interfere because they lost in one another.

I saw him begin to convulse first, before I heard the change in this breathing. His testicles pushed against her and I saw then contract, her eyes popped open and she started straight at him asking him to cum inside her. For the first time it dawned on me, he was not wearing protection ? he was going to ejaculate inside my wife ? but, it did not matter at that point. She had built herself into a frenzy asking him again and again to cum inside her and then she let go. She convulsed, ground into him and raised her head, letting out a guttural sound ? she had reached that perfect moment, just as he released into her. He lay on top of her for a moment, gathering himself, then slowly rolled to her side. As he did, he slipped slowly out of her pulling semen out of her as he did. From the volume he left inside her, it was evident that he had not been with anyone for a while.

She looked at me and smiled, I asked her if she was tired ? she said no. Lee had one serious talent, multi-orgasmic. I had know her to have seven or eight orgasms during our love making, tonight I think she was going to settle for two serious one.

Jim looked on as I mounted my wife, as he had done. Entering her was easy, he had left her agape and slippery. He lay beside her while I moved into her and kissed her a couple of times. I began moving on her slowly, each stroke pulling more of Jim out of her, while she replaced his wetness with her own. She asked if she could be on top, of course was the only answer.

I lay on my back and she rolled over on top of me while Jim just lay on her side of the bed, naked, glistening with sweat, watching us. Her hose and garters always excited me, but now each time she rode up on me, more wetness would escape and some would run down into the top of her hose. I don?t know why I found that so sensual, but to this day I still do. She moved with an eagerness that I had not experienced from her in a while.

My hand were on her breasts caressing her nipple, when I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. I was wrong, she would have to settle for three orgasms, because she had one while I was kissing her. Occasionally, she would glance at Jim and he would just smile and watch. She then began moving quicker, pushing harder against me, grinding into me. She looked at me, made sure we had eye contact and began asking me if I was going to cum. The past hour had been magical, but I think she was tired.

I put my hands under her thighs and lifted her and began to help her move, pushing her up until on the tip of my dick remained inside her, then letting her down, pausing as my hood passed her lips, then releasing so she could grind against me. It started slowly at the base of my testicles, into my shaft and then to the tip ? I was about to cum. She knew it and wanted to cum at the same time, she did perfectly ? moaning my name softly as she released and then relaxed on top of me. I felt my cum easing out of her and knew that Jim could see what I had seen. She was exhausted, both Jim and I knew that she was spent.

I rolled her onto her side and cuddled against her back, she pushed Jim over on his side and cuddled against his back ? time for some rest. We fell asleep. In the early morning hours I awoke and Jim had left quietly, leaving her and I alone. She stirred as if looking for Jim, then turned on her back. I could tell from the pensive look on her face that she was wondering what I was feeling then.

My hand went to her face and I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. Before she could say anything else, I moved atop her and entered her again. Moving quickly and with lust, as she came against me I released also. I heard her say, thanks and I love you.

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