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I cum between friends.

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My first experience in a threesome came quite unexpectedly. Though I had often fantasized about it, and had talked about it with girlfriends, I had never really considered ever going through with it. I had been dating my boyfriend Matt for about 3 years off and on. When I say off and on, it was usually a mutually agreed break-up, and we always remained friends. In fact, we were friends before we were a couple. Because we had known each other so long, my friends were his friends and vice versa. It was a night out with some of our shared friends that led to me finding myself in the middle of, at that point, the hottest sexual experience of my life.

I remember it was the first week of April because a small group of friends had gotten together at a local sports bar to watch the college basketball Final Four. Though all of the guys had at least a passing interest in the games, Matt was from Wisconsin and had went to school there, one of his best friends Tracy grew up a North Carolina fan and both of their teams were playing that evening. They joked that they'd kill each other if their teams faced off in the championship game. I knew everyone there, but my best friend Lisa joined us even though she didn't care for basketball OR Matt & Tracy. Matt was glued to the first game but ended up quite disappointed that his team lost. The green team they were playing was apparently a big rival, and he got quite upset and childish at points. We had all been drinking, and he's usually a happy drunk, but he acts like a baby when his teams lose. I tried to console him and promised I would make him forget all about the game when we got back to the apartment. This cheered him up slightly, or maybe it was the alcohol, and he vowed to help cheer on Tracy's team in the other game. North Carolina was actually winning their game, but also ended up losing.

By the end of the games, both of the guys were pretty drunk, and Lisa was more than annoyed at their behavior. In the car on the way home, Matt announced that I had promised to cheer him up in my own special way, and suggested Lisa give Tracy the same treatment... Not surprisingly, she declined and, tired of their childish behavior, insisted I drop her off first! I swung by Lisa's house and made sure she made it in safely, and then was heading to Tracy's when the guys decided he was staying at our apartment. I didn't think anything of it at the time and I never would have imagined the trouble I was going to get myself into... When we got to the apartment, Matt was not doing so well. Tracy and I helped get him inside and I got him into his boxers and ready for bed. Before he lay down, he instead headed into the bathroom... I followed behind him and Tracy laughed as he lay back on the bed. Matt told me he was going to be sick and suggested that I not stay in the bathroom with him. I went back out and sat on the edge of the bed, I thought Tracy had passed out, but he asked me if Matt was ok. I told him I thought he would be... but it might be a while. Tracy half joked that since his team lost, and I was looking to cheer somebody up, maybe I could cheer him up since Matt was going to be inconsolable... We laughed and I fell back across the bed with my head on his stomach and soon he began stroking my hair and rubbing my face. It was very relaxing, and out of the corner of my eye I could see a bulge growing in his shorts.

My head started spinning with the fact of what I was considering... Matt was in the bathroom and I imagined sliding up beside Tracy, pressing myself against him, and kissing him deeply... I shook the idea from my head when I realized that Tracy had fallen asleep. I sat up and headed into to check on Matt. He was brushing his teeth and declared that he was ready to take me up on my offer from earlier in the night. I told him it looked like that promise was going to be put on hold as we had a guest who had made himself comfortable in OUR bed. He joked that his team lost too, and though I didn't even realize it at the time, that was all the prodding I would need. As he followed me to the bed, I stepped out of my shorts and panties and tossed my shirt to the floor. I climbed onto the bed and went right for Tracy's zipper as Matt followed me onto the bed.

I unzipped Tracy's shorts and took a deep breath then paused as I reconsidered what I was about to do. At that moment, as I kneeled beside Tracy, I felt Matt's hands spread my thighs and bury his warm tongue in my buttery pussy. This was all the encouragement I needed and I reached into Tracy's shorts freeing his limp cock. I purposely jostled him in hopes of waking him as I gently began to stroke his manhood. As he stirred and realized what I was doing, his dick throbbed to life. Behind me Matt's expert tongue worked its way between my pussy lips. His hands held my ass cheeks apart and he teased my tight butt hole with his thumb. I leaned back into him, spreading myself even wider and trying to get his tongue inside my hot slit. He knows how to use his tongue on me and how it drives me crazy. It felt so good that I could hardly concentrate on stroking Tracy's now growing dick. I leaned down and starting at the base of his manhood, I licked the entire underside of his penis. I could smell the musky sent of his balls and could not wait to taste him. I opened my mouth wide and held the head just against my bottom lip. I turned my head and looked at Tracy; his eyes were wide open with anticipation. As much as I wanted to tease him, I couldn't restrain my own desire to have him inside of me, even if it was just my mouth. I continued to look into his eyes as I stuffed as much of his cock in my mouth as I could fit. Surprisingly, I felt his pubes tickling my chin and I drooled on his tool. I pursed my lips around him and slid him out of my mouth before opening wide and letting him watch his fat dick disappear into my eager mouth again. As my head methodically bobbed up and down sliding his meat deep into my eager throat, I slobbered and slurped Tracy's dick, letting him hear how much I enjoyed eating his cock. I smiled up at him as I gently paused with his head between my teeth before once again burying my face in his lap. I reached into his shorts to feel his swollen balls, and I could tell that I would soon find myself completely covered in hot cum.

I continued my oral assault on Tracy while Matt did the same to me. He was now lying under me and my knees were spread wide and I had lowered my pussy onto his face and his tongue flicked at my clit. He slid two fingers into me and as I began dragging my pussy across his mouth he jabbed his fingers deep into my wetness. My senses were overwhelmed; the combination of Matt's tongue and fingers finding all of my most sensitive spots, and Tracy's salty musky dick fucking my face was too much. I clenched Tracy's ball sack in one hand and while I freed his pole from my mouth I feverishly pumped his saliva covered sausage as I groaned out my orgasm. My legs quivered and my back arched and I pressed my gushing pussy onto Matt's fingers. He flicked the tip of his tongue furiously over my swollen clit. All at once, Tracy's legs tensed up and his balls jerked in their sack, before I could react a steaming rope of sperm sailed through the air and across his stomach. I locked my lips around the head of his spasming rod, clasped his sweaty sack in one hand and pumped his cock as fast as I could. Soon another massive shot of sweltering goo rocketed into my eager mouth and it was followed by one sweet salty glob after another. My mouth was full and I paused for a moment to savor it before swallowing. My head was swimming and body was numb... even as Tracy's erection subsided, I continued to roughly massage his balls with one hand as I squeezed and milked every drop of cum I could from him. I continued stroking his shrinking dick as I removed it from my mouth and licked that elusive first blast off of his stomach. I did not know if I'd ever get this chance again and wanted to enjoy every second of it.

I was physically exhausted when I felt Matt slide out from under my hips; I had forgotten that he was even there. I was now resting my head on Tracy's stomach and concentrating on nursing his limp dick, letting the last drops of semen mix with my saliva. Suddenly I was brought back to reality when I felt the head of Matt's rock hard cock at the entrance of my swollen hole. He roughly grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto him as he thrust himself into me. Knowing that I had just sucked his best friend's dick he was now reclaiming me with an animalistic pounding of my sloppy cunt. I closed my eyes and swirled my tongue around Tracy's flaccid tool while listening to Matt's grunts as our skin slapped together. I knew he would not last much longer and I reached back between my legs and inserted a finger in myself. This always pushed him over the edge, the feeling of my knuckle rubbing the belly of his giant dick. My labia spasmed and the walls of my vagina tightened around his cock, his breath became short and shallow. Finally he arched into me and I felt his dick twitch out its first drops of cum, followed by a huge spurt. He held my hips tight against his and he spasmed out three, four, five spirts of hot cum into me before abruptly pulling out and falling on the bed...

Satisfied that they had both forgotten about the games earlier in the day, I drifted off to sleep between them.

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