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Hot Online Fantasy Of A Sexy Stranger

Hold me close. Feel my pules quicken as you hold me tighter. My breasts are heaving with every breath that comes faster and faster. Look into my eyes and see my desire. I feel you firm agenst me as you slide your hand up my skirt and find me hot and moist. I cry take me, take me now. You pin me on the stairs and you kiss me up and down. I find your nipples with my tounge you give a sigh and then a moan as I give them a little nibble. You beggin to suck on my breasts I wanna scream but I bite my lip. You slip inside of me thrusting your hips powerfuly. You hear me moan. You pound me so hard I can think of nothing but this moment. Feel our excitment mount my body is surging with orgasms. I shutter and just before your done I take you in my mouth and enjoy you with my tounge. I hear you moan and then you blow all over my hard nipples. I rub your cum all over my body feeling the warmth and stickieness. You watch me with lustfull eyes as I lick my fingers clean. So....was this what you were thinking?

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