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Happy Birthday!

I walked to the back of the room and placed my dress
on the hanger. I took my stockings off... I kept
exhaling... breathing heavily. Anticipating what is to
come... I was not wearing a bra.. I left my
black lace G string panties and camisole on... You
approach me and ask me to sit up on the dresser. You
know this is the perfect height for your cock to enter
me.... I am very wet...You move my panties to the side and place your hard cock
onto my clit and rub your hardness all over the
outside of my hot, wet and swollen pussy.... Then you
place only the head of your cock into me... Teasing
me... I exhale deeply and moan... I want to grab
you and thrust you deeply inside me... But I know
that I will have more cock soon enough.... Maybe
more than I can handle. You remove your cock and motion
for me to walk over to the bed. My heart is
pounding with excitement....
I sit on the side of the bed... Vaughn begins
taking his clothes off and sits on the edge of the
bed. You sit on the chair next to the bed... I kneel
on the floor in between both of you.. I begin
massaging Vaughn's hard cock.... You stand up, and I
grab your cock with my left hand and have Vaughn's
cock in my right hand... I look up at you both with a
big smile... Two hard cocks one in each hand. My
excitement is quite noticeable.... There is no
stopping now, I am hot and ready. I begin with
soft slow motions... licking... sucking and stroking
Vaughn's cock... While still stroking your cock with
your other hand. You help you from the floor onto the
bed.... Vaughn removes my black lace top... you remove
my black lace panties.... I lay back and you gently
suck on my hard nipples... I then place Vaughn's
pulsating cock in my hand and rub his hardness on
the outside of my pussy and clit.... I am moaning
with such desperation to have his hard cock inside
me.... "put your cock inside me now" I cry...
"Please"... With that last request, Vaughn does just
that... I moan loudly with pleasure. Vaughn begins
to fuck me hard... I begin fucking him back, at one
point grabbing the sheets as I reach for you.... I
don’t feel You.. Then I see you sitting in the chair
You feel as though me are fucking me through Vaughn.
Vaughn is penetrating me so deeply and with such
force..... I tell him that I am getting close,
I can no longer hold back. You are now beside me on
the bed. You place your hard cock into my mouth. You tell
me, go ahead cum now.. let it out...let it all out..
I have one of the most intense orgasms I have ever
felt while hungrily sucking on your cock. I am
overwhelmed with pleasure. Vaughn then shoots a hot
huge load into me. I am still cumming... It is one
of those cums that is strong and long... I am
cumming hard.. I am meeting each of Vaughn's
strokes giving it back to him as hard as he is giving
it to me. Vaughn pulls his cock out and before I
realize it, you have entered me... I feel as though
I will scream... you fuck me with long hard stokes..
I am extremely hot.... I start moaning and
making sounds not familiar to you, sounds of ecstasy
that are new to you. I hear you let out a fantastic
moan of pleasure as you also have an intense orgasm. I
feel Vaughn's cock enter my mouth. I suck and suck
his cock until I have shot every last drop of his juice
inside of my mouth. You explode like you have never done before.
I could feel you pulsate your cum into me. How I love that feeling!
There I lay.. unable to talk.. unable to move... I
lay there exhale after exhale, unable to comprehend
anything... You ask if I am okay... I just
smile.... A few minutes later I begin playing with
my pussy... That is your cue that I am ready to
continue.... Vaughn and you once again begin to pleasure
me.... At one point while Vaughn is inside me and you
start eating my pussy, rubbing my swollen clit... I
experience this fully and totally fantastic feeling...
The kind of feeling that I never want to end... It
feels so good that all I can think about is that it
is so good... I don’t want it to end... I
DON'T STOP.... You assure me that you both will not stop...
Relax, you say... enjoy it.. Vaughn is fucking me
nicely..... He is in an erotic zone, from the look on
his face he is about to cum. I feel as though I
will explode this time for sure.... I cum hard again
and again.... and again... So does Vaughn... And so do
you.... You cover my body with warm creamy cum. How I
enjoy rubbing cum all over me. Yours..Vaughns.....I am a happy girl.
Each time one of you enters my pussy the other enters
my mouth. You and Vaughn, Vaughn and you... You both
take such good care of me.... you take your time to
please me well. My pussy is the center of your
attention, Your hard cocks, the center of me.... It
plays out perfectly. I am being fulfilled beyond
my wildest expectations... beyond my wildest
dreams... The ultimate pleasure...
Then.. Just when I thought you were done, You throw
my legs over your shoulders and raise my ass high in
the air... you enter me for one last hard fuck... Your
cock is pounding my pussy with all the energy you have
left.... We both spontaneously explode again at the
same time. I didn't think you had any more cum inside..
oh but you did.. After several hours of total hot sex
we were exhausted.
Once Vaughn and I arrive home.. I take a hot
shower and quickly fall asleep. I awake several
hours later... Images of the experience come into my
mind... I am hot all over again. I hardly touch
my pussy with my fingers and begin to cum. I
think to yourself.. I will never be the same. What
a wonderful birthday present....................

End of Story

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