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Her First Couple?3

The girls where eating each others pussys and I meen they where licking and sucking
I got up on the bed and got in front of Sara pulling her head up by the ponytail and shoving my big cock down her throat and she took it all now thats a good girl.
Iam face fucking her while the wife is sucking her clit she started moaning with pleasure.I pull out shove into the wifes pussy and start fucking Sara starts licking my wifes clit and she goes wild bucking and cumming.
Sara lifts her haed and says:Cum in my mouth.She points at her mouth Iam pounding the shit out of the wife I pull out and she grabs it and swallows the cock and I start shouting my load down her throat To my shock she swallows it all and goes back to eating the wifes pussy.Iam still hard so I switch ends and my wife starts sucking my cock deep and slow there it is that little pussy right there inches away from my cock.:Is that pussy wet and ready babe
Wife:I got it wet and she puts my cock at the edge of her pussy.Looking across Sara's back she looks back and and shakes her head up and down and a sweet little girl voice she says: Please i need to be fucked.
My dicks head starts spreading the outer lips and sliding in she humps up trying to get away I grab her hips she is so little she can't resist the intrusion I go deep and she squeals a little my balls hit the outer lips my wife is licking my balls,shaft,and her tight little pussy Iam slamming Sara off my cock she is only 90lbs so Iam just ramming that pussy hard and once agian I pull out and shout my load into my wifes awaiting mouth Damn thats was tight.Continued #4

End of Story